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  1. Does treating resin floor like wood mean you have to apply some kind of coating to the resin floor every so often?
  2. Thanks IanR I'm not sure. I'm going to see one of their installation and will confirm. He did say they'll be a levelling compound and then they'll be ~3mm finishing layer.
  3. Thanks nod. I didn't think the longevity. There's a big difference. Epoxy floor: 10-20 years Longevity: Porcelain 60+ years
  4. Hi We are thinking of tiling the entire ground floor about 150m2 in our self build house. The ground floor has underfloor heating and is screeded. I have recently come across an epoxy company who claim epoxy floor is has good as floor tiles. Their quote (labour + material) is just above the quote for for fitting floor tiles (labour + material). The epoxy company mainly specialises in commercial epoxy floors but they insist that a lot of people are having epoxy floors installed in houses. They say that they can achieve any marble/tile like design. My thoughts are if it's good for commercial premises surely it's good in a house. Has anyone had any experience of having a epoxy floor on top of screeded underfloor heating? Any advice/suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks
  5. You're right, the screeded floor is level. I need to work that one out. The tiler said he can get level correct for the water to flow to the drain. I'm meeting him tomorrow so I'll ask him how.
  6. Thank you. I didn't know the vertical trap linear drain was available on the market. Quite dear though.
  7. Hi Our first floor has UFH and is made up of 50mm screed, 25mm insulation, 100mm infill concrete blocks B&B. The entire floor is screeded including where the shower waste will be placed in the wetroom. The wetroom has UFH but not where the shower waste will be fitted. The idea is to cut the screed to fit the shower waste/drain. The waste pipe will run underside of the FF floor (within GF dropdown ceiling to external wall). I was considering the tiled linear wetroom waste like the attached. However, these have horizontal outlet pipes, which has put me in doubt that they may not be the best option. This horizontal outlet pipe doesn't drop down enough to go through about 175mm of concrete floor. Is there an alternative product? What would be the best way to approach this? Some of these linear waste pipes are ridiculously priced £250+ (even so some at around £375) others are around ~£70. Any recommendations? Thanks
  8. Apologies for late reply. I tested stixall extreme power on mf, wood and concrete block. Solid stick. Test 1 - used a piece of mf (had a tiny ~1mm lip on the adhesive side too). Applied stixall and placed it on top of the concrete block a brick on top of the mf to hold it down. Test 2 - used an even smaller and thinner piece of mf (quite flimsy compared to above). Applied stixall on one side and placed it on top of the concrete block. This time I didn't put any weight on top of the mf piece to hold it down. Test 3 - used a piece of wood and concrete brick on top of it to hold it down. Left it to cure overnight. All tests were successful, very solid. Only test 2 had a little play and I was able to see the clear adhesive between the two materials. This was probably because there was no weight to hold down the mf. It was still a strong grip. In all three tests, I could pick up the concrete block from mf/wood. Thank you.
  9. @crispy_wafer yes, UFH pipes. @saveasteading thanks
  10. @nod did use timber or mf? Time to buy stixall extreme power test tube. They claim it sticks metal and concrete.
  11. Thanks @Russell griffiths What do you think about using dustproofer and hardener on the screed and then using the stixall extreme? Thanks
  12. Hi We had 50mm liquid screed poured a couple of weeks ago. We now need to build metal frame stud walls to make bathrooms. What would be the best option to attach the metal frame to the screed? Option 1: Adhesive - What would be the best adhesive to stick metal frame to the screeded floor? Option 2: Lay concrete common brick 65mm (without Frog) onto the screed and then screw in the metal frame to the concrete common brick. Thanks
  13. Hi We will have two manifolds on the GF. Does each manifold need a separate flow and return from/to the boiler? Two flow and two return pipes from/to boiler? Or would it be just one flow and one return with a T near the manifolds? Thanks
  14. Thanks @nod Is that 3mil before or after skimming? Thanks
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