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  1. Mmmm, after looking up the current carrying capabilities of the Wavecon cables, I struggle too. A 95mm2 cable should do at least 3 houses @ 15KW, whereas the 300mm2 should do 7.
  2. A local roofer once told me that 30 degrees was the minimum - but we do have plenty of wind and rain round here!
  3. If you're not going to get paid for it is it worth the cost of hooking up to the grid at all? I think it would put some folk off.
  4. the rules and regs can work against the environment!
  5. Mmmm, looking at the chain of responsibility, legally it might be solvable. So Severn Trent have a responsibility to stop sewerage erupting. If that is being partly/wholly caused by surface water runoff, then it it Severn Trent who should be going after the council to get it sorted. If they don't then as I see it they are failing in their fiduciary duty (duty of care) to you and the other villagers.
  6. From what I remember from neighbours who had similar problems if it's sewerage water the LA have an absolute and undodgeable responsibility to sort it. If it's just water running off the hill however then you could be on your own.
  7. Aaaah, but Tecsound is a rather different material to HSD plasterboard, it has a VERY high damping factor and can kill noise a lot, particularly if you can sandwich it between a couple of rigid bits. I've only used it at work on metal panels/structures (and in the car 😏) but it does seem to work well.
  8. You might find something useful here:
  9. We have lots of "wild" blackthorn in hedges (or "dykes" as we call them) round here and it's resilient stuff, seems to flower best after a hard winter when it can be quite a sight, looks like there's been a fall of snow. Round here it seems to make sloes even when trimmed, though maybe not quite as many as when left to grow naturally. To make a good dense hedge, regular trimming seems necessary.
  10. Yes, but the idea will be that the water enters the pump at the top (sump needs to be fairly full) to avoid picking up crap from the bottom.
  11. They look like the clamping bits for the blade. And yes, on such things the pump does often just lurk in the bottom of the coolant sump - I presume it has a filter on it?
  12. Best not to get too abusive, even if they do deserve it. A good pal of mine had a real rant at his next door neighbour (who was being and indeed still is an unpleasant t**t) after a few pints and ended up in court. Unfortunately it seems that giving someone an accurate assessment of their character and demeanour is no longer acceptable in the nanny state, even if no physical violence is threatened. Just remember revenge is best served cold, over plenty of ice 😉
  13. Why not ring Mexco and ask what the thread is? 0845 602 4274
  14. Might it be moisture from cooking that accounts for a lot of the difference then? Without knowing the temperatures and what the external humidity was I wouldn't like to make any other guesses.