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  1. this is excellent news and i was wondering for a long time what happened there- but thats live, we move on once building is done and then come back to this forum once the next project is in line ... This is still the best resource of knowledge BY FAR....
  2. +1 on both previous entries. Refitting Membrane/felt from underneath not practical . But repairing the dodgy bits might just sort you out and not break the bank .
  3. Yep. Trees are not my talent . Windows from poland . A lot of them are made in poland. Even when distributed and up priced throug some German or Austrian company (wont name any) , they really often are produced in Poland or the baltics .
  4. A & A Insulation Service Ltd Unit G4, 5 The Willowford, Treforest, Pontypridd CF37 5YL 01443 209585 I think it's the place. Huge warehouse full of seconds.
  5. Seconds and co are in Wales. And there is another seconds PIR place next to Cardiff. They got brand new PIR that came out of the factory with minor faults, but still more than suitable to bury in screed.
  6. Would be better to use a metal roofing membrane directly and skip on double plywood and battens. But as you ordered materials already I guess you will have to work with what you got.
  7. @the_r_sole Let them know that I m more than happy to rent/but machine from them in 12months
  8. Exactly. So I thought might be an opportunity for someone to buy and resell. Or rent. I would buy or rent from them.
  9. Who wants to buy a cellulose blower machine to do their own insulation? I would love to buy it but am approx. 13-15months away from needing the insualtion done. Have been talking with many I here about the blown in insualtion and that it is such a shame you can't rent or buy those machines in the UK. In USA its an easy DIY install as machines are readily available to hire. Would buy or rent it off whoever wants to buy it now once he/she used it but just don't have storage at the moment for it. Anybody needing blown in insualtion?
  10. I got good connections for shipping and would like to add some Pallets for a plasterer friend of mine but have no idea which ones which. What brand /type are you using. There is loads of different plaster on the continent. Would like to get him something as close to his "usual multifinish" as possible
  11. But these are guidelines for HMOs. With a flat, there are no minimum requirements and even in a shared house, there is no minimum. There are a few guidelines, but even they are of the things that always amuses me in this country. So nothigng stopping you from putting in 8sqm living room/kitchenette bedroom space with a 4sqm shower room and call it a studio flat. Question is where about in the country this is and if anybody would rent it. In London will be probably let out within minutes for 800£/months " unique quirky secluded cosy apartment for young professional"
  12. Doesn't look quite right. But brickies on here might know more. Also above the French doors. Gap in the brick work that (hopefully) covers the lintel.
  13. @joe90 This is very close but just about 50mm to short. Need more than 500mm. @Russell griffiths Amazing. Thanks a lot. That s perfect for me. Exactly what I was looking for. You're right with the taking the saw to the I beam part, but this one is not for my house, it s for work and the radial arm saw exactly does what I need. This forum is so usefull. Time after time after time🍻
  14. Trying to buy one of these Americans call them frame and trim saw. Nothing on ebay or online anywhere in the UK. Closest thing is circular saw with guides/ rail. But thats not what I need. I got a mitre saw, but the ones you can buy/the ones I see online only allow to cut 300mm wide boards maximum. These(from the photo) do up to 600mm, which is exactly what I need. Is there anything similar and if yes, where can I find it/what is it called?