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  1. Mine was a little cheaper for a large extension, multiple steels etc. By a little, I think total bill paid was about £1400
  2. Sorry to see these pictures, looks shocking and hope there is a quick resolution somewhere.
  3. We’ve used it twice and found it to be well worth the money. For the latest application for a large extension we had the architect prepare some basic drawings so we could get detailed feedback. Overall detailed feedback, helpful conversation and we followed most of the advice. They did advise on a slightly smaller extension but we put it in anyway, being prepared to adjust if needed but because we’d made the other changes they passed it. Reading the comments it does sound variable by council but for us it’s been great. Good Luck!!
  4. Hi @SarahG we’re probably a bit further forward than you and just gone through the same process. We found individual trades as still very busy and ultimately have awarded the job to one company as by the time we self managed it, the saving didn’t feel worth it. Last time we completed major works we employed each trade but this was years ago prior to a skills shortage, materials challenge and the last couple of years. We roughly worked out what the core components would cost so we knew what the fixed costs were. I.e Backdoors quoted at £6k, windows £8k, garage door £2k so we knew these coats weren’t really variable. Good luck finding a builder as we engaged with 5 (always would have preferred 3 not to waste peoples time) 1 of them didn’t really seem to want the job as he kept telling me how busy the new builds are for him, 1 ghosted us, 1 quoted but they felt like this was a big jump for them, which left 2 we really liked. One took so long to return a quote (months) we decided to proceed with the one who we had mutual connections with, had seen his work and been the most professional to deal with. Although, their quote was the most expensive, we want to work with them and have confidence. If the project all goes to plan and only minor inconveniences then the additional money will have been worth it! Good Luck, to get meaningful quotes has been a job in itself for us due to the level of work locally.
  5. Got to say… I prefer the tile! Build looks great btw
  6. Reading the latest it feels like you’ve cracked the door issue and for the last one I’d do what you’d recommended and just make another work. Reading your journey the builder has let you down so many times I think it’s time to call it, get the doors on and then get rid of him! I hope the wait has been worth it as know this hasn’t been straight forward for you all.
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice. We’ve short listed 3 main contractors now and are hoping to have all quotes through within the next week or so and then can make a final decision. Unsurprisingly a couple of the good ones we spoke to are fully booked for 18 months. If financially these can’t work, we know we’ll be working with individual trades. Fingers crossed!
  8. Hi OP, What did you do in the end? The prices I’m getting back per sqm are £2k per sqm +VAT and excluding large items like windows etc. So overall around £3400 per sqm completed.
  9. Thanks All, feels like I should continue looking for 1 Main contractor. When we’ve renovated previously it was where we grew up so much easier as all my friends were the trades! Since we’ve moved we’ve got a great carpenter, electrician and roofer but not the others.
  10. Evening BuildHub, I was after getting some views/advice from the community about employing separate trades when doing an extension. It’s going to be 65Sqm but with the quotes we’ve had back so far we’re going to have to work hard to break even. I’m thinking of finding a bricklayer/general builder to get the shell up, including roof, fitting windows and screed downstairs floor. Also, to site the drainage and make these changes for soak away during the foundations. Then, once the shells complete we would use the other trades we know and continue with first fix etc across the trades then manage to completion. I was just interested if this was the stages other people have broken down projects or any other approaches when using separate contractors? Thank You!
  11. Well Done and pleased you have got them sorted. I actually think Jealousy is what drives peoples cynicism, defensive behaviour and down right stupidness. Rarely is it personal although I know very unpleasant. I hope the planning goes through relatively swiftly for you.
  12. Thanks for sharing and most importantly challenging how you’d been treated!
  13. We used the pre planning service, had a few small tweaks so when we went full application it sailed through. We did the one where they visit and you can speak to them in person which made it all much easier. Good Luck OP!
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