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Cant get insurance for timber frame / Metal Roof !

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23 minutes ago, bob the builder 2 said:

Hi All


We are trying to get a quote of our recently finished self build


At this pint no one will quote on a timber frame / Metal roof !


Any providers out there you would recommend ?


Many thanks

Bob ,



If you are trying online only that could be issue, it depends on how you answer the question, in England timber frame in people's head isn't a standard build process, while in Scotland it is, and has been for decades.


For example my ICF build is just classed as concrete walls, so falls in a standard construction bracket. I spoke with the insurance company, got no where on line.

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1 hour ago, bob the builder 2 said:

no one will quote on a timber frame / Metal roof !

Insurers are money-making gamblers, but with their own rules.

They are not remotely expert in anything they cover.

As @JohnMo says, there are loads of ticks which will fail your attemppt  online. Then you have to speak to an agent who doesn't  know a lot either and works to a tick list albeit longer.

One I contacted wanted full working drawings and a main contractor. Another said too big. Another that it can't be done that economically., metal cladding....etc

Most of them are brokers, not insurers.


I got offers from 2  brokers eventually, both with the same insurer, both silly money.






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@bob the builder 2


We were with Direct Line for both contents and building insurance, so when we moved into the new build which is timber frame with metal roof and metal cladding with some render, we tried them but they wouldn't touch the buildings part.


They put us in contact with Gallaghers, who gave us a great quote for buildings insurance but a stupidly high one for contents....  So we're now with Direct Line for contents and Gallaghers for building insurance.   It worked out to be only a bit more expensive than having them both with Direct Line.


So try Gallaghers.



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It looks great. 


Love the Archi-speak throughout.


The materiality and form were grounded in the historical context of the site and its agricultural surroundings.


I accept that.  It looks like a refurbished farm steading. *


low-level winter sun is captured and falls onto a thermally massive ground floor slab.


The sunlight comes in through the windows, then deflects downwards onto a bare concrete floor?

Is a massive slab a good thing?


More pics would be good. One from me below.


We used screwed roof panels.


Our vision was that the honesty of utilising visible  screw fixings suitably reflects and honours the ancient methods of agricultural architecture tradition and heritage of this rural location......


and because it is 1/3 the cost of secret fix,  spares can be fitted if needed,  and it is easier to flash and seal. And any decent builder can fix it.


Apologies @Bramco and your Architect. It looks great....but what a lot of words.




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17 hours ago, saveasteading said:

It looks great. 

Thanks - we're very pleased with it.


Before retiring I was a consultant - believe me architect speak isn't that bad.....


Yours looks great too - a marriage of modern with traditional.



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6 hours ago, Bramco said:

marriage of modern with traditional.

I missed  that one. All these words is just not what I do. Engineers edit and edit again. 

Architects get taught this from year one, how to sell themselves and their proposal.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Simon


Many thanks for the insurance tip.


Your build looks amazing - really like the detail on on the cladding and interior.


Here are a few photos of ours - almost finished !




Edited by bob the builder 2
adding photos again !
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Yep, was insured with them the last three years.


They are very specific about wanting photos and if possible serial numbers of high value items and do state that they are not covered until that info is received. The negative reports I saw were about non payment of such items that had not been correctly identified.


Had been very good value, but for this year it's gone up around 30%, but still just about the cheapest I've been able to find.

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