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  1. Patrick

    Discharging planning conditions

    Exact same problem over here. What did you decide to do in the end?
  2. Patrick

    7.5 Tonnes of Pumped Cellulose

    @Weebles Do you still remember company name or any hint that might lead in the right direction by any chance? regards.
  3. Patrick

    What is this Passive Slab I hear you talk of

    @DreadnaughtPlease could you foward these to me , I am looking for something like this as well.
  4. Patrick

    What is this Passive Slab I hear you talk of

    I am very interested in this as I am looking inot doing this with my current project- could you give me some more info on this? Please just PM me if you can.
  5. Patrick

    1000 Passive Houses in UK

    Good news. They are starting to build them by councils as well. Bristol done some . A real progress.
  6. Patrick

    Passive Slab on a slope or go Concrete free.

    it s moving water, even though very small ( it s a little stream , around 0.5meters wide, 0.3m deep max.) . Good Idea , I will look into this
  7. Patrick

    Passive Slab on a slope or go Concrete free.

    That would be a great option, it is a bit similar then @JSHarrisdone it with his Wall in order to get the plot level. I think the small problem I have got is space- there is around 0.5-1 meter between the building and the Watercourse and there is a drop of around 0.8-1.2 meters . Would be obviously better to build a bit further away, but thats also not possible. I do however follow up on some advice and get Guys from MSS `mini`soil surveys in to give me advice with how to proceed . He has been recommended more then once on here .
  8. Patrick

    Passive Slab on a slope or go Concrete free.

    that looks good-like you said, sounds expensive though .
  9. I know this has been discussed at some point, but it was on a very tiny slope and I have found nothing about anyone trying near a Watercourse or similar. So my question is: Is it possible under any circumstances to build Passive Slab on a slope of ca. 1.5 meters next to a Watercourse. My guess is "No" But i still think it s worth a try, as this would be a good slab solution. Here is some measurements (see Pic below) . House will be on a slope of 1.5 meters over 21 meters distance. But the bigger problem probably is the Watercourse directly next to it - oh, and I forgot- a few trees as well. I will ask Structural Engineer the same question, but her solution so far is not really a cheap one (Pile and Beam with slab , first quote coming is : 47000£+VAT 🤪 😳) Thinking by now that it might be best to leave concrete out and just put suspended Timber Floor on Screwpiles. Anyone in here got experience with this? Even Though Helical Piles are not cheap, might still end up much cheaper. Has anyboday ever tried installing helical Piles themselves ? I just had a quote for the Piles themselves - just material - 1600mm length excl. shipping for 15USD each (100/pallet) , seems cheap enough to me 🤫
  10. Only if you do Panel Timber Frame with a TimberFrame producer like MBC - not if you Stick build with local Joiners
  11. Hi, I am seriously considering "outsourcing" my structural calculations and technical design drawings via UPWORK and wondering if anybody done anything like this before. As I was planning to manage the build myself I already been looking on UPWORK for an architect, but at the end wasnt brave enough to employ someone to do this from far away without knowledge of the plot. Now that I have got my Plannijg drawings together and only need someone to translate them into Technical Design Drawings - I am considering again to use a structural Engneer/Architct from Serbia/Ukraine/Pakistan/Bangladesh to do the technical drawings for me. I do know exactly what I want and have all the Technical drawings including Sections ready in an amateur style / homemade, but missing the AutoCad skills to make it into useable drawings plus I dont really fancy reading myself into structural calculation and woul rather leave this to someone with experience. Please also tell me if you seriously concidered doing something like this and why you have/havent . I can see a problem when it comes to UK Building regs(some bits are different here then in other countries, e.g. no Lightswitches/plugs in the bathroom) - but this would be something to be sorted by myself to make sure the plans comply.
  12. Seems expensive. I just had a quote for I-Beams 1) 45x45 mm x 300 - alternativ 47x47 mm x 300 - 570 meter in total - price per meter net 4,30 eur / 3,75 GBP net + Vat + Transport costs 2) 70x45 mm x 300 - alterantiv 72x47 mm x 300 - 570 meter in total price per meter net 5,28 eur / 4,60 GBP net + Vat + Transport costs There will be Transport costs on Top of it, but if all Timber bought together the Transport should add only around 20P per meter
  13. How about Price difference? Anybody took that into account or you all just went with the best product for their building route
  14. Thats very handy. Thanks, I will keep it for later
  15. Hello, was looking into the available options of Floor Joists and was wondering what people in here are using. I read a lot about the advantages of the Open Web Joists , e.g. plumbers/electricians do not have to cut out parts of the Joists, Lightweight, but also seen that they are quite expensive. At least where I seen them. I-Joists seem to be the best of both worlds and I read in another Forum that they do not get the problems of the Open Web Joists of sometimes sagging after a few years , especially on wider spans. And then there obviously is the traditional 2x10 or 2x12 Timber Joists. Solid and Cheap - I do think they are still cheaper then the other 2, but I'm not 100% sure. But they have the problem that you have to cut out openings whenever you want to run pipework or ducting through the ceiling, which probbaly is VERY often in a house with MVHR . So please give me your Ideas and why you chosen your Joists . Obviousy a lot of you will havenot chosen at all but being given what the Kit-manufacturer is delivering, but others might have already looked into the pro's and con's .