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  1. My home (which I had just started to renovate) was flooded Aug 20, and I was forced to move out and opt to demolish and rebuild instead. I requested exemption from rates at the time, but was (finally, due to COVID!) contacted by LPS this week to say I was responsible until demolition (after planning, still outstanding) had begun. Reason, I have a structurally sound (or structurally repairable) building, even if financially unviable. Has anyone experience, knowledge or advice - I could do with the breather?
  2. Thanks for all the views. ,@Russell griffiths, @bassanclan, @nod, @Big Jimbo, @Temp Although I personally think it could and should have been called out for clarification by the builder for clarification at the pricing stage, I wasn't (nor was it priced), as well as the general consensus that it is ambiguous, so I have to suck it up. I am also mindful that I contributed to the mix-up. Perhaps, the real source of my annoyance at the builder is down to his failure to engage with my attempts to have meaningful discussions at the pricing stage, in a bid to avoid such mix-ups. I think the reason for that is three fold - it costs him to tease these things out, i.e. his QS time on a job he has not yet won , can effectively make his quote look more expensive and he knows he wont be the one picking up the cost of misunderstandings. I'll clock it up to lessons learned! Again, thanks for taking the time. @Hobbiniho
  3. I'm nearing the end of my build, and I have come across a hitch. I asked my builder to provide a price based on the drawings, snippet attached. In your view, (1) should the last item have been included in the price, and (2) if not, should it have prompted a clarification from the builder. - The builder feels it is clearly a note that informs the builder that the 18mm ply should be ready "to receive interior coating / sealant (finishing)" - I feel different, he is pricing to build something as described Clearly, I have to consider whether his interpretation is right, and if it is clear (i.e. should it have prompted a clarification), or if he simply is incorrect. Tricky!
  4. Hi @juncopartner1 meter from boundary, adjacent wall is 2.4m high, 6.5m long
  5. Thanks all for those posts. Been Googling and reading about this forum all evening, and it seems that the ply has to be treated with fire retardant varnish/paint. What I cannot determine - does this requirement apply to garage/shed or just dwellings. Anyone familiar?
  6. @PeterW They are slab measurements, internal slightly smaller, sub 30sqm - which is correct measurement to determine BC size? Also, you mention wiring - is that a BC concern? I know the q sounds crazy, but I thought it was not covered
  7. @Dave Jones detached @joe90 I have to get it completed, as I plan on putting my office there. Ive resigned myself to letting the VAT on garage go
  8. Advice please on BC regulation in relation to timber building. I have a timber structure garage/store, with cladding on outside and ply lining on inside - Do I need (ie BC requirements) any special precautions for fire risk, eg fire alarm, special paint, etc? - If I wire this store for power and lights, does the above BC requirements change TIA, JAmes
  9. Yes, my main concern Again, yes, done that and got that answer from my "average local accountant". I think I will seek a specialist and persue this a bit further, to hopefully resolve the issue in advance with a view to getting my clearance in advance. (This, presently, is my Plan A) As the garage (or store, as I called it on the original PP) is timber structure, I could lay it to the ground - the VAT saving would cover the cost anyhow (this, presently is plan B). Does anyone know an accountant, specialist in this area? This idea seems to deal with the issue nicely - effectively pay the VAT to date, and side step furture VAT - I can live with that, if it works out (this, presently, is my Plan C). Also, my garage builder has suggested this. Of course, it makes me nervous, as the sums at risk is hugh (for me anyhow) and I suppose I am argueably/potentially toying with the law (im a bit chicken!) Some good tips here, thanks. On CIL - Im in N Ireland, and I dont think CIL applies - Im building a fairly standard 4 bed family home, 200SQM max. Thanks for input @Temp
  10. I see your thinking, but this idea makes me nervous, beacuse I think it puts me in contravention of bullet 5 of the (see word "site") of the "what counts as new" in the VAT clarification note (as pasted into the OP)
  11. Thanks @Temp - would you seek clarification from VAT in advance, or independently and argeue the case, if it arose?
  12. I hope you are right @SuperJohnG, but I'm worried the new garage is part of the "to be knocked" house. Anyone have a similar experience, and what professional might be the one ask?
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