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  1. Tbh I found Wiltshire amazing. Went Trowbridge loads of time, sometimes 3 times a day. Had a chat with all the guys there to start with and try to help them out the best I can. And they let me go ahead with my stuff without any problems. Much better than my Bristol experience, where the whole staff is just extra anal about almost anything
  2. @Pete Don't listen to @Russell griffiths I cleared an entire house through recycling, giving away bits on gumtree and the local council recycling centre without paying a penny. This was approx. 5-6 regular skips worth of rubbish 😋
  3. I completely disagree. This is not the definition of social housing. You can put social housing into flats, or council houses, the result will be the same if you put poor people into ghettos and let them just get on with it without any support (Banlieus, anyone?). This however is a completely different topic than the building itself. There are , even in the UK, examples of high quality flats build with a full maintenance service included. This doesn't have to be more expensive than buying houses, it really should be cheaper. The problem is with the regulations, and in my opinion partly also with this stupid "freehold - leasehold" difference that has been established in the UK. Plenty of examples why the Leasehold system is a bad idea and should be changed. But that's a different topic.
  4. Hence why I said it works elsewhere and needs to be addressed on a higher level. Living in flats and building blocks of flats is quite the norm in most metropolitan areas in Western society, because it makes a lot of sense. The social problems that come with it are not caused by the flats, but by the government/society around it and how you organise this whole thing. Like you already pointed out in your Singapore and "executive flats" example
  5. 100% right. Well insulated and with balcony/roof terrace space, these can be nice and there are a Quite a few examples (abroad) how to do it. the central utility is a great thing as it is really silly doing all the heating / warm water / PV but even washing machines and dryers individually for each house. unfortunately this is how it works at the moment but doesn't mean that there are more clever ideas out there (which even been proven to work)
  6. If you want lenders to be happy, insurance to be happy, and a fairly cheap system, go with what is standard. Rendered Blocks you mentioned might be your best option. Price wise they are fairly cheap and I don't think you will find a much cheaper system without comprising the mortgageability or limiting your Insurance options. I these two are not important to you, there are endless options, including stapling carpet tiles to your walls like Them
  7. I've got around 25 of those left over. What would be the going rate for those in your next friendly bathroom ripoff outlet?
  8. @Ferdinand ah yes, this was some art project from the local secondary school. Had a stone masonary carving guy showing them how to do statues . Each kid done one a few years back. It s the local Park. That s my neighbour and thats where my Tree came down.
  9. Yep, it is annoyingly slow to deal with them. They are all overworked and underfunded. This doesn t help when you are in the situation waiting for results. I had 2 delays of a few weeks each time with my applications. They each time asked me "if it was alright" to delay their own deadlines for another 14 days . when I asked my Planning Consultant at the time, what my options are , the answer was: "grant them the extension and it will hopefully be permitted, deny them the extension and it will most definitely be refused" So not much of a real choice.
  10. Yep, thats what you said in the first place, so first thought was to give it to my neighbour. Just that comment put me off, but than again, maybe the guy just didn t dry it well enough .
  11. Now a bit of a change in topic, but what are some good ideas of what to do with that : Had some locals come around that took a few pieces for wood turning. Obviously all has to dry really before it can be used. Joiner who uses it for Woodturning says YEW isnt any good as Firewood as it has too much resin . Will probably store it in one corner and see if I can use it as Garden Stools in 2-3 years time when building is (hopefully) done. Original Plan was to cut the tree to boards and reuse them- worktop for example - but this plan went out the window (a.k.a crashing into a wall) Any other good ideas? Cut them to small boards and use them(as what) ? Donate them to wood turning place as it s not worth the hassle?
  12. @joe90 I'm glad this happened to others.since releasing my story, I had loads of people coming up with their tree cutting mistake stories, so seems to be more widely spread. Which makes me feel a tiny bit less stupid (only tiny) 😁
  13. Now the big question is, how would one come across such an item. 😋😂🤣
  14. Luckily the distance where it fell was about a few meters less than where it was standing, so we didn't have that one whipping through the air. But yes, in the time-lapse it is quite easy to see where it s going fairly early.