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Complain or not

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Morning all,


I'm not really the complaining type, I generally just let things wash over me and take the approach that I'll sort it out.


However, I'm starting to think I need to be a little forthright in some situations.


Take this loft hatch casing as an example, picture attached below.  Should I complain or not?  Part of me thinks, nah, leave it be, not worth the effort.  But the other part suggests I paid decent money for it and as this is going into my shiny new home that I'm putting blood sweat, swear words and tear into, and anything visual like this might just bug me till I'm pushing up dandelions.


During assembly they have fired a staple through the casing, it either gone in skewed or hit a knot and deflected out the bottom, I don't think the trim will cover it?


What say you


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If you bought it from a local shop or merchant then take it back.


If you bought it on line, it is probably not worth the hassle of sending it back.  Just leave a review saying it arrived damaged.


It hardly looks like high class joinery, and is clearly going to be painted, so I would pull out the errant staple, put a nail or screw in it's place and deal with the splinter with filler at the time of fitting the surround before painting.


It would be a completely different matter if it were say nice finished Oak and that would remain on show.

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2 hours ago, crispy_wafer said:


What say you


Send them a photo: ask them what they are going to do about it.


Something similar happened to me recently  and I told them.

In the ensuing kerfuffle, [x] blamed [y] blamed [z]. Whassat godda do wiv me I asked? Its your problem. Own it.


A complete new ( in this case) set of shelves was cut and built from scratch - and more carefully packed (this time). We were told to keep the original set of shelves.  If you need a spare shelf, 'Oim yer man'.

Talking to a mate who's in the 'trade' - many companies are insured against this kind thing.


Polite, persistent insistence is what's needed here:  if you can get someone involved in the mess to laugh about the process, all the better..


Make them own the problem.

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