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  1. Nah... Thats just 'Shabby Chic'. All the rage these days I've heard! Or 'Distressed Industrial'.... your choice!
  2. Think more like utility/laundry/boot room. Place to come in with muddy boots and dogs before getting layers off and keeping house reasonably clean! Also dog food/bowls and beds. It’s a busy heavily used space in our house!
  3. Don’t worry, not decided yet. Think the preference would be loft if we can sensibly get 2x200l or a 400l one up there but exploring utility space as a backup.
  4. I followed your utility post @canalsiderenovation! Think we may be going down the same route... what size cylinder is that?
  5. That’s why I was v interested in their posts on this! I’ll have to convince my wife, a decent size utility was relatively high on her list... prv? Pressure release valve as a guess this for a vented cylinder? On a similar/separate note could you put fuse boards etc in this mini-plant-room? Or would it get too hot?
  6. So the utility is a standard 2400 high so plenty of height. Current design is 3.2m x 2.2m so think we could sacrifice 800mm or so to fit a 400L tank, manifolds, extension vessels etc. etc. So it would be a utility of 2.4m (4x600mm units) x 2.2m. Smaller then we hoped but might be more sensible then the loft?
  7. ok so what is the smallest space you can have for a hot water cylinder and UFH manifold? Just weighing up the options! Loft may be useful for storage anyway.... just have to convince SWMBO to give up space in the utility room!
  8. Is that over spec’ing it do you think? Should we just go for a 300 and wait for the water to warm up again? What is the approx warm up time for a 300l cylinder from a ashp?
  9. ASHP and immersion for the 60deg boost. Might add PV at some point if and when we can afford it. I can’t remember why we thought 400 was suitable. Happy to be convinced otherwise! its a 5 bed 3 bath. Certainly don’t want to be running out of hot water part way through a shower and with two daughters I can only imagine the hours they’ll spend with the shower on.
  10. Ah ha! Yes, thank you (shoulda googled). 300L might not be big enough though. Mb 2x200? Does that work?
  11. I’m trying to use a bit of insulated loft space for MVHR and Hot Water Cylinders rather then having to design in a plant room (other things like UFH manifold, fuse board etc. have other out of the way locations. Only issue is max head height is 1.2m. I’d ideally like to have 400L of hot water (planning for the day when my 2 daughters are teenagers). So... - Is there a 400L or similar tank with a height of 1m (allowing for pitch)? - can cylinders be mounted on their side or at an angle? - can I have 2 smaller tanks in series or parallel? if these are ridiculous options let me know and I’ll go back to the drawing board and squeeze a plant room in! thanks all!
  12. This was the quote from our architect, just for info and if its useful to compare....
  13. That seems exceptionally good value! Do it, for piece of mind if nothin else!
  14. Sorry to jump in @Buzz but I have a similar question and perhaps the answer to one might help with the other! Can anyone draw up building regs documents? Much like having an SE who doesn't need to visit site? If so, I'd shop around! for the best price if you know what spec you want and just need someone to put it into darings for BC.
  15. I would, but not sure its worth the drive into a CDZ (Covid-Death-Zone).