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  1. Thats what I need, thank you Now to investigate costs Thanks again
  2. Thanks Don't have a drawing, but will get a sketch down. Slab is already cast so to use a system such as this we would need to drill into it. An piece of angle steel would work in theory though. Cheers
  3. All ideas welcome I am progressing a barn conversion with the wall structure as follows. Timber framed house built on 300mm reinforced slab (450mm toe) within the footprint of a 28m x 9m existing timber barn, Posts of existing barn sits on existing separate pad foundation, so in effect we are building a house within the barn. Wall construction to be (from inside out) Plasterboard, 150mm insulated frame, 12mm ply, felt, secondary skin in between posts of barn - 100mm frame sitting on a brick plinth, which will have more insulation, ply, felt then batten ready for cladding. The problem we are having is what to sit the brick plinth on. To put in a small strip foundation we will need to underpin the existing barn pads, which are very deep. There has also been talk of using brick slips mounted to the existing new build frame, but Im now overly excited by this. Is there a way we can drill into the new reinforced slab, in between each bay (about 4.3m) to support some sort of steel or lintel on which we can build our plinth, and then 2nd skin wall above? Understandably, building regs don’t want to put any additional weight onto the existing original timber posts Any ideas welcome
  4. Its done now, 2 layers of mesh with a ring beam and cross sections also. At least if I ever want to add a few storeys on top I'll be ok... Will know more about the roof tomorrow when Im meeting the guy along with my builder. Will probably need to add strength to the existing timbers (currently supporting Big 6 asbestos) Im hoping to have a raised seam look about it, similar to the Kingspan KS500-100 zip. Perhaps Sips was the wrong term to use, more like metal clad insulated panels.
  5. Morning everyone. Great to have signed up at last, I have been following posts and threads as a guest for quite a while and found it very interesting. We have finally sold our house after Covid delays and just started our barn conversion in Essex. Its a timber frame 1960's built barn. Big, about 29m x 9m plus a single storey extension of about 11m x 5m. We have dug the floor down about 1m to give the upstairs more head room. Fortunately we have enough land to dispose of the 350 cubic meters of spoil! Foundation wise, rather than the expensive option of raising the barn up on scaffolding whilst we dig the strips around the edge, we are putting a reinforced raft inside. Anticipated it to be about 200mm deep, but structural engineer insisted on 300mm deep slab with 450mm toes and cross sections. Structure is going to be timber frame with a brick/block plinth and sips panel roof. Will be looking to ask lots of questions about heating, ASHP's, solar and much more Cheers