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  1. Patrick

    Small Megabad order

    But seriously, for all those guys ordering from Europe, if there is a problem with shipping, just use a reshipping address like There are others available. A lot will receive the shipment and reship for a small fee. I do normally pay around 10eur for a moving box size parcel.
  2. Patrick

    Small Megabad order

    @recoveringacademicSag amoi, hast du Kein ΓΌ auf der tastatur oder was? πŸ˜‹
  3. Patrick

    SIPS Garden Office for 3k?

    Old topic, but have you got some more photos. How much did it cost you in the end?
  4. There is a lot you can find out online nowadays . Surprisingly loads. That doesn t mean that this is the case with your example. But who knows. Just PM me if you want .
  5. thats probably the best way to go, although your comment made me think and I am looking into spray foam now. I always thought it is too expensive, but seems quite ok pricewise. How happy are you with it? My only concern would toxicity of the foam.
  6. It s not a reflecting one . It s housewrap. Sorry. let me know if you still want it.
  7. I ve got a roll of tyvek left somewher if that would help. Depends where you are located . There are probably around 20-30 meter left on the roll .
  8. Just Found this one : Seems reasonable , if you would put Passivplus OSB on the walls,taped, that is Airtightness sorted. Apart from the piercings through the OSB with Bolts/screws. Or is this a problem? I m not sure about weight capacity of OSB if you hang your floor from is bolted to the frame, but still .
  9. Thanks. This than only leaves me with the question how to attach it to the I-Beam wall in a similar fashion than @PeterStarck done it . His method seems to be excellent, even though i would like to do the same while still using Blown in Cellulose . So need to put a Foil behind the ledger plate. Tricky .
  10. Could not find these details anywhere so far. Very often the Stick Build Constructions are traditional Framing techniques, where the first floor Joist sit on top of the Groundfloor studs and so on... For a Portal Frame construction, people seem to use prefab timber frame companies.So the company will sort out these details. I wanted to see if someone has experience in this or how you would do it/ are doing it. I was wondering what would be the best way to attach the first floor Joists to the outside Walls in a Portal Frame, while keeping the Airbarrier flowing without interruption. I hijacked one of your picture @PeterStarck to demonstrate what I mean Here are the first floor joists, attached to the outer frame without any airbarrier (as far a i can see) . This means, as far as I understand, that you later have to work/tape around each Joist for airtightness. I have Found one solution that made sense to me, but I am not sure if that works well : Studs are carved in on the level of the floor (potential problem with the I-Joists) than timber studs are inserted as a backing board before the Airtight Membrane OSB (in this example just plain OSB) is Nailed on to the front . Than joist hangers are Nailed into the timber studs(through the OSB) And the Floor Joists go into the Joist hangers. Later on the Osb in the Groundfloor and the OSB in the top floor can be taped to the osb section "behind" the floorjoists/ Seems like a method of eliminating some problems(cold bridging, airtightness) It than looks a bit like this: Hope this all makes sense. I m much better with visualising things with plans/photos so if anybody got some sections or drawings of a similar setup that works, I would be very greatful . All Ideas are welcome.
  11. Patrick

    Discount Offers of the Week

    And probably the same compactor just with a different label on it (Screwfix Housebrand vs. Aldi Housebrand)
  12. Obviously he was climbing up 🀣
  13. Yep, but at least he s wearing a helmet. So it s 50% secure πŸ˜‚
  14. Patrick

    Dew Point - What is it and why does it matter

    πŸ˜ƒ. Just watch the full length if you want to be entertained by Dewpoint calculations . Here s the summary": DEWPOINT CALCULATION.mp4