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Our idea...


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So I began this thread in October 2019! 


Wide eyed and all keen to get going!


First of all who would have thought 2020 would have been so out of the ordinary? 


I took the time to make a few changes moving the consumer unit and replacing upgrading it.


Next up the boiler had a new home and then the water was part replaced in readiness for the build.


Planning was finally submitted/accepted onto the system during August 2020. Aren't planning officers great so helpful, constructive and  full of positives....


Sorry just had to go get a "special" tablet for the delusions. After a lot of subjective comments over objective comments.


Planning finally granted January 2021....  


We finally agreed our Block order, I am happy to say the extension and summer house will have walls of ISOTEX, sadly the PO and quick chats to SE's have suggested raft foundations aren't maybe as good an idea in our build...


The last week I have been taking down a 4m x 4.5m UPVC conservatory , which we sold for 200 pounds om FB! at least its out the way..


We need to do a little more nibbling and demolition of the existing extension built circa 2010 and then we can look to get the Building control in to view our trenches!


If only it was so simple to do and as quick typing this!



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  • 4 months later...

groundworks continue and ongoing..


but came across some old cast iron pipe runs..


running away from the corner of the original kitchen at about 40' TWO pipes one about 1" the other a bit smaller seemingly both clear of rust basically only just below a concrete walkway sort of garden car port space

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Had two trips to the NEC this week, first up was construction week. Not bad interesting mix, possibly not as bad as past years.


Back yesterday to be totally underwhelmed by Grand designs, bar an isolated few suppliers having been two years ago, yesterday had very few references to the actual TV program. Sad really.

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On 12/10/2021 at 08:52, ProDave said:

If that is meant to be sharing pictures for us to see it is not working, it takes me to a page asking me to sign in to google drive.

never mind....


it clearly has a error. wont bother attempting again

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