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Aluminium Windows and sliding doors

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Hi All, We are just about to start our build in the next few weeks and are in the process of getting various quotes, has anyone used or had a quote for new windows from a company called windows24.com?  We are looking for a number of sliding patio doors and open out slim profile frames in aluminium, just had a quote from IQ glass and nearly fell of my chair!    

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When comparing quotes look at or if not given freely, ask for Uw values for the windows. Many will give you Ug.  Uis the U value for the whole window including frame - to give a good indication of heat loss. Ug is just the glazing element - so is a bit camouflage for rubbish performance windows.


Aluminium frames, unless very expensive, tend to have very poor Uw. 


When we were getting quotes for double glazed


Best uPVC, was 1.4, worst 1.8, one company would not tells as they had never been asked for the Uw

Aluminium tended to be nearer the 2 mark.

Our wooden framed French doors are double glazed, with a Krypton fill gas they are 1.1.

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Hi John, thank you for your reply , although U-value is very important obviously, I was asking if anyone had used the company Windows24.com before, they appear to be a German company fabricating  (aluminium ) Schuco windows and doors in Germany , I know Schuco very well from my day job but  Windows24 prices seem to be very competitive even though I have contacts in the glazing and windows industry . They seem to be answering emails etc ok and have a good website but obviously the proof is in the pudding!

I assume there will be tax to pay in bringing them in from the EU.?? ……. Has anyone else used them or bought windows from the EU?


thanks in advance.


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