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  1. ianfish

    Our idea...

    Not 100% exact but settled on two mouldings which will do! Just
  2. ianfish

    Our idea...

    We have a new wall. First stage of our proper build!
  3. ianfish

    Our idea...

    Thanks for your reply...i will enquire further!
  4. ianfish

    Our idea...

    Id love to get some of this. We have a new doorway in the hall and this we beleive is some original detail around the front door. So far the best i can find is a four beed reed from BQ. Overall its about 2" wide. I havd found a company that will replicate the shape exactly but need a minumum order of 40m. Sadly I only need 8m at most. Thoughts anyone?
  5. ianfish

    Our idea...

    The plate to the wall id say was bakerlite and sort of gave up.once I started to Attack it!
  6. ianfish

    Our idea...

    Anyone care to have a stab at what these switches would of been used for? They are on the side of the chimney breast about 6" from the floor. Regards Ian
  7. What energy rating did you achieve with your roof? Looks a well executed job
  8. Are you any further on with your roof? Its something I need to be thinking of too
  9. I am newish here too....its a friendly enough place!
  10. Ive e-mailed sixteen... Three replies so far no one is keen to give ball park figures wantimg to view the hoise first Deslite being told its a new extension
  11. We have had further feedback which suggest some remedial roof work and some work to provide a breathable solution to the blocked now not used chimney stack could help sort it... I will update as and when we have progress...still to get in the house full time!
  12. ianfish

    Our idea...

    front porch is sadly already there....not the best arrangement. and the door that is how it is hung! It will be addressed just not until the back end of the house is done and or well underway! The hall area is as is really and we haven't really looked at alterations to this area. it flows better actually in the house than it looks. It is also where the current access is and how we open out what is there over redoing RSJ's and such like, ideally the wall for me would be out but that would take a chunk of budget which for me leaving the former original exterior wall for me helps to create a zone beyond the wall into the new. I had considered noise and maybe the utility could be rehomed somewhere less obtrusive, and yes we are planning in encasing it all if it remains as per drawing. If we clear this area further its part of the current kitchen how could we put the area to use? The side door will be added as I want to have a division between current building and the new being sort of indoor outdoor type thing.... The loo currently has a shower which takes up space in the L shaped kitchen , it looks like this was added after the current toilet extension, we already have two bath sowers upstairs so the shower goes.. The middle cupboard remains it is in fact the under the under the stairs which could easily have a loo in it without being cramped if one wasn't already present, this is an attempt at making good what we have over a clean slate approach and with an eye on cost. As for light we intend to have roof lanterns and or similar we have not discussed sizes or proportions as yet ( I just reused a lantern that existed and did a copy and paste more for illustration over actual!), Lighting across the 27' would be mixed in part helping set what the space is to be used for, and Id like the what would become middle room to be that bit darker anyway and. the bi folds we are looking at have minimal frame and maximum glass Ta for your comments, I hope mine go someway to answer yours
  13. Ta for the reply Firstly I Never mentioned a meter! We have a boiler stuck in the corner of the kitchen which will become further to the centre of the property, you can jut see the exhaust pipe the boiler is in a cupboard. I would think the gas supply ends around here. We need it to go into a new build past the fridge which isn't ours BTW. Ian
  14. We are very much at the lets see what we can do stage with our build refurb I have emailed 20 local gas safe engineers to see what they come back with I have posed two questions How much to extend a supply (what term should I be using?) into a new build portion of the property which has an existing supply I surmise this can be added too? Gas is something id sooner pay to get done unless it is really straightforward in extending, I cant seem to find much reference material online though as yet. The boiler in its current location would be in the middle of our new idea of how we are attempting to configure our build, what are peoples views on location of central heating boilers? Just have to say enjoying reading this forum its been a huge relief seeing others take on things! Ian