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Considering a move to Octopus Energy and want to split a £100 bonus with BuildHub?


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Help BuildHub financially while getting a £50 credit on your energy account!


For anyone considering moving to Octopus Energy, please message me for a referral code. Using that code will result in £100 being split between you and Buildhub.


When the credit arrives in my Octopus account, I'll transfer £50 to the BuildHub Paypal account and post a confirmation screenshot in this thread (or to you privately, if you prefer) as proof the transfer happened.


As you know, BuildHub is a non-commercial forum run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We pay for hosting etc solely through member donations. If this referral scheme is successful, the need for periodic donation drives will significantly be reduced, or perhaps even done away with completely.


Thanks for helping to fund the forum!


List of referrals:


@trialuser image.png.074a1137ecbb1a39d57e803671a908c8.png





@Chanmenie - Code submitted 30 April 2024 - payment might be a while as not yet connected.


@Mattg4321 - Code submitted 3 May 2024, paid 13 June 2024: image.png.45701e11438b9b7de9e827569e194f48.png

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