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  1. ianfish

    Our idea...

    never mind.... it clearly has a error. wont bother attempting again
  2. Grand Designs at NEC wanted to see details, not that they actually looked.
  3. ianfish

    Our idea...

    Had two trips to the NEC this week, first up was construction week. Not bad interesting mix, possibly not as bad as past years. Back yesterday to be totally underwhelmed by Grand designs, bar an isolated few suppliers having been two years ago, yesterday had very few references to the actual TV program. Sad really.
  4. ianfish

    Our idea...

  5. ianfish

    Our idea...

  6. ianfish

    Our idea...

    isotex blocks secure in the back garden
  7. Two trips to the NEC in the next few days.. UK Construction week tomorrow then back for Grand Designs
  8. You know I had not thought to do that........
  9. SE suggests a minimum of 1400 x 1400 by 500mm deep
  10. We dont want a large or anything too square in what will be the middle of our new kitchen. I also didnt want to just have horizionfal rsj supports leaving the corner of the house just balanced. The column is part of the SE spec which is what id envisaged
  11. From a leading wooden floor company 1mm per week of scree, then its a case of seeing what the moisture is, my take on it leave it as long as you can.
  12. Its the sequence i'm after how would people tackle it. Yes the original corner is being removed in the final finish and a steel column with RSJ into the walls will be fitted, that bit I get. Its the need for the concrete pad and how to sequence its construction im after ideas for.
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