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  1. I had this post stashed away in my scrapbook (ideas and great things others have done) so may help with the hep2o manifold ideas
  2. Super many thanks, Buildhub to the rescue once again 👍 So a 22 to 25 tap with a 3/4 olive, just need to locate an insert for the old 3/4 pipe. Or a Plasson adapter, but I think I'd like to do this with as little connections as possible I think. is the direction of the tap important in this underground application do you think?
  3. One for the plumbers, I've got a 3/4" supply coming onto the land, twas an old supply, but we are wanting to connect the new build to it. I've already ran 25mm pipe into the build. Now because the old pipe might have the odd scratch and difficult to clean up, so I'm thinking a good old brass compression fitting would be best for this job. I'm struggling to locate a 3/4" to 25mm brass stop tap - does such a thing exist? Or even a 3/4 to 25mm brass coupling? Then I could use a standard 25mm top tap later on in the chain.
  4. As others said, insulationhub and seconds and co, also used https://www.cutpriceinsulation.co.uk/ for the last batch of 150mm for my floor, they saved me a couple of quid per sheet over insulation hub on that occasion, quick delivery too.
  5. I've found, or, I've been incredibly lucky that the illbruck foam doesnt knacker the guns up half as much as the everbuild cheap stuff from toolstation, never used a cleaner yet, and it was a cheapo 12 quid gun from amazon. Run a blade over the nozzle on the next use and the gun is good to go again. I managed to find a supplier for the little 1" reducing nozzles on ebay - probably one of the best finds of the build so far for me... Edit, good going on the draught blocking..
  6. I shopped about after getting quote from BPC, mainly because I couldnt work out where I was going to install the unit and run the ducting, and I was buying kit in dribs and drabs using my salary rather than the build capex. Purchased bits from efans, blauberg, and BPC, they all seem to be better priced on some items than others, just got to make sure the small order values are worth any postage charges...
  7. Thanks, So first quote back, £25.50 per m2 for gypsol classic, works out to 357 per m3. Ouch. @jayc89 seems ours are pretty similar in costs, wonder if this is a regional thing...
  8. We are going to about 70mm on a 105m2 area. Provisioning for about 7.5m3 or thereabouts. For those that have screeded recently what sort of costs per cube are you seeing + laitence removal. Waiting with baited breath on some quotes to come back. I've not decided yet on cement based or gypsum based. It'll be going of UFH and the Floor finish - microcement or Resin on top. Ta
  9. I've just pinched this picture so the wording on it is not mine. However the schematic is similar in that the telescopic bit is in the cavity enclosed in insulation everywhere else. Except in this case this door the builder left as a single skin hence the vents being visible and yes they are to the FFL which is the problem I want to resolve, and am looking for a bit of guidance.
  10. 🤣🤣 Oh bloomin heck - Something else to chalk up to experience, didnt cross my mind at the time, only later when thinking about the floor buildup. I was left with these two vents right under the front door. Is there anything I can do? Plastic isnt going to withstand years of trampling through the doorway, and wont support the finished floor covering very well. I've got a good number of vents on that side of the build so I could chop em out fill and insert a brick. Or... Any other solutions?
  11. Thanks, I Appreciate the feedback from someone who has been down this rabbit hole before me.
  12. Agree, so I'm trying to get like for like on the Wunda spec. 16mm pipe, staples, actuators, prebuild Wilo or Grundfoss manifold and pump pack. The wunda quote wasn't dear @£1460 for the bits, but I've managed to pretty much save just short of £250 on all items they listed. And that's from one plumbing supplier - psw-trade. Oval pipe though, no 🤣 matter.
  13. Tasks this week include shopping around for bit's and bobs for my downstairs UFH. I've had quotes in from the likes of Wunda but like everything I love to price match to make sure I'm not being taken for a fool. I don't spend much time out of the office so hate trawling round merchants much prefer to be in the build. So with the internet being my friend does anyone have any good online goto suppliers they would share for - 16mm Pipe P.Al.P, actuators, manifolds etc. Many thanks Marek
  14. I love this, quite unique too, something I really want to investigate when the time comes.
  15. Thankyou, that's very nice of you to say so.
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