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  1. Thank you so much @ProDave! I've googled RCBOs and it appears that the water heater is already an RCBO (rest are fuses) so it appears they can all be replaced. It is a plastic fuse box. Does that affect it at all? Thanks again.
  2. Hi everyone I've been told that I need a EICR before I can have tenants move in. I've spoken to an electrician today who says that the fuse box (image attached) needs replacing. I just want to find out whether my fuse box will fail the EICR if it's not changed before I fork out £600 for a new fuse box and a report. I did ask the electrician last week but he hasn't replied. Thank you for your help.
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    What's going on?

    Thank you Terry. What’s the slow fix?
  4. Hi everyone Our build is nearing completion after under going a major overhaul. It's a duplex victorian town house in London and we own the two lower floors (ground and lower ground). We've noticed some rather odd 'bubbling' on the side of one of our walls (in the hallway on the lower ground floor). On the other side of this wall is another lower ground floor property. Before we renovated the house we did notice damp in this same area. A couple of months ago we asked our builders what the 'bubbling' could be and they said they didn't know as they had damp proofed it already. In the last couple of weeks we've seen the 'bubbling' get worse and now the skirting is cracking away (see image attached). We asked our project managers about this and they say it's the paint. I find this hard to believe as this is not happening anywhere else in the house. I never saw how our builders damp proofed this area but I think they laid some screed? (we visited when they laid the underfloor heating and I didn't notice anything then). Does anyone know what this could be or what we should do? I have more pictures (including those during the build) that I can attach if that helps? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Thanks everyone for being so helpful I never considered the cleaning aspect and I imagine that cleaning finger prints from glass is a lot more work than dusting spindles. For that reason we're going to go with spindles. Thanks again
  6. Hi everyone We are nearing the completion of our project and the next step is to decide whether we want a glass or wooden/metal banister. I think both look great and I just can't decide between the two. Part of me thinks the glass would open up the space and show the boiserie but I also love a more traditional look and think it would be more in keeping with our home (victorian property). I would love to have some of your opinions on what you think would look nicer in our home or if there's anything else relevant that we might have not considered. I've attached a couple of images of our staircase at the moment (still a construction site) and image of what the glass should look like and a couple of images of the type of spindle/banister design we are after. Thank you S
  7. Thank you so much @PeterW you have been immensely helpful! We decided to go with another provider for a composite door and it’s come to just over £4,500 inc VAT which is a lot cheaper and they’ve got really good reviews too. We have a secondary door which we are considering putting a smart lock on. We were going to go with Yale but after your suggestion of Ultion locks, we are looking at their smart locks too which seem just as good, if not better. thank you again s
  8. Thank you everyone for your helpful replies. They only stole some builders tools but they had put paper inside the lock and the police said that this is because they wanted to come back again later. @PeterW thank you. What do you mean by 6.4L - 4 - 6.4L.? This is what one company has quoted us for:- Security Level Door size 1940x1450. With two glazed side panels. Cludding: External: EDM, RAL colour Internal: UMIDAX, RAL colour Glazing: Side panel P6B security glass Main lock: FIAM ISEO R6, key/bturn, securiti level 6 Total cost:- £6,000 plus VAT i have no idea what any of this means other than P6B is burglar resist glass. does this price sound reasonble? thank you all again
  9. We are looking to get the front entrance of our property redone after a break in, and we’ve had quotes of £7k - £9k to do something like this (see image attached) with P6B security glass and steel lined doors. Is that sensible, or are we being burgled (again)? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks S
  10. Thank you all very much for your help and suggestions which we have put to our joiner. I think we will just play it safe and have a fixed panel around the TV. Thank you again.
  11. Hi all We are having some joinery work done and I have a question about push to open doors. I've attached an image of the joinery design we are after and an inspiration picture to show what we are trying to replicate. Just to explain, there are 4 push to open doors on the left (490 x 1550) and 1 push to open door on the right (490 x 1550). We asked our joiner if it's also possible to have one giant push to open door surrounding the TV (1760 x 1550) as we don't want to see a seam running down the middle. The joiner said that this is impossible but I can't see why. It's not a terribly big panel and it won't have to hold the weight of the TV as this should be attached directly to the back wall. (btw TV size in the image shows 55" but we are having 65" instead so the panel should weigh even less). If it can't be done, is there any other option available that doesn't involve a seam? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Joinery quote

    There’s no law about auto closing doors as far as I’m aware
  13. Hi everyone We are having some joinery work done (see image attached) to create a hinged door to our kitchen. The door will have a crittal style look and it will have to be fire rated. Our joiner says the doors are timber and they will be glazed and spray painted/lacquered. We have been quoted £900 for the door. Does this seem reasonable? I've asked a few other places but they say they are not open at the moment due to the ongoing pandemic so I don't have anything to compare. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  14. Thank you everyone for your help, lots of really great advice. I’ve contacted a couple of companies where their m2 prices are between £35 - £50 which is a lot more reasonable! We were just led to believe that Porcelain Tiles had the best value and offered the biggest trade discount than other suppliers. So much for that.
  15. "Super comment" from my husband who is laughing in the other room haha