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  1. True. Just by coincidence it might be that somebody on the forum is having a similar setup and also has a similar HW system/amount of people and that I can then copy his/her choice . Like i said, it s only a small chance that this will work. @pdf27 phpp would probably give me some required figures, if I would use it (not planning to get certified) but that still does not solve the issue of infinity amount of brands/options.... so I thought I try and get some clever people advise on. And so far seems to work.
  2. Trying it this way: So this topic has been discussed 1000 times . I was reading a lot about it in 2019 - forgot 90% , re-read a lot in 2020 and forgot another 90% . Will need to spec up ASHP , unvented Hotwater Tank for Underfloor heating and hot water in a passivhaus . House is 175SQM . 125sqm groundfloor , 50sqm 1st floor Who has done this on a similar size? Just so i can copy their setup 1:1 😋 Cant find a blog or topic by someone who done this in a similar-sized building . If you could point me in the right direction - search results throw a lot up but nothing quite fits.
  3. Sorted . I think I found the perfect guy. @Russell griffiths Facebook? Do I look like 60?😋😂
  4. Been a while. Had no time. Contrary to the rest of the world, i did not have a minute of rest in 2020 and even 2021 looks similar so far. Finally managed to update the blog... Clickbaity headline , but i promise... Shuttering DID burst (even though nothing fatal) and Concrete DID explode (again , nothing fatal) More in the blog . Cheers 🍻 P.S.: @Jeremy Harris , i am still missing you and this place has become less of a fascination for me since you gone, so get your s**t together and help us helpless noobs out 😁 . @Russell griffiths trying his best to replace you, but he just doesnt have the endless depths of statistical analysis and tables 😋 (still a big help though) Not to forget the rest of the very patient and knowledgeable Buildhubbers -thank you all !
  5. Thats more or less what i m getting. I m getting 3.5m long sections out of I-Beams , all precut in factory. The issue is not the frame but the right guys... I m now finally at the stage to hire the team for this summer but builders are busier than ever
  6. Driven piles with the first 3m predrilled if needed. That was the most cost effective way I could find. Searched everywhere - just scroll through my history of stupid ideas on this forum. Even went as far as pricing up screwpiles from Alibaba incl the digger attachment plus shipping from Shengzen to Liverpool.... still all too expensive. Ended up with a local piling guy. Had to accept the fact that piling is expensive at the end.
  7. Too busy . Swimming in work . Just started on the old site again and will update blog in the next months... but you know how it is with blogs ...😋 . did not forget about my old love buildhub .
  8. I got one of those: Done around 300 u shapes with it. Back breaking hard work. Wouldn't do it again. PM me if you want the tool .
  9. this is excellent news and i was wondering for a long time what happened there- but thats live, we move on once building is done and then come back to this forum once the next project is in line ... This is still the best resource of knowledge BY FAR....
  10. +1 on both previous entries. Refitting Membrane/felt from underneath not practical . But repairing the dodgy bits might just sort you out and not break the bank .
  11. Yep. Trees are not my talent . Windows from poland . A lot of them are made in poland. Even when distributed and up priced throug some German or Austrian company (wont name any) , they really often are produced in Poland or the baltics .
  12. A & A Insulation Service Ltd Unit G4, 5 The Willowford, Treforest, Pontypridd CF37 5YL 01443 209585 I think it's the place. Huge warehouse full of seconds.
  13. Seconds and co are in Wales. And there is another seconds PIR place next to Cardiff. They got brand new PIR that came out of the factory with minor faults, but still more than suitable to bury in screed.