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  1. That's interesting and bizarre in equal measure! I've never seen that wording before (thankfully)
  2. Once a planning application is registered and in the process it can't be made invalid, it can be refused, withdrawn or the local authority can determine that there isn't enough information to make a decision and request further information - I've been trawling my planning handbooks for anything that says an application which has been validated can then be invalidated later but drawn a blank so far. Revoking a permission due to fraud is a slightly different situation than the op has (hopefully!! 😂) Was this application ever publicised @Moonshine?
  3. be worth a chat with your window supplier to see if they can add a door into your order and shorten the lead time?
  4. I would say costings which don't account for the construction method are going to be of very limited value. The wall construction has a big impact on all the details, how services are run, how windows are fixed, how cladding is fixed/finished etc etc
  5. look up your rooflight installation manual and it tells you the size of opening you need in the roof
  6. that is absolutely awful service! Planning applications should be checked on receipt and validated at that point - it is still possible that a planning officer can ask for more information or clarification, there is no need whatsoever to invalidate an application at this stage. If I was your architect I'd be on the phone to the head of planning right now 😂
  7. what happens if you put the windows and doors in at 1.2? the thing is, the SAP rating doesn't matter for your planning condition, you just need to show the percentage improvement over the TER
  8. All of it could be upped (or downed!) quite easily, what construction are you using? Windows and doors would give you the biggest bang for buck upgrade, do you have any fixed panes or anything? easy/cheap to put them as triple glazed...
  9. do you not have an architect/designer talking you through the options for the energy performance? your fabric u-values aren't great at all, sometimes adding a woodburner as secondary heating can get you a bit of a bump, as can tweaking the air tightness... but you really need to be looking at some kind of heat pump to get the target. One that surprised me recently was waste water heat recovery, that's something I'm going to put in everywhere from now on!!
  10. In that case they would just ask for additional information, ask you to withdraw the application or refuse it on the basis of insufficient/inaccurate information. I've never heard of an application being made invalid in the week before a determination deadline (but nothing surprises me anymore with planning officers)
  11. That's awful, what was the reason for non validation? See if you can find and screenshot a previous version of the application on the portal (guy in our office tracks changes on every application which has given us some interesting insights...)
  12. In answer to the op, m2 pricing is a very, very blunt tool for pricing. There are far too many variables for it to give you a meaningful cost estimate. Generally it's cheaper to build a smaller footprint with more floors You look like you're fairly well on with things so why not get a qs to give you a budget cost?
  13. Looks well done, it's kinda strange to have that in the middle then two really simple rectangular boxes either side. Absolutely incredible view too! Amazing what some will come up with when you don't have the same restrictive planning departments trying to make everything "in keeping"
  14. That's interesting, be good to see the Raft Design paper if you have it handy... It's good to hear about engineers who think through the implications of their design (we have different engineers for different projects depending on how much thinking is involved!) Shame they aren't SER certified
  15. A builder saying too much insulation and doesn't like warm roofs is a bit worrying if you want a well insulated loft conversion with a warm roof...