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  1. That’s handy to know, so no.loss of benefit if I face it down the garden away from the neighbours either side
  2. Yeah I get they are not solar panels, but I read somewhere that siting south facing was beneficial.
  3. Hi Can the ASHP experts please give me some guidance. where would you suggest is the best place to site the ASHP, giving consideration to the neighbours but taking advantage of sunlight ( I assume using air warmed by the sun can be beneficial). The boundary to the left is a 2.2m high leylandii hedge, so I would assume that would absorb some of the noise, the wall is approx 4m from the neighbours wall. did not want to site it in the rectangle area between lounge and kitchen as that’s going to be patio. Also depending on where the best place is to site, how is it best to run the pipe work, construction will be insulated raft and Isotex ICF. can I run the pipes through the raft / slab in the EPS or should they go underneath the raft Thanks Mark
  4. Chanmenie


    Have a look at RED heat pumps they look pretty good Great looking design as designed from scratch and not just a revamped air on unit I think they might be expensive though
  5. What is your cladding made of Keith ?
  6. I did my research on construction before I submitted the plans
  7. Yeah i read all your posts, that was a shitty experience that was so easily avoided if the builders had any brains.
  8. Yes indeed reps just thinking about the dollar. Fortunately I have done a lot of research and am a very competent DIY er so am comfortable that I can do it properly, I am under no illusions.
  9. Yes i have read a few other threads I have also studied Keith65's pictures he used plenty of bracing I did also watch the Grand Designs episode where the guy used Durisol and suffered a blow out round a window, so I am aware of the potential pit falls. it does not seem difficult to brace it so why would you not, like you said a few fools about who like to cut corners i guess
  10. Well only a fool would believe you don't need any bracing I don't believe Insulhub / Isotex sate that, they certainly haven't to me.
  11. Who said you didn't need to brace it ? I certainly didn't
  12. thats interesting Russell, would you care to elaborate. As I am considering Isotex Woodcrete I would be interested in what you have found the downsides to be
  13. As per your Planning passed post, if you are looking to do any of the main construction yourself have a look at Isotex from Insulhub Very similar to Durisol, but feedback says the blocks are better. Apparently these types of block have advantages over the Nudura type blocks as there is much less bracing required, they are far more DIY friendly and having all the insulation on the outside means you have a much better thermal mass internal. Feedback on the company is very good, I have had many discussions with Andy Norris the sales manager.
  14. Hi looks great. Good luck with the build. I’m awaiting the decision on our application with South Norfolk Council, we are 5 miles from Norwich. We are also planning to go down the ICF route using Isotex Blocks and an insulated raft foundation. Will be nice to see your progress