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  1. Patrick

    Spray PUR foam. Why isn't it popular?

    In regards to the Topic, I can just assume that it partly isn't more popular because of Health issues. Maybe not a problem for many, but it definitely put me off. It is just not tested long enough, specially the icynene type, to tell the long term effects. I was looking into it for quite a while because I found it a very good idea to sprayfoam the entire house, but there aren't any independent studies for long term effects out yet. University of Toronto doing one at the moment but this is to be released in the further future. There are chemical analyses of the foam which suggest that its PROBABLY alright, but I wouldn't want to rely on a probably. Asbestos used to be absolutely brilliant, one of the best materials you could imagine. Until a few decades later. And now it's just official poison. Might be just overly cautious but I didn't want to risk it.
  2. Patrick

    Timber clad suppliers and advice please

    @Mr Punter you still remember prices?
  3. Patrick

    Timber clad suppliers and advice please

    Hi, I am looking into ordering Siberian Larch, rough sawn boards for a board-on-board cladding . Not too soon, more like end of the year/autumn time. Currently getting prices together. Importing a lot of material from EU so might do that, but accidentally found a UK importer that seems to be not the usual rip-off. Rare, but sometimes your lucky. We will see. Off the shelf price for Siberian larch board 25mm x 150mm is 15GBP/sqm //// 600GBP/ m3 this is not amazing, but much better starting price then I got elsewhere and might be worth to haggle. Just saying this because: 1. Maybe somebody is interested in combining orders 2. maybe somebody gotten a better supplier somewhere else in the UK If this doesnt work i go back to my original polish supply plan
  4. Patrick

    people with clever socks required.

    Probably not helpful to you, but a friend had a similar problem. He was thinking of building his 250sqm house and changed the design so he "accidentally" ended up having a wall approx. In the middle and bathroom on each side of the house. Also there was plumbing for kitchen next to each bathroom but only 1 kitchen was put in. The wall in the middle obviously needed a door otherwise would be 2 seperat houses. It was approved by planners. Next thing is just to complete and than do a renovation after where there comes a second kitchen and closing of the doorway. Like I said, not quite on topic as it might be not what you want, just an idea
  5. Patrick

    Vapour barrier / wall make-up choices

    @redtop The "special osb" is not that special, just look vor vanillin, or passivply plus, i think they are called. Good stuff. Around 17Β£/board so a bit more than regular osb but saves a step as you need no extra foil vapour barrier. It's much more solid and therefore no problems for accidental rips and piercings. How people avoid accidental holes in their air tight barrier? - service cavity. On a tight budget as well here, we opted for stick build. Frame companies need to make a profit as well and that has to come from somewhere. external insulation is a great idea, but another working step, plus its expensive. For the same kind of money you can easily double up your stud thickness/insulation. Leaves the question of thermal bridging. larsson truss would be 1 way around it. Don't use the T... Word on here πŸ˜‹
  6. Patrick

    Buying metal roofing from France: advice

    @albert Yep, I think stuff is briliant. And warranty comes from Tata or Thyssen-Krupp so you can even rely on those companies and dont have to trust in smaller roofing manufacturer to be around for the next 40-50 years. Tata/Thyssen-Krupp probably will be πŸ˜›. send you a PM .
  7. Patrick

    Polar Energi Hot water ASHP/Tank

    @ProDaveTrue. It would be enough to have 48degrees. A good working system for a decent amount of money is what I'm after. Efficiency is a bonus.
  8. Patrick

    Polar Energi Hot water ASHP/Tank

    I didnt want a MVHR included. I just mentioned something like the Genvex Combi as I think it is a brilliant all-in-one solution, even though missing the UFH-element. So a mix between something like the Polar Unit with a Genvex , where all is in 1 Unit as a Plug and Play option would be amazing. But I think it either doesnt exist or is over the top expensive. Regarding the original topic, it probably is worded a little confusing. @JSHarris I was looking at the Polar Unit for exact that reason- direct connection to the ASHP . Sometimes i struggle to describe what i am looking for. Terminology still is a bit confusing from time to time. So was thinking if its worth it or if it brings any benefits. So far i read: - hotter water temp. possible within the system without the need of a sepearte system. @ProDave Very well put. Exactly this is what I should have asked to start with . 😁
  9. Patrick

    Polar Energi Hot water ASHP/Tank

    Wouldnt want to fit an Internal ASHP , doesnt make much sense to me in a well insulated house. Have you seen any other direct ASHP in the UK ? Or is the system just so impractical -apart from the F-Gas service enginner needed to install it- that nobody uses it.
  10. Patrick

    Polar Energi Hot water ASHP/Tank

    Cool. Will , have a look at this. It might as well be that they not available over here because there is something already - like your Mitsubishio Eco dan
  11. I was just lloking into the different systems available for heating/Hot water. Some Great systems are used by the members on here and I am tempted to use a Genvex Combi like @PeterStarck as it seems amazing logical to combine it all with the MVHR. However, i just found this : It seems an incredible good system, even though not including the MVHR , but still a very good, space saving method which seems easy to use/install. Website is in Norge so anybody wanting a look might need to look at their NZ distributor as I couldn t find UK or even US website Anybody on here ever looked into this? Is it a good system, or not really worth the trouble ordering from Norway as similar exists in the uk(which ones>? )
  12. Patrick

    Look at my RING.....beam.

    I agree 100%. Beers for @Russell griffiths 🍺🍻🍻🍺
  13. I just had a converstion with them and they dont do site insurance. Probably misundertanding and you meant Structural Insurance. Anyone got decent Site insurance for their Timber Clad Building with 100% timber cladding? Apart from Buildzone/Buildstore = same company , there seems not much out there.
  14. Hi all, bit of a stupid question , but it's my English =stupid foreigner : I am writing the Commencement Notice atm and the second section of it says: "Details of collecting authority to whom the notice is being sent" ( What/who do they mean? Should I put Name of the Support Officer for the CIL case in there and the authority? Please enlighten me.
  15. Patrick

    Tata Steel v Marley Eternity Profile 6

    Would you be able to share that list? Pm if you want. Would be interested in metal roof installers.