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    Our idea...

    Ordered this be interesting reading I've took an interest in Connell and his alternative modern metroland ideas I'd like a striking modernist extension to go with our "metro/deco" semi
  2. Thanks.....under the floor looks the easier fix. The ceiling on the lean too extension is 12' tall...
  3. The toilet is going in here which the dishwasher currently resides not our ideal but the previous owners! This wouldve been the outside wall but there idea was to build a extension on the side... So we are now looking at easily fitted extraction fans given this room is in the middle of the house.... Has anyone else tackled this sort of issue?
  4. Bang it in then board around it.... It what I've just found in reverse.
  5. I'm planning on making use of a 2nd soil on the house which til now had two pairs of toilet, basin, shower. And a dish washer! Bit random how many other people have a dish washer under their stairs away from their kitchen? But anon.. . I'm planning on adding a sink for utility a washing machine dish washer and a toilet sinkin new location the toilet is the furthest item away from the stack.... So my question was are These valves of value in protecting the dishwasher etc....
  6. What do people consider of these traps? I'd not come across them before until some work in our house, the previous owner had installed one but it seemed to of been jammed up and open. Are there better ones?
  7. I guess the big question is where your build is located,? We are currently seeking quotes to move and extend a gas supply we have only used local gas safe plumbers around CV22. No issues and no huge quotes as yet. The pipe is part of a schedule of works we are planning.
  8. We bought our house November last year and had the usual conveyancing done and checked via the solicitor and building surveyor. On progressing some work in the extension On the side of the building we encountered a sewer drain cover hidden by a joist and beam wooden floor which had some mdf laminate flooring over the top basically concealing it totally. Having had a read on a few other sites om left confused as to the direction we need to take... I'm not to happy that we found it and it the fact it had been concealed and the vendor and estate agent seemingly didn't mention it either...
  9. Hello all. What would be a reasonable rate to move an existing boiler? Basically it's in the middle of the house and wouldn't be best placed in our next extension plan. The boiler needs a new supply for gas. Electrics are in hand basically it's to be moved across a room (4m) on the side of the building with electrical work all ready underway and an extra fused spur won't "kill me" The boiler is less than ten years old so we would be looking at reusing this...subject to the usual knowns... We have our first quote which seems a little high.. Thoughts please
  10. ianfish

    Old pipe

    Had one gas plumber today who suggested to give the pipe a shake! He didn't think it has a supply either as he can see our gas supply. Time to progress to see if I can see the extreme if the pipe!
  11. ianfish

    Old pipe

    I have uncovered what seems to be a steel pipe in the kitchen which sits just below the floor joists and next to the external wall. I think this maybe the original gas supply. We only have the boiler which seems to be supplied with 28mm copper pipe. On the other wall. If this grey pipe is redundant how much could I expect to pay to have a gas plumber check and remove this pipe. It's bang in the way if a new 110mm spil pipe' s new location. TIA
  12. Starting work on the utility which was a bedroom ground floor in a side built mean to on to a 1930 brick built structure. Around the under stairs there is an air brick this had a huge chunk of styrene used in the extension floor between the wooden joists on a concrete poured foundation floor. Is it worth providing a vent out to aid the what was external vent? It's about 8' from the original 1930 built wall to the lean to block cavity wall.. or is there enough air under the "New" cavity area? Tia