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  1. Hi. In my new build, my missus wants no bell cast plinth at the bottom just the plaster running all the way down. Is there any reason I cannot do this? thanks
  2. Hi, on this topic , we also want no architrave at doorways . Our doorways are 100mm block. The walls on the outside of each door/ the hall side will be mortar finish whilst the internals of the rooms will have mortar plus skim. how do I achieve this look. I see plasterboard mentioned here but there will be no plasterboard in mine. the only thing I can think of is … set door frames.., mortar to door frames…Then run the skim over the mortar door frame joint to a stop bead at the end..??? Any help appreciated .
  3. Hi. I will have a concrete screed upstairs with either carpet or timber flooring on that. I will be putting in built in wardrobes in all bedrooms and hoped to do it in my own time. Is the carpet normally put in first and the wardrobes built on the carpet or the other way around?.
  4. Geberit are the best I think?.. there are other options but not sure about them
  5. Thanks all.. I’ll look at the panels… are they very obviously a plastic panel on the wall tho?. on another note, I will be wall hanging 2 toilets onto block walls… should the frame be fixed to the wall first and the stud wall built around it or the other way around?. thanks
  6. Hi. I will have 2 walk in showers in my new build. Both will have concrete walls on 3 sides of the shower.. they will be tiled but am wondering if I should plaster the walls first before the tiler or does the tiler generally tile onto block. thanks
  7. Now that I have completed the taping around windows I am looking at potential plastering issues!.. in some places the window straps sit out a little from the block/insulation so the tape whilst good , as it goes around the straps creates an air cavity in behind the tape.. will this create a plastering issue?
  8. I am learning as I go… the walls are wet plastered but the reveals cannot be wet plastered I presume as it won’t bond to tape across the insulation… presume I will have to plaster board the reveal and then skim!??..but what about the part of the reveal block behind the plasterboard that does not have tape on it ?.. is that an air issue?
  9. Hi. Just wondering about Siga Airtightness tape. I have a new block house with 110mm PIR board. I am using Siga Fentrim to airtight from the window frame across the insulation to the block. I have a roll of Siga Corvum also and I am using this to bridge across onto the cill. I am using Siga corvum cause it’s narrower and I don’t need to bridge across only 50mm of insulation. Is that ok?. what is Siga corvum used for generally? Also, do I need to fully cover the metal straps with tape ?
  10. Thanks for all the input here . I am going to plaster walls first from ceiling down to subfloor level .Quick question on expansion of the plaster?..I will have expansion insulation between floor and wall plaster. Will the wall plaster need room expand?.
  11. Sorry to labour the point but I’m not with you!. I will have sand cement render onto block as my internal finish. That’s probably 12mm to 15mm. The insulation is 25mm!.. won’t it be seen? my best option is a stop bead , maybe 10mm above ffl. Plaster down to this . Do floors with polyiso strip largely sitting under wall plaster and cover with skirting board… I can’t see another option.
  12. Thanks Dave, they look good. Won’t about 5mm of the polyiso strip be visible tho!
  13. How do people achieve that clean wall floor look then… ie no skirting.