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Ball park 137m2 build cost


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You can hoover over the tuff tiles and it seems to give enough of a vac to pull any dirt off the floor so easy to clean really 


Looks like I can chop and re weld the tv mount worst case to make the last arm shorter.

Still not sure what I was thinking when I mounted it before boarding!


Will see what it looks like once work bench is in on that back wall.


Thinking about using kitchen units, chopped at the back so it can ride over the oak and sit back against the wall then 2.5-3m oak worktop and a vice (would be used for light work only)

Or buy a proper toolbox/ chest then mount an oak worktop on with overhang at the rear to bridge the gap




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3 minutes ago, Mr Punter said:

I think they are awful

There is vast hectarage in NW Spain of this, grown for paper. the whole area is dead to most nature, because of the toxicity of the trees, and being alien of course.

plus it spreads as a weed and increases forest fires. I'm not a fan.

Is that worse than larch and spruce here? I will have to think about that.



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Yes been a worry for a while now!

I don't think the tree was even that old maybe 40 years max

Just starting to split the wood now as surprisingly makes good fire wood


Just need to get the stump ground now 

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