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  1. That’s spot on, thanks for the pointer! Will start trying to find them - if you have any web details can you ping them on here thanks!
  2. hmm agree that wood will look the best but I’ve been stuck with maintenance before with a house with wooden windows - this frontage is south facing, would rather have something near maintenance free - anyone have any experience of Acoya? Seems expensive but also seems low maintenance? if I could find a decent UPVC I’d be happy!
  3. Hi - yes that’s the closest window I can find but only comes in a tilt and turn model - would rather have a fixed bottom half and open top half… will continue to look for similar!
  4. Hi all, I’ve scoured the forum but struggling to find a view of good suppliers for traditional style but efficient windows. We’ve recently secured planning permission but the new house will be on a fairly traditional street therefore the front has to blend in - we’ve got an allowance for ‘wood effect’ windows at the front so at least have flexibility there, but I’m trying to make this new house as energy efficient as possible. I’m struggling to find a supplier beyond the usual UPVC candidates that supply a good looking window with low U-value (triple glazed). we’re based near York. Any pointers appreciated!
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