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  1. Ours is just off white (we re k rend and they basically do a white white (polar white) and an offwhite which is what we have) - I would suggest going to see a house in the colour you choose as it’s such an important decision.
  2. I ve just ordered the mountfield one and it’s ready for me to collect- I will let you know how I get on. I only want it for some minor lawn strumming and hedge cutting
  3. I could nt decide on whether to get one during the build or not - I ended up not doing it at the time as I was nt sure what the landscape/lawn would eventually look like. As it happens it generally a just an area out the back and would suit a robot mower - I m already fed up of the weekly mowing so think I ll get one. Although I m now thinking I ll make do this year and get one installed next spring
  4. We re pretty safe st the moment as the thermal mass enforcer does nt seem to be around at present - I hope he’s ok??
  5. Hi @daiking I have nt finished them yet - been gradually installing them over the last two weekends now that I ve planned what is going where. Should be finished sometime next week if my sparky turns up to wire in the transformer for me. I ve been burying my cable in small conduit under the lawn and edging. I m not sure its necessary, and they do offer a thicker rubber cable if you wanted to run it through gravel etc. The nice thing is they do offer a wide range of lights so I m going to put some uplights into my front door step, and a wall light by my front gate. I would say its not the cheapest system - the lights are nt too badly priced, but the cable and branched connectors certainly add up - they only come in 1,3,6,10m lengths so for instance I have quite a few places where I needed 3.5m of cable and therefore had to buy the 6m cable.
  6. @Pete Yes, it is - I have some led strip lights to go in the front top shadow gap - it’s one of my remaining jobs when I get some time (and inclination). The blinds are motorised so I don’t actually need to get to any pull cords.
  7. We recessed our blinds into a false ceiling like this to hide the mechanism and give us space for the handles....
  8. I paid a day rate to my Tiler’s (they were trust worthy) - worked out at £30m2 for my outdoor tiles.
  9. Meant to add - I rendered the walls at my last place, it was a retaining wall and I tanked it but I did notice it had stained in places when I went by the other week.
  10. Bloody hell Lizzie, that’s nice - no wonder your over budget!
  11. I ve always wondered how wel a white plaster/render wall would last in the UK weather. The biggest issue is water on top without some sort of coping