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  1. cwr

    Wall chasers

    Must get back onto this. Screwfix appear to have as one back in stock, so thinking of one of these two: Or from Amazon: The latter has more functionality, but maybe a bit riskier on reliability? Seems to be several sellers selling them under different brand names with no reviews... Maybe worth a punt tho as only have to do one (largish) house.
  2. Yes indeed, that was a large factor in the decision to go with the blown bead. Already using silver...
  3. Yes of course. The placing of the slabs highlighted a bit of an issue elsewhere, so its going to be a few days before i seal it up as the slabs need a little more positioning...
  4. After a slight cock up (not mine thankfully) we have one external wall that will have to be narrower than the rest (long story...) Original proposal from outside was: render, 100mm block, 240mm EPS blown bead, 100mm block, plaster. For this one wall it will have to be narrower, so builder is suggesting: render, 100mm block, 115mm Kingspan K106, 100mm light weight block, plaster. From Kingspan brochure: Both are around about 0.13 W/mK. Just wondering if there are any clever ideas for alternatives that result in the same or better u value and no thicker?
  5. Thanks for the advice. Good point re the structural concerns. Hollowcore slabs went in today, on top of walls that I parge coated over the weekend. FM330 and blowerproof delivered and ready to be applied tomorrow eve.
  6. Having viewed a number of suppliers it is proving tricking to find one that we both (me and other half) like both their window and door handles. Rationel for example, we are not too keen on their door handles so wondering if it is feasible to take what they have on offer and replace with different handles ourselves at a later date. Warranty issues aside, should it be simple to find a handle that is compatible?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I have read a little about Tony Trays. I like the concept and it works with out air tightness plan of wet plastering the inner block skin. The hollow cores are for the first floor by the way, so wet plastering above and below. Just wondering about exactly what to use for the membrane.
  8. Hi folks What is the recommended air tightness membrane for sealing the ends of hollow core slabs? Does it need to be a specialist membrane or would a 1200 gauge PE sheet or wide dpc do?
  9. SE has specified concealed doweled steel plates at the connections of our glulam truss with the steel 'epoxy resined to the timber elements'. Anyone got any recommendations for what resin to use, and where to get it? Thanks.
  10. I had the same choice for our ground floor and plan to go in suspended ceiling for the following reasons: - marginally easier to get at if a change required in the future - marginally easier to get at if there was ever a leak - quicker to detect a leak - insulation not compromised I don't think any of these are particularly strong reasons though, esp with a manifold system as there'll be no connections hidden.
  11. Think about how you will use it too. If you have stools at an island will they face out a window with a nice view, will guests sit at them while you prep dinner, is it a place to put the nibbles when entertaining (party's always in the kitchen!), will you have breakfast at the island, if one or more side is along a through route what will that side be used for, what will be under it and how often are those things accessed, will you be fed up turning between it and the wall backed worktop... and a million other things i'm sure
  12. For my 240mm cavities I found that Varty Engineering were by far the cheapest for unusually long wall ties.
  13. Hi folks, Any recommendations for good value wall chasers? Just need to do one to do a single (largish) house, so nothing too expensive. But still want to own one rather than rent. For some reason Screwfix don't have any available in my area, even for delivery, not sure why.
  14. I spoke to Ecology on the phone, they want min 12 months as well...
  15. So, despite initially being agreeable to my employment terms (new job 6 months ago via an agent, officially 'temporary and self employed' but with no end date to the contract or indication that it will not be ongoing) our potential lender has said that I would need to be in the position for 12 months. This is more than a little problem now that the walls are half up 😨. Now in the search for a lender that is willing to take us on. Any clever ideas/recommendations/suggestions folks? Thanks,