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  1. @Russell griffiths just parted company with old SE. Was the worlds worst at getting back to me and I haven’t got time for people I’m giving a large wedge of £ to who don’t reply to calls, emails or texts for 2 weeks. New SE needed! @NickK sent them plans and they said they’d get a quote to me this week. Nothing yet. Think we’re probably looking at a woodcrete option anyway, but that might change if it’s a significant difference!
  2. Ok so, looking into this more and I still cant get a definitive answer (Im not sure there even is one to be honest). I guess that even if I don't qualify for the full VAT rebate, it'd still qualify as a conversion and therefore only be a 5% VAT rate? Is this the case? So basically my risk if I just bludgeon on though is 5%? TIA!
  3. So not worth it then! Particularly if you're planning on doing all the low skill laborious tasks of chasing/laying cables etc yourselves?
  4. Ok, I’ll look into that, thanks @joe90! what’s the deal with thermal mass? Guess it’s a marmite situation?
  5. How much do things cost relatively to a traditional system? Obv a saving on installation time but how much quicker (and by extrapolation cheeper) is it and does that offset the higher unit price? X
  6. @joe90 I like biscuits but can’t see how they’d help with sound deadening. Except when I’m eating them I’m generally not walking around! yes to UFH. Wold this go between the joists or in screed above as mentioned by @dpmiller?
  7. We wanted it to feel solid and not echo as you walked on it. Also the sound transfer between floors (upside down house with kitchen living dinning above bedrooms) is relatively important, but if I beams and pozi joists can achieve this then I'm all for it
  8. Think I may change the design to pozi joists...
  9. There is lots of amazing info on this forum about every aspect of building. Some of it is quite complicated, so let's try something simple.... Which ICF systems did you choose and why? Could be as straightforward as you got on well with the salesperson or a specific cold bridging solution, but I'd like to know positives please! I would start but we haven't decided yet...
  10. @CC45 But we are having a insulated slab (no voids I hope!) and a beam and block first floor. My understanding if that these don't have voids?
  11. Hello all, Just thinking about our build and how we’d best to install the MVHR. I’ll be doing this myself to bc save costs so trying to get as much knowledge as possible! I get running the ducts in voids in walls/floors however... We are building in ICF, virtually all of the walls are going to be load bearing and therefore in more ICF or block and planning on a beam and block floor. Therefore no voids. Hmmm. I might run into difficulty with electrics and plumbing too, but seeing as the MVHR pipes are biggest then if that problem is solved the others should be easy!! MVHR likely to be in loft so top floor will be easy. Getting to lower floor is the challenge! Thanks!
  12. Thanks @Mr Punter. we're beginners on this stuff, so no idea really. All and any information is fantastic. Guess Estimators Online have very slow plasterers then! 😂 I can adjust the quote by halving the day rate to £100/day and it should all come out in the wash. EDIT: This reduces the plastering cost by £3500 approx.
  13. @the_r_sole I know, and it was a bit of a toss up weather to cost it this way and adapt or get a QS on the whole thing. One of the things I was struggling to cost fully was all of the electrical and plumbing, roofs etc and this has given me a good base line from which I can discuss costs/materials with builders and suppliers. We're probably using woodcrete ICF so bonding slips directly to it is the same as bonding slips to blockwork. Same applies to cladding so hopefully shouldn't be too bad. It was only £155 and has given lots more detail then I was expecting and lots more for me to run around getting prices for! @Mr Punter Is that on the expensive side? They have plasters day rate at £195. Which either means that the day rate is high or they're being conservative with the amount a plaster can do in a day. I think were planning at the moment to get to watertight as quickly as possible and then do some more of the straightforward jobs ourselves. I'm happy with laying pipes, cables, dry lining and stud work to a certain extent. I've even installed bathrooms and kitchens and laid engineered oak floors before. I'm not the quickest, but am an enthusiastic DIYer! We don't mind doing things we can after watertight and are very happy to do posh camping inside our dry well insulated shell! @LA3222 I can update things like labour rates etc, and change the price of things like windows, doors, bathroom items that sort of thing. But not change electric showers for mixer showers and it automatically calculate the changes in pipework required. My wife is queen of excel so I'll get her to do that. I would undoubtably get it wrong.
  14. Thanks @LA3222! It was on the back of one of your comments about it that I decided to go for it. The only thing is that I don't know how much/what to take out! I need to replace all of the walls and everything associated with it and replace with ICF. Seems a huge amount of detail, which feels quite overwhelming to start with. Also, they've spec'd electric showers. I'll need to work out how to change these to standard mixer showers somehow. This I fear is just the tip of the iceberg for changes, but a great iceberg to have!
  15. Looks like almost exactly what we're planning for too. Think it will take a little longer then a turk key operation but the saving would be dramatic. Good luck!