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  1. @SteamyTea Yep, I'm not piling for no reason. 😋
  2. Considering that about 90%of my neighbours are this lot : I think I will deal with their complaints in the afterlife.
  3. I feel you. I'm the same. I pm you my piling contractor number, give him a bell. You might be a little bit far out for him but worth a try. He certainly will do as much or as little as you want and is Used working with difficult customers (me) Local piling companies always more value then the national ones.
  4. @PeterW As far as I understand, this would need plumbing into the outside stopcock parallel to the mains water supply. Same as as sprinkler system supply (just with saving the expenses of professional services and the additional costs of a sprinkler system) Or did I misunderstand this?
  5. @Big JimboDoing everything BUT the piling . Got cold feet at the end as I dont have any good access. I m not sensitive on insurance and structural reasons, but if i hired a Rig and it tipped over (as i have a little bit of slope) , no chance i would get that ever up again as I can not get heavy machines on site . This was the final nail in the coffin for my DIY piling plan. Savings are to be made elsewhere now. For example the Ring beam 😁
  6. Very Brief one. The Piling Rig arrived. Finally . Piling next
  7. Ok. Crap . I thought I can get around this somehow, but today, Fire services and BC told me that they do not agree to my "45m to all points of the house "calculation and that i would need to provide "an alternative compensatory feature" .... "Typically this would be by providing a domestic sprinkler system throughout the property". I am really really keen on avoiding this, started the argument about their measurements already, but probably going to loose it. Anyone knows any other "alternative ....features" that work out cheaper, or is sprinkler system already the (very expensive) cheapest . Another bullshit topic t i have to read myself into now 😪 .
  8. Just like with most other things, stay far away from English 😁
  9. I steared away from it for exactly the same reasons many others mention. I think Its great, but just so much work to do it yourself and of you buy it, you easily looking at 100£/sqm for decent quality. In theory it's amazing, but so are many other things if you take price out of the equation.
  10. Hello, maybe some of the educated people on here are able to shed some light onto this purchase. As the Foundation is progressing, I needed a manifold for the UFH system. To have that in place before the screed goes down. So i looked on ebay , and found that loads are coming from Germany . Thought I skip the importers and just order directly. Had a quick look on German Gumtree as well and found a cheap offer for a Manifold including a LAING FP5000 Heat exchange pump(At least thats what it translates as), pickup only but next to mums town, so she quickly done me that favour. Looks like this: The Label says: TYPE: FP5000 Serial No.: 110110 primary: boiler circle max pressure: 10 bar max. Temp : 110deg secondary : heating circuit max pressure : 6 bar max. Temp : 110deg Laing was bought by Xylem and so the Laing pumps are not produced anymore My technical knowledge in regards to heating system is fairly limited and I am struggling even more with translating between German/English terminology. There is only a German manual ( ). I can read it , but it s telling me nothing tbh. The tricky bit is that I am fluent in German, but never worked anything to do with construction or anything technical at all over there. Now I do, but all i learned in the years between is the English terminology. Maybe someone is able to tell me what kind of pump this is. Because it says it is a heat exchange pump with it s own separate 6kw heater , which I didnt come across yet (again, what do i know) I mainly bought the item for the manifold . The rest really was just a bonus. The seller bought it around 18years ago and never installed it (rich farmer) and now just wanted to tidy his garages . Said he paid 1000£ for it , so it might be worth installing the pump as well. Any opinions on it?
  11. Ok, my fault, you where right @Russell griffiths . Had a second look at it and will do as you re telling me 😊. Thought that space will be too narrow between foundations and stream , but seems I can squeeze a Inspection chamber in there. And that will be a much better solution I guess . It would look like this : only problem there is the 90degrees bend into the IC , i think. Is this possible/advisable ? I could add a Rodding access on the other side of the building if that makes it better, like that:
  12. Makes no difference. I understood it. The dpm is underneath. The slip layer is on top. I'm probably not going to use the beam and insulation, as it s that much dearer. It always seemed the more sensible idea as it eliminates an extra step (laying blocks), but it s not such a good idea if the price difference is 3k. I'm aiming for a mixture now, using minimal insulation in between the beams (as of jetfloor,beamshield....) and finishing off with regular insulation from seconds&co on top. So basically treating it like a block and beam floor. think this should work
  13. @nod Loads of pictures always better for me. Tbh I sometime struggle to comprehend the amount of text in some of the topics on here. Must be because I was kicked out of school way too early and most of the regular posters on here are some serious (ex-) academics.
  14. Nice one @nod So the piercing of the membrane is not a problem? Edit: thanks @Visti . Think understood this now.