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  1. Maybe- but there is no harm done having "a gale blow through the structure of the building" as long as it s on the outside of the insualtion and VCL . But there is a lot of harm when not ventilating (or too little) , therefore i stand by that statement.
  2. Yes you can- Insulated block and beam - instead of blocks , there is insulation. A LOT.
  3. I did- but now we gonna have a regular wooden floor on top of it- by the look of it today , we might not even need a self levelling compound - it is still fairly straight ..
  5. As @Russell griffiths pointed Out numerous times... if you dont go over the poured slab often and quick, again and again , you be ending up with a garage floor. So we had the concrete ordered for morning and ready with 4guys to spread and level, tamper and float. Pouring went smooth. Pumping was good. But when we started tampering and levelling the concrete, Murphys law kicked in: -concrete went off a lot faster than my groundworkers seen in quite a while -one Of the guys (concrete pump driver) had a stroke and needed medical attention:which took 2hours until ambulance arrived...taking out 1 labourer to take care of him So we where trying to get it done as best of my(our) skills. Managed levels and no massive dents (unlevel In a few spots but very minor /mm) . Managed getting it fairly smooth . But when it came to doing details/corners, concrete was already too hard to work it ... well , now we need to lay floor over it (later) anyways . Just thinking if that is already good enough to work with tiling on top or if we need to go over it with self levelling compound (I think that's overkill) ..
  6. In a roof . as a rule of thumb, without further looking into it, one can say: ventialtion ventilation ventialtion. There can be a lot of calculations made about where dew points are , about condensation risk assessments.... But at the end: More ventialtion has 0 disadvantages Less ventialtion has the potential to ruin your roof (rule of thumb)
  7. There s a 1.4m wide footpath.... so ...
  8. 6m . we can get it fairly level with traditional methods. just not on a powerfloated level -
  9. No Powerfloating on this one now- we can t get anyone who even halfway decent knows what they are doing... so need to do the best with the knowledge i can have on the day and that is oldschool slab . as straight as possible... Will need a tiled floor after i guess -wish me luck 😋
  10. So its a "eco-just-in-the-name-build" 😋 . Welcome to the forum. It is the most helpfull source of information out there. The great thing about it is, that each can find their own type of "mentor" to listen too , some like it more technical - others, like me, are illiterate idiots and need everything explained with pictures or videos... Both can be found here.
  11. In July also the I-Beams for the timber frame and the OSB (or should i call it GOLD - prices went through the roof since i first had some quotes)arrived.
  12. After the Transport of the Materials was done , It only needed the beams spreading, bit of insulation in between and above , Underfloor heating in and a bit of a plinths wall built around the whole thing... and done. How long can this take - maybe 4-5weeks ?
  13. So after the RingBeam was finally done, it was just a very quick and unstressfull small step to have the Block and Beam (or better block and insualtion) floor done. Just kidding:
  14. How about metal shingles?