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  1. I got good connections for shipping and would like to add some Pallets for a plasterer friend of mine but have no idea which ones which. What brand /type are you using. There is loads of different plaster on the continent. Would like to get him something as close to his "usual multifinish" as possible
  2. But these are guidelines for HMOs. With a flat, there are no minimum requirements and even in a shared house, there is no minimum. There are a few guidelines, but even they are of the things that always amuses me in this country. So nothigng stopping you from putting in 8sqm living room/kitchenette bedroom space with a 4sqm shower room and call it a studio flat. Question is where about in the country this is and if anybody would rent it. In London will be probably let out within minutes for 800£/months " unique quirky secluded cosy apartment for young professional"
  3. Doesn't look quite right. But brickies on here might know more. Also above the French doors. Gap in the brick work that (hopefully) covers the lintel.
  4. @joe90 This is very close but just about 50mm to short. Need more than 500mm. @Russell griffiths Amazing. Thanks a lot. That s perfect for me. Exactly what I was looking for. You're right with the taking the saw to the I beam part, but this one is not for my house, it s for work and the radial arm saw exactly does what I need. This forum is so usefull. Time after time after time🍻
  5. Trying to buy one of these Americans call them frame and trim saw. Nothing on ebay or online anywhere in the UK. Closest thing is circular saw with guides/ rail. But thats not what I need. I got a mitre saw, but the ones you can buy/the ones I see online only allow to cut 300mm wide boards maximum. These(from the photo) do up to 600mm, which is exactly what I need. Is there anything similar and if yes, where can I find it/what is it called?
  6. To my understanding it doesn't matter at all . The ringbeam just connects the piles , so effectively is the pile cap. Load sits on the piles.
  7. @RussdlA nice bloke. Just spoke to him, unfortunately he doesn't do 1st fix and erecting frames , so back to the search now. Thanks anyways for the contact. Might be handy later on .
  8. Ture, I might. Current times will change a lot. But I am happy to find recommandations .
  9. I thought i already found a great team to do my timber frame but turns out company went bankrupt a few months ago, so nothing . Have a fe local guys on my list but none of them come through recommandation, all just by googling. I am building a stick build timber portal frame and am looking for a team of Carpenters. Thought i give my fellow Buidhubbers a shout if they have anybody on their List of highly qualified, low paid people. 😀 Please send a PM if you know anybody .
  10. So finally managed to update the blog. Seems like nothing happened , but a bit of progress still. Now just have to get this monstrosity past Building Control . Challenging task but I will manage. As always. I can tell I will not become a Groundworker in this life . Or the next. Here are some entertaining pics from this : Above ground shuttering takes a bit of timber Give over - it s gonna be inside a pile of concrete anyways 😋 Let s just assume this will hold.
  11. What happens to spare icf blocks? Do you send them back ? Or is it calculated so precisely that there are no leftovers? If you have leftovers , please get in touch . Only need a few but nowhere to buy them . Seems impossible. Want to build a tiny wall and they seem just the perfect fit .
  12. Phone and broadband comes from nearby pole as well. Forget to mention that. Ok . So far it seems that everything else can/should be ducted through the walls later on . Obviously as little ducts and penetrations as possible .
  13. Thanks for the suggestions.I did consider this and it might be the right way to go . I am also considering just putting a small brick reatining wall where the watercourse is .
  14. So after being more active on site in recent weeks again, happen to come across the local rat population living in the stream/culvert next to the house , daily . They have no worries and tend to wonder around quite bravely. Now I know that there is pretty much nothing I can do to eliminate rats ,specially in my location , apart from a basic best practice of no food sources . .. . But really would like to discourage them from turning up around my yard and specially , don't want them in the house (cavity???) Later on . I read a little on the forum about what people did to get rid of a rodent problem , but just wanting to double check what is meant by "rodent barrier " for example . Is there something I need to plan now for the building to be fairly rat-proof and is there any steps to drive them from a certain area ( I guess a cat might help ).
  15. Just doing the shuttering for our ring beam and realized,after reading through the forum , that I probably forgot to run some kind of ducting for a ashp . But since I neither have the pump nor know what pipes are going in , how would that be solved? And what other pipes/ductwork would be good to not forget now . I ran fresh water and drainage under the ringbeam , so this is sorted . Electricity is coming into the house later from a pole so no need to do this now and we don't have gas . Using ASHP for heating and MVHR . The mvhr ducting will be installed later I guess. No need to run this under the foundations. Did I forget anything.