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Core drilling 200mm concrete wall - what kit required?


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I have three holes, two of 180mm diameter, and one of approx 100mm diameter (to be confirmed), to be drilled through our 8 inch (203mm) thick concrete walls (and the EPS either side of course).


I have an SDS drill and could drill multiple holes and then hammer chisel the holes, but my arms, from shoulders to hands, are really starting to feel the strain of building the house. With these holes all need to be drilled at heights above floor level of about 2m, just the weight of the SDS drill fills me now with dread, although I so have a mobile scaffold that I could sit down on :) 


So, I am looking at core drills. Confused.com comes to mind ...

Dry vs Wet? As this is inside, I am most likely to go for dry :) 

Hand held vs some form of "rig" (similar to this)? moteur-carotteuse-t-2-bati-c-250-230v-2570w-20116028-P-850542-2473979_1Any ideas for how to secure a "rig" at 2m above the ground?


Diamond vs Tungsten?


Any guidance and pointers where best to hire the right kit please. Pretty please.

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1 minute ago, BotusBuild said:

adding to my confusion :) what's a little handle drill? never heard of one of those

Suggested text strikes again 😂


 little CORE drill

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Easy option phone a company and get someone else to do it 180mm is very different to 100mm

its a massive bit and will be a bastard to use, unless you hire the right kit with pedestal. 

get a quote, but by the time you hire it and all the agro you might be better off paying for it to be done. 

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I was lucky, I was able to have most of the penetrations in place before the concrete pour. I did however have to drill one 110mm SVP hole through 150mm ICF concrete wall and two 50mm waste pipe holes through the same wall. 

I used my Makita SDS drill with the Erbauer diamond tripped core drill bit from Screwfix. 


The one hole killed the core bit. If you can, I would pay someone to do it for you. 




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Also recommend paying someone. I had similar - all 200mm concrete with a lot of reinforcement a good guy can do quite a few holes in a half day. For mine he bolted the drill to the wall - maybe he could have used a stand for the drill but a few were quite high. A bonus is that the cores are super smooth and with a bit of varnish make a nice ornament. Will post up from my phone 🙂


I've some decent extra long 20mm bits for small hole requirements and they actually work better than expected as long as rebar is not in the way

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