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How do I know when to paint?


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If you are are asking the question then to me, that means wait. And then one day, you'll walk past the wall and say


" That @MikeSharp01's signature line is spot on"




take a leaf out of @Onoff' s book and do so much careful preparation and planning that you forget what the job specification was. Perfect time to start a different job. When that's finished come back to the original job. 

In the meantime SWMBO will probably have changed her mind.


But the walls will be dry. 


Easy innit: when you know how. Trust me I've been prevaricating for 8 bloody years now. Expert by Experience me.

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On 23/09/2023 at 12:17, TonyT said:

Plastering the sand and cement?


is there no internal insulation, walls?

what are you building?

Oh dear @TonyT, did I really write that...!!!

A double barrell question, please. Im building new - masonry, with sand and cement

 - when can I PAINT the sand and cement, how do I know?

 - same question, indoors?

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@Jimbo37 we really need more detail of what it is you are or have built in order to give an informed answer. Masonry? … brick? Block? Concrete block? Stone?

you say plastering but then ask about inside too … you are having external plastered walls? Sheltered? Or is it render and not actually plaster?

a few pics would help

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Looking good :)

the retaining walls will be rendered so exterior paint as soon as they look dry, couple of damp patches visible on the longer wall. Sand/cement doesn’t breath anyway so paint spec directions should be followed as some paints should only be applied in minimum temps and above dew point etc. whereas others are tolerant of cold temps and damp conditions.

interior really needs to be left until windows are in and you can see the plaster is a uniform colour

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