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  1. Yep . Carpenter done the same. They are in already. Now next stop: I bought these bad boys:
  2. Just to mention it , as it seems of interest to people . .. Flashing kits for Windows are EBV for Fakro EDQ for VELUX Don't let them sell you anything else or you will struggle with your rooflights (in standing seam that is)
  3. Ordered some Window cills and door linings. Had a quick discussion with the carpenters "What do you want to use for door linings and window Cills" "what are the options" "well , you could use anything- plastic , painted or stained Pine , Cills from stone - but if it was me,m i probably would put oak - you spent a lot of time and effort on the bl%$&y thing so would be a shame to now start penny pinching on the parts that you really can see" "well , i guess oak it is then" ....checking current prices: https://tintabernacle.blogspot.com/2022/04/oak-window-cills-and-door-linings.html
  4. As we are in difficult times for installing or using anything Russian-related , i obviously went full blown politically correct and installed a Gender Inclusive Austrian Cladding "Der Holzbau" but "Die Verschalung" https://tintabernacle.blogspot.com/2022/04/start-cladding.html
  5. Was a little scared of this: Will they fit how the F£$% are we gonna carry them into the building ....heavy as they are. https://tintabernacle.blogspot.com/2022/04/windows-and-doors-big-lift.html
  6. The most excisting thing about plasterboarding is that 1.it s soon over 2.we are getting closer to the end https://tintabernacle.blogspot.com/2022/04/plasterboarding.html
  7. Installation went smooth . No problem at all with the right flashing kit https://tintabernacle.blogspot.com/2022/04/standing-seam-2nd-side-and-rooflights.html
  8. PIR not the greatest choice if we talking about sound insulation ... And that's what you partly want in the setup (I guess) .
  9. Many thanks . Cant change it through mobile . Will try later on Computer https://tintabernacle.blogspot.com/2022/03/the-frame-is-up-1st-fix.html?m=1
  10. Hairy chest underneath is the answer ( tyvek metal or Dorken DeltaTrela ....)
  11. Too low for what purpose. Apologies for my lack of understanding but there is cladding going on the entire dormer and a window cill integrated flashing on the bottom. How would you imagine water getting into these sections. There are several ways to approach a metal roof , it all depends on the setup and rest of the building . Thanks for the good advise but the detailing is spot on 👍
  12. 100% true and this is down to the individuals- so my view is highly biased as i dont trust and always try to eliminate the possibilty of getting things wrong as far as possible . If you can trust your team or you have a site manager (are the site manager yourself) that is 100% accurate in his apporach - other aspects are more important . So i think the answer is as so often - it depends....
  13. Tbh i had a few packs of Rockwool first before i ordered the Knauf pallets and given a choice, i would take Rockwool all day every day. Easier to work with - the insulation feels much denser - easier to pack into the cavity. Just happened to be that i ordered from local building supplies and didnt specify the brand (just said "get me some soundproofing stuff. 100mm thick")
  14. Thats the correct setup . You can get away with putting tanalised timber boards cloesely spaced underneath the Standing seam instead of OSB - saves a bit of wood and a bit of Hairy chest - but both methods are pretty rock solid .
  15. Sorry to disagree there. The detailing on the sides of the Standing Seam is correct. No weather can get in there. Flashing is an option but it doesnt look as good, better to form the flashing from Panels .
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