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Rust removal from marble tile.

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One of the screws on our shower has rusted to failure, leaving a stain.

For replacement I will use a branded SS screw, as I always do, in recent years, for wet locations.

I've tried baking powder, toothpaste, detergent, vinegar and all combinations ( yes, including mixing acid and alkali, as at least there is bubbling.)

Any ideas? 

Perhaps a big SS or chrome washer if nothing works. 20240217_162250.thumb.jpg.5f9f52a985134ecd41775c0a3713a40c.jpg

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Remove tile & replace? Have a spare tile to practice on? - maybe try hydrogen peroxide with suitable precautions. Otherwise I’ve had custom ss parts laser or waterjet cut - generally you need to supply a drawing and a dxf - but there may be someone out there who’ll do the little bit of cad for you on the fly. Of course you’ve replaced any other similar steel fixings…

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13 minutes ago, Gone West said:

effect would be on a wall tile though.

Strong Acid on marble could be a problem.

I've probably got spare tiles but rather not.

I'm thinking of a Grohe "rosette" plate. 65mm.  I don't know what their intended use is, but it should be OK.Except that I really need 80mm.




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I bought some German rust removal stuff and it worked a treat on our tiles (same issue) at our previous house. I shall try and find it. 



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20 minutes ago, nod said:

Remove and replace

I know. But I will try one of the above and report back.


I cant remember if the rusty screw was provided or if its my own fault. Either way, in recent years I have invested in Fischer SS screws to fix showers and grab handles and am impressed with them...very hard head and a very good grip...and no rust.

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Toothpaste, bicarb, vinegar didn't work at all.


 I found the Rustex to be readily available online. Used that in multiple brush on/ wash off applications.

The rust turns purple then comes off. Most of it anyway. the remaining stain must be embedded, yet the chemical doesn't reach it.


I haven't worked out why the stain is less beneath the round plastic fixing.

Going to refix for now.

Thanks for the advice.



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