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  1. I'm not suggesting building more or bigger, I spend most of my days trying to tell people to not over build but if you want to have a "minimal " look or feel you need to be clever about where the messy bits of living actually happen. The over hang is a good idea in principle bit sticking it on the most open end when you've got a t shaped plan doesn't seem like the best place for it - think of using the building to shelter it from the prevailing wind etc...
  2. 5 acre plot? House seems very constrained, I'm not really sure what the t shape is giving you? It's always hard to comment on other folks plans when you don't have all the information to hand and haven't gone through the clients lifestyle etc but it seems like there's not much kitchen for the size of house and where do you take off muddy boots etc...
  3. In Scotland (no experience of England sorry) you can request a copy of building warrant drawings from all of the local authorities if you have an interest in the house - sometimes you have to get confirmation from the copyright holder that it's ok to get a copy - and they charge you for it (have had to do it a couple of times when selling properties with missing paperwork)
  4. You're a better man than me - I'm only about half the time in and have given up expecting anything from them - some are great, most are awful but generally it comes down to communication, if they tell you that they're struggling then I don't mind so much but just head in the sand grinds my gears!
  5. rough sawn vertical board on board - scottish larch but depends on what kind of look you want
  6. to be fair the lutron system looks sweet as a nut! Have done it a few times, but it really depends on what you want to use it all for, if you've got complex lighting set ups etc it is nice just to use lovely looking switches to control it, or if you've got a full run of floor to ceiling glass with blinds etc. I'm not convinced on how much people actually use it once it's in, just because you can do something, doesn't necessarily mean you should!
  7. It just looks like someone has looked at the plot and but something on to fill it, the master bed looks huge! there's windows front and back but it doesn't look like there's any way of light penetrating deeper into the plan, maybe post up the elevations too so it might make more sense
  8. There's no right time (or it's always the right time!) If you can get someone to do it now then do it, the market is very volatile at the moment so you might get a higher price, but if you wait hoping to see price decreases, they might never come - there are contract clauses which address price fluctuations which might be worth looking into
  9. Get the elevations posted!
  10. Planners have a complete get out phrase of "not in keeping" or similar which basically means if they don't like the look of it they will say that
  11. Don't overthink it - get the application into the system as soon as you can and then answer whatever queries they have - you'll get points back no matter what, 90% of the applications we do are before the engineer have issued their SER package anyway. Anything that isn't a hydrant needs comment from SFRS so whatever the approach is, the sooner the better!
  12. You can innovate, but you need to pick your hill to die on - yes there are alternatives for a tank however a tank is the easiest (and probably cheapest) route to compliance. We've complied with this regulation with all sorts of different methods, suds ponds can be good if need one anyway! I'd guess going by your comments that you havebn't dealt with a lot of building standards officers in Scotland!? 😂 Young forward thinkers are only a couple of applications away from being jaded!
  13. So that you can get permission to build and have water for the fire service if your house goes on fire! It's been a requirement for a long time
  14. We went low and got told to use 10,000 - Now I would just go straight with the 10,000. The stream would either be suitable or not, rather than a potential additional volume available
  15. Building control will want to see all the details as will sepa - the problem is that there's only a small number of things that SEPA are actually able to process at the moment due to their cyber attack! For a simple one it is usually that you have to show building standards all the design calcs and percolation tests etc and then you just need to fill out the paperwork for registration with SEPA using the warrant reference but no idea how it's working at the moment!