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  1. the_r_sole

    No deal Brexit impact

    I'm guessing insulation and windows are going to be the biggies - the side issue here is that whilst brexit will impact the costs of things, some manufacturers are also bound to inflate those costs to give a bit more profit. Maybe ballytherm will put a big store in northern ireland in the new year to try and take over the market!!
  2. the_r_sole

    Tata Steel v Marley Eternity Profile 6

    Tata do numerous profiles so guessing you're talking about corrugated sheeting? The profile 6 is certainly becoming a bit more popular in the last few years, you get a different sound from them in the rain/hail so a bit of a consideration if you have room in the roof... The coatings on steel seem to be bit more glossy than the cement board (although maybe just my experience) so you can usually see the difference between them on a wall/roof. If you are putting it on yourself the cement board might be easier for cutting on site
  3. There are some areas in Argyll and Bute where SEPA have determined that you need to have a wastewater strategy before you even submit a planning application now - Waste water consultation areas or some nonsense they are calling it... Op, I'll come back later as I've had this a few times and used the puraflo systems to get around the issues but will have a dig and see if I have any pricing info
  4. the_r_sole

    Slower than tectonic plates

    where are you building and what are the issues?
  5. the_r_sole

    Determining target u-values

    what you need to look at is the SAP calculation for the new house which balances out your heating system/insulation etc and that will give you max u-values for the elements which you can decide how and where you want to exceed
  6. the_r_sole

    Buying a house

    putting on my conspiracy theorist bunnet for a second here - housebuilders for years have been trying to move away from high labour bricks and blocks.... could this be the timber frame revolution!?
  7. the_r_sole

    Buying a house

    Yeah, one of the things I've seen/read on this story is that the factory produced mortar passes minimum standard tests in the factory setting but then isn't adjusted on a site per site basis, like the one in a high exposure zone in scotland should have more cement in the mixture etc - interesting stuff, if you had good experienced brickies on every site I'm sure they would see the problems, but I think now most sites are filled with cheap/inexperienced trades who just want to get the job done asap and get off site
  8. the_r_sole

    OS Map Requirement For Work on TPO'd Tree

    Yeah, but the team who validate planning applications don't know anything about your garden, they work to a set of criteria for validation and if you don't tick the boxes it doesn't go in the system - it's a way of them controlling their 8 week targets (this is my sceptical opinion) so they know what applications are coming in but the 8 weeks doesn't start until they have all the information on the system.... planning validation drives me absolutely crazy, you'd be surprised how many times I've asked them to prove something is required and then it magically gets validated! just a stalling technique imo - most applications submitted have enough information on them to allow a decision to be made but that's not the view of the unnecessary public functionary that is the validation team....
  9. the_r_sole

    OS Map Requirement For Work on TPO'd Tree

    yeah, you always need a location plan no matter what the application is to "identify the application site" addresses are pretty reliable for actual houses but sites/plots can be all over the place and a plan is much clearer to identify the ownership boundaries
  10. the_r_sole

    Good and responsive architect?

    tbh it sounds definitely more like the type of job for an architectural technician, adjusting someone else's design isn't really that attractive a job for an architect (I've done it a few times and on every one there are things that can't be built or don't comply with the regs, but no one wants to pay again for a redesign...) The only company I know in that area are Camerons (but can't recommend them personally as it was someone I replaced at a previous practice who moved down there, so I just know the name)
  11. This is the type of project where they should have been advised to get a good structural engineer on board at design stage but a lot of clients don't like spending money on consultant fees and leave things up to the builder to sort out, this thing looks badly conceived, detialled and built! Looks like blame all round (including the client!)
  12. How did that end up with "extra steelwork"? Was it just going to be on skyhooks before they realised that rooms covered in glass are quite heavy... Big lesson in managing rich clients for the architect here, no doubt the guy's been rushed and only given minimal input by the client and now the client a wondering why he's not done his job properly - will be interesting to see how it pans out, his pi cover is about to rocket either way!!
  13. One local authority where I have done work used to charge the advert fee as a percentage of the advert cost (so if there were 10 applications you pay 1 tenth of the cost) however that was until one person got landed with the entire costs which was thousands! so now they just do a flat rate, usually it's always done through the local authority rather than you having the ability to choose which paper and when it's been advertised - this is to tie in with their statutory timescales and to make sure it's done properly... think you are onto a loser here
  14. the_r_sole

    Breach of pre-planning

    can you just sort out your protection to the tree officer's recommendations?
  15. the_r_sole

    Breach of pre-planning

    You have made a good effort to discharge the conditions, this is them going into bum covering mode - you have done everything right and even filled out the deemed discharge ( they will have got some abuse from superiors for this) - did they reply to that within 14 days?