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Use IBC (was "mbc") as a soakaway ?

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I know that IBCs buried in the ground, even with the cages still in place, tend to collapse inwards, as they aren't very stiff unless full with liquid.  The drainage crates we used were very well internally reinforced, with loads of cross braces to stop them from collapsing under the pressure of the backfill around them.


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8 minutes ago, Declan52 said:

You could fill them with pea gravel to help them keep there shape. 


It would reduce the volume a great deal though, and may tend to get clogged up with fine debris that gets washed in.  It'd probably be better to just create a standard soakaway filled with relatively large stones.  The bigger the size of the stones in the fill, the greater the volume of free space around them for water to flow.

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more expensive 

and yes i did say fill the IBC with rocks and geo textile arund outside

https://www.guttersupplies.co.uk/products/soakaway-systems/soakaway-crate-(heavy)-rainsmart-65t-flat-packed/?keyword=&matchtype=e&device=c&campaign=&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=BS | Test&utm_term=4584345012945761&utm_content=All Products

you would need 4 @£65 each to be same volume as  1 x IBC  

Iwould intennd to make big hole for 110pipe inside and lots of  holes in plastic --weight of stones will keep it in shape  will it not?

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20 minutes ago, JSHarris said:

I can't see what the IBC adds, TBH.  Might as well dig a big hole, line it with terram and fill it up with rocks.

you are probabnly right   --just wondered if any one had done it

I am expecting ground to be very rocky anyway ,as its on a hill and there is a granite quarry further up the hill 

just a way of dumping all the rock in one go in the hole like a gabion .

finally getting closer to getting the plots bought -after all the usual solicitors searchs etc ,etc 

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