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  1. Second that. Pir also terrible sound insulation. That's often forgotten.
  2. I done it all. Every step you mentioned ,years ago. Marker on the file is not possible (I asked) ... But you gave me a few good inspirations to discover further
  3. I agree. very good idea. Specially with the fence that belongs to me even if on 3rd party land (unknown land) ...Many thanks
  4. That would be possible if neighbour wasn't a horrendous c###. I already tried to speak to him a few times about little things.(e.g. wanting to change the outside cladding on my house... He blocked and decided to alarm the council .... Without any legal grounds ) So unfortunately no, communication and finding an amicable solution is off the table . I usually keep separate and so does he ... No issue. Specially because we have that strip of land as a peace zone. Hence why I don't want him closer ... I m not fussed owning it myself .
  5. Bit of an issue with unoccupied land between mine and the neighbour. Strip of land is around 10m wide and 25m long . It is not registered on their land registry nor on mine . I originally was thinking to just leaver it as a "buffer zone" but he started to clear it and put a bench onto this land now. Trying to mark it for occupation and probably claim it a few years down the line. I'm not happy with it but not sure what my options are. Legally i can't chuck him off the land of fence it up. Since it's not mine. And I also think I can't serve him any notice ...Is there any way or form that I can stop him or at least file my objections .
  6. True . But I like to keep the house system as "regular" as possible as you never know what's gonna happen and I might decide to take the hot water source elsewhere ... Then It's better to have a functional system in place.
  7. No . There would be no need for separate source of hot water. Problem is more that the water will be too hot . House is passiv so not that much needed and input is permanent 70degrees hot water ...
  8. Exactly like this. That's what I imagined. Just that the 2port valve needs to open/close automatically... What kind of valve would do this (very silly question. But I'm not a plumber)
  9. Yes. That s perfect. Stupid question: is there an automated valve the rediverts the flow of water at certain temperature.. Or how would that technically look like ... I 100%agree to the idea
  10. Yes. That principle is somewhat clear to me. But bear in mind i'm not a plumber: How do you switch it "off" when the DHW tank becomes too hot . You have to switch the circle ...
  11. Consumption Is 7kw with 40% going into heat. So heating is approx 2.8kw . 24/7 . Currently water cooled but run to waste so pretty wasteful . Have a tank that minimises the run to waste but still .. Temp of the water is 74degrees max, so plenty of reserve . Thanks . Theses are good questions.