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  1. I have lift and slide as the only access point to our house, work perfectly. Only downside is opening a tall hole when wet and cold outside,
  2. Interested as to why they cannot be used with Heatmiser thermostats?
  3. @SteamyTea your map does not lie have Hyundai Nexo, really clever tech. Just wish it had a charger hybrid style battery, even one with a 50 mile battery range, would make it a sensible proposition. When we ordered it there was talk of more stations, COVID has only slowed that. Heyho joy of being an early adopter;)
  4. Following with interest. We really need the infrastructure in place, but it is a classic chicken and egg situation at the moment.. Have a hydrogen fueled car and using it in the South West is a challenge to say the least. Refuelling at a hydrogen supplied home would be great, but the pressure at which the gas is pumped into the cars tank is immense and requires significant pressuriisation, see the refuelling gauge below.
  5. B & D it is then. Hardest option to connect up, but I should be used to that by now! Might as well do it properly ;) Thanks for the advice.
  6. Getting towards the end of my build... the time has come to buy the MVHR unit and install. Think I’m going for the vent-axia sentinel sx from BPC, although they look to be suffering post lockdown stock availability at the moment... Anyone actually got one in operation? My dilemma is where to place the inlet and outlet. The unit is going into the external plant room on the side of the property, on the inside adjacent to A and B. The prevailing wind is from the South West (where the gazebo is), the obvious and easiest is to put the extract at point A and the inlet at point B. But I have read that if they are not on the same elevation an imbalance can occur, or is that more the case of being on opposite sides of the house, rather than a plant room? Otherwise I could put extract at B and inlet at C ( or even D if a 2 meter distance between is too close and 4m would be better). The plant room is 4.6m long and 1m deep. Advice much appreciated!
  7. I’ve now done the best part of a thousand miles in the Hydrogen powered Nexo and am impressed. Refueling is not that different to a pay at the pump petrol experience, albeit rather harder to find a station. Real world range is about 320 miles, performance is adequate for a suv size vehicle, lots of tech inside, comfortable. Biggest draw back is other drivers not concentrating on driving when they realise they have just seen a hydrogen car, it has a fairly blatant hydrogen themed wrap on it What I can’t figure out though is why they only fitted a 1.6kwh battery into it. This uses the energy from regenerative braking and provides additional power when required, if they had fitted a battery with a 50 mile range capacity to it, that could be charged to supplement range and /or when hydrogen supply was not available, then they would have had a real game changer.
  8. I’ve got the Fakro z-wave roof windows and would advise you approach with caution. They have been a nightmare to get working with z-wave (there is no Wi-fi option), only got one to work from a Vera platform controller and that meant not being able to use the supplied remote controller with it anymore. The instructions are dire, they should be great but user experience is terrible. If someone can help me make them work properly then I would be a convert, as there is a strangely satisfying feeling being a 100 miles away from the house and getting an alert on my phone that as the room has reached 23 degrees the window has opened. Fly screens are a good idea though, I have a fear that a bird or bat will get in and the window will then shut, trapping it in the house.
  9. Slightly off topic, but I have finally managed to get my Fakro z-wave roof windows to link to my Vera management system. Strangely satisfying being able to open my windows via my phone 100 miles away from the house, even better it is intergrated with the Heatmiser thermostats, so automically opens the roof windows when the room gets too hot.
  10. Nick1c ,thanks. I recognise it may not be the most efficient way. However the house is built, has no PV or ASHP, it does have 2m roof overhang to the South West elevation, which works well in the Summer providing shade to the large amount of glass on that elevation. i have some supposedly remote control fakro roof windows, when I open the patio doors and roof windows it dumps the hot air quickly. However the fabric of the building still takes a considerable while to cool. Having a real challenge getting the Fakro units to talk to any form of z-wave controller (smartthings or Vera),had hoped to be able to remotely open them before arrival (they have an automatic closure feature if they sense rain). Thus is partly causing my concern that I don’t end up with a mvhr that does not properly work remotely!
  11. Interesting, the manufacturers seem to make much of the different scenes, maybe it is just marketing hype... I was planning on leaving the system just idling whilst the property was empty, (which it will be most of the time as it is a holiday home) then turning up to a normal level when occupied. I’ve been surprised by the level of solar gain in the last few days, so was thinking we might want to purge the warm air before arriving. Equally I could be barking up the wrong tree!
  12. Reaching the final straight, need to purchase the main MVHR unit. Was originally going to get an Adroit DV110 but the prices have rocketed, the Kinetic Advance SX looks a strong contender, however the limited reviews of the App on the Apple App Store do not seem very favourable... A key feature for me is being able monitor and interact with the MVHR when away from the property, (new build is over 100 miles away from main house) I've seen the Adroit in the flesh and used the 'cloud' function and whilst clunky it does what I need. Anyone actually got a Kinetic Advance SX, how are you getting on with it and the app?
  13. Just realised I’ve been admiring your build as I drive out of Stroud most mornings. Looking crisp!
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