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  1. many thanks for your comments, its always very helpful to some one new like me, if building regs are frozen at point off building control approval, than this would be my preferred options, you have given me food for thought many thanks
  2. Hi People I a still very green around the gills I have been asking a few very different questions, around this website trying to find my feet and how to proceed with my project, I have two planning applications that have been approved, one is a change of use that needs to start my October this year and the other approval is a roof extension that needs to start the following year I am guessing if I start any works on the building it would count as having started both no ????? my question other question is , if I submit a building notice to the local council, only for the purpose of getting something underway and not losing my granted planning approval, can I then LATTER submit a full Building regulations form with inc SE calculations and building regs package ???? I think it wise I get something underway so as not to loss my approval, But dont want to submit a full building regs form quite yet encase regs change by the time I really get into the build (in about two years from now) and also building materials etc will come along in leaps and bounds, and a solution we might propose now, might become far simpler latter. what do you lot think I should do so as to not lose my approval, I dont want a simple hole in the ground approach, something a bit more hard standing plz
  3. My SE has suggested using some one he knows, but at £750 plus vat for two holes seems VERY expensive what do you think
  4. Hi what is a average cost to have ones foundations inspected, the property has very good access, digging will be done from the outsdside of the building The SE said two hole should be ok so chat turns up, digs two foot down (I know the depths as they were exposed before) and two holes, inspects, records and back fills etc inc skim of concrete whats a average cost plz, site is North London, no parking issues either
  5. Sally

    3 Phase

    Hi At the moment My workshop (that sits behind a high street shop) has its electricity, running as a spur from the front high street shop, it has the old cloth outer cable, run in steel conduit around the outside of the high street shop building and into my workshop. I have a planning approval for change of use approved, and as such want my own supply or electric, gas and water (the water is also a spur, and I have no gas) as far as the electric is concerned, I want 3 phase, (its not important why, but take it as thats what I want) what are the regs regarding laying the conduit for the three phase supply how deep, what size of conduit pipe, does it need that cover that says electric etc etc a link to a spec would be helpfull OR who do I ask for what the suppliers will want
  6. Thanks for explaining that, I had heard something about the councils trying to close this permitted development change of use, only I thought they had been successful, (I only heard that through the grape vine, it was not a hard fact)
  7. Hi Ferdinand might you be kind enough to explain the content of above link in Layman's terms, as I dont fully follow it
  8. To answer questions, and to clarify I have two planning applications that have been granted The change of use did fall under permitted development, BUT still needed planning approval, This is something that I have obtained (approval) With the advice I was given (and it NOW seems the most obvious course of action) I read the approval wordings and conditions Please see a cut and past below At: #### The Broadway, London, NW7 ### , as referred to in your application and shown on the accompanying plan(s) : 1 The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans: location plan, GS01/TP/01, GS01/TP/02 Reason: For the avoidance of doubt and in the interests of proper planning and so as to ensure that the development is carried out fully in accordance with the plans as assessed in accordance with Policies CS NPPF and CS1 of the Local Plan Core Strategy DPD (adopted September 2012) and Policy DM01 of the Local Plan Development Management Policies DPD (adopted September 2012). 2 This development must be begun within three years from the date of this permission. Reason: To comply with Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. 3 a) Before the development hereby permitted is first occupied cycle parking spaces and cycle storage facilities shall be provided in accordance with so, referring to No2, my must start date is October, which is the three year from planning approved date, Am I right ????
  9. NOT to confuse things, But I have two planning applications, One is for change of use (from commercial to residential) The other is for a roof extension If we ONLY concern our self's with the change of use for now, (as it is the one that is due to expire in October) so for the change of use planning, can I just make a start on it, or does it need to be completed I am a little confused tbh
  10. I am very green, this being my first project, from the question I asked here before, it seems I have to have the building signed off as completed to qualify change of use and get a council valuation tax bill
  11. Hi I have a change of use to implement before this coming October, I am having having kittens trying to even get the first stages off the ground, ie finding a structural engineer . is there any extension in place that I can take advantage of ??? tanks
  12. Hi With the new change of use laws that came out about 3 years ago, I manage to get change of use from commercial to residential on a small workshop I own. what do I do next??? how do I initiate it so I can start living there ??? do I simply write to my local council and ask for a council tax bill
  13. how funny, I thought this was a topic I started, (I have a similar topic going) oligopolies
  14. I dont understand, I have not said we are using ICF so I have no one to ask or has someone presumed we are using ICF in the build ???