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  1. There is a metal deck system that can provide you the base for a first floor concrete pour ( I guess other companies do similar stuff. They do a suspended foundation system as well. But this was too expensive for my taste. Still a good system IMHO.
  2. Give over. We all know you gonna have excellent base materials AND a wall hung toilet 😋 To topic: SIGA=Worldclass materials
  3. Thanks @JSHarris. Simply worded and understandable.
  4. Before this argument goes on, about wether or not it is difficult or easy to do the calcs yourself and wether or not that brings back problems later on , out of interest and without having read anything available just yet, what exactly stopped you from doing the later "as is" calculations yourself @JSHarris? Why is it that you need to engage with a conultant at a later stage? Probably a sign off is needed?
  5. @LA3222 Didn't mean to offend you. I appreciate that there are two views on pretty much everything. All I meant to say is that there is not necessarily one that is right, and like many others said on here, it depends on the situation and each individual adult to evaluate when it's worth it to take the DIY approach. What might be right for me, might be completely wrong for others. I just have the opinion that a lot of the admin/desctop/computer/design work is easy to learn and that many doing this professionally are massively overpaid as the skills involved in their jobs (I'm talking specific the skills for smaller residential buildings, not that people haven't got vastly more knowledge than me in other topics) are easy to aquire. That's why I'm pushing for doing everything myself /yourself /oneself. But that's just my OPINION. might not work for the next man/woman and in other parts of the more hands on side of things I learned a bit of a lesson (see the Tree cutting exercise) in regards to the value of professionals.
  6. I think everyone should be treated as adults here, so giving advise doesn't eliminate using ones own brain (does this advise apply to me). The PURPOSE of THIS THREAD was To find alternative programmes for SAP calculation for anyone interested to do it him/herself. Your advise of hiring professionals instead of saving "a few 100£" applies to pretty much everything in life. do you get your brake pads changed at the garage or do you do it yourself. Do you buy package holiday or do you organise every step yourself...... It is a matter of opinion when it s worth it to hire professionals and when you should (can get away with) do it yourself. I'm on Jeremy's side with doing as much as possible myself. You think it is better to have professionals doing jobs for you. None of these opinions are "the truth", so being careful voicing an opinion seems a silly advice.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Although I must admit, I am tight as well. But in my (young) age, there are a lot of advantages in learning all the bits involved myself, not just money wise. You never know when you need it later In life. For the rest of you here on Buildhub it might be different, as you more running out of time than having to worry about later in (after) life 😁😂
  8. Hi @JSHarris Thanks for the effort. I couldn't wait and just sat on the misses windows pc(🤮 Got the Stroma free version going. Took me 25min to get th hang of it and another 45 to punch in all the data. Got all the results out and saved another 200-600£(depending on who you ask). Works amazing. Just Windows gave me cold showers. How can people work with that? 😀
  9. Read the very usefull hint from @JSHarris to use STROMA software to do the SAP calculations for the Building Regs myself. Unfortunatley STROMA doesnt run on IOS and I really cant deal with using ParallelsDesktop,(might need to as a last option, but before that:... ) Anybody has a good option to do the SAP calculations on a Macbook?
  10. @colin7777 +1 for doing the Building Regs yourself . I would retrospectively do this and didnt find the 739 amendments I have done myself to the (rubbish) plans submitted by my architect too difficult. Fair bit of reading and time consuming , yes, but not difficult. Different Topic: I watched this verbal battle between @Sensus and @JSHarris over the last weeks in all the topics when they clash, and their opinions always seem to clash. For the Forum s entertainment, I would like to suggest a fair match of Chessboxing between the 2 of you. On Neutral Grounds somewhere in Birmingham . 😁
  11. OK. Thanks @ProDave That makes sense. The unvented in the attic I probably a bit of a pain to work on but would probably be sensible to do.
  12. You mean to just move the vented tank into the loft (or alternatively put a new vented tank into the loft). Not bad.
  13. I m having a bit of an issue with my hot water in my current house. Old former Council semi, with the old vented hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard upstairs still in place. After changing the bathroom, there is now even less pressure on the hot water than ever before and it's taking hours to fill a bathtub. I don't want to go down the route of shower pumps (done that the last few years, one of the reasons for changing the bathroom, long story). Also, there is no Gas at the property. Its in the area but this house never been connected to it. All heating is via Night storage(electric). So I'm only looking to replace the old vented electric water tank with a new, unvented one. The question is, could I possibly put the new unvented hot water tank and the electric boiler for it into an outside lean-to in front of the kitchen. There is no space in the kitchen for something that big, the bedroom airing cupboard where the current water tank is, will struggle as well space wise and ideally I want it out of there. My idea was to build a insulated extension of approx. 2-3sqm. Just in front of the kitchen (to the back garden) where all the main pipework is running through. Than just drill through the wall and connect the new boiler to the old water system. Boiler would be installed by plumber with a bit more clue than me about this, but question is more what are the issues with this plan. Building regulations wise. Practically it has a lot of advantages to me, but maybe there are better ideas.
  14. Welcome. There are quite a few good garden shed builders on here which done various of styles, sizes and budgets.
  15. This is some amazing review. Thanks a lot for that. The membership stats above meaning that it was still growing until 2015? When was it shut down again. Others mentioned buildhub starting in 2016,so I assume just before that. I think all the older members experience with Ebuild was very vital in keeping this Forum running healthy and trouble free. Hope it will continue the same paths even with growing numbers as it has been not only very helpful but also a glimpse into the past of 90ies Internet when Forums where everywhere and you could get endless knowledge and informationin thriving communities without being molested by corporate interests.