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  1. Apologies my rafters are 175mm (7 x 2)
  2. Hi I have alot of pitched roof insulation to put in as I have a room in roof design. I have 135mm rafters. The detail i have been given is 180mm knauf omni fit roll with insulated plasterboard fronting the rafters. Clearly that cannot work. I propose to use a 110mm PIR board (kingspan or similar) leaving a 25mm airgap behind and insulated plasterboard fronting the rafter also. I will have insulation detailed above the flat part of the ceiling also which will be rolls. Do you think my rafter plan is ok? .Shouldnt affect U value too much? Thanks
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    Sorry! One up now
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    Hi all see photo of roof going on in my house. U will see I have an overhang on my roof. On my drawings it shows a column at the outside to support the rafters and roof. It’s not structural , just there to prevent sag on the rafters. Column would need to be about 3.7m long. Have you any suggestions on what I would do?.. A galvanised steel Column classed or perhaps a steel circular column? thanks
  5. Thanks all. Got them up using a JCB telehandler and some slings but it was precarious!.
  6. An alternative quoted was Fakkro N35 135g… is that stronger?
  7. Hi all Starting to roof my house. Builders brought out Corotop blue roofing membrane 140g/m2. see photo. Is it decent stuff anyone know.. what specs should I be looking for. My rafters will be insulated with a 50mm gap to the felt. thanks
  8. Hi, I have 2 No. 12m long 203 x 102 x 23 to lift onto my blockwork upstairs from gable to gable supported on intermediate walls. They are not shown in the drg attached but site just above the collar ties at the collar tie /rafter junction. The beams individually weigh 250kg which is not big. There is a guy near me who i can hire a JCB telescopic handler off. He will drive it. The forks of the handler are probably only 1.5m or 2m apart. Is it maddness trying to balance a12m long beam (it would be strapped to the forks) and lifting up to 6m in height. if it unbalances its gone... Also, it may not have the reach... do ye know how far these things reach? Cranes arent handy got where i am... Just interested in yer view. Thanks
  9. Im off electric!, You are suggesting no heating upstairs? missus might have something to say about it.. i am trying to make it as airtight as possible, have mvhr also. Perhaps i will never turn it on but id prefer to be looking at it than looking for it!
  10. Is fire safety the only reasoning?. For those of you that didn’t close the cavity at wallplate level, do u increase wall ties at wallplate level
  11. Hi. Please see detail provided to me regarding area around eaves. My design does not have a cavity closer. The insulation will run up to meet the rafter insulation. Just wondering if the cavity closer has any structural properties or is it just there to ensure nothing gets down into cavity. If so, would a few more wall ties on the last course be warranted?. My question is not around whether is complies but around the reasoning for having one… thanks .
  12. Thanks for this.. you may be right about increase the screed… in terms of why I am putting in the insulation….well…. I think it’s to the slab respond better to heating up 2. Not to lose heat downwards 3. Not to take heat from downstairs?… but maybe it’s overkill???
  13. Sorry, you mean get rid of heating upstairs ?… bit of a gamble on the west coast of Ireland for me!.. thing is, even tho I will try hard, I know the quality is not going to be top end so I need the back up of having the heating system upstairs …I am self building
  14. It’s my second time building.. this time it’s for good.. building it to A2 rating but am putting in UFH upstairs .. if I never use it, so be it… but I can’t put it in after …