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  1. Okay, appreciate the response and understand the market at the moment means prices have gone crazy. Not in a desperate rush, so would rather sit it out and see how things settle next year. Would be easier just buying a new house, although preferable would like to design our current one as we want it.
  2. Just received a first quote through from a Design & Build Company for a side single extension and also a slight extension to the back to make it level in the Manchester area. Quote has come back at £97,000 which I wasn’t expecting anywhere near that based on people I know who have had extensions in recent years. Obviously other costs which would be a new kitchen and flooring which would be needed to be added on. Will see how things look when I get a few more quotes.
  3. Morning, I was just wondering on people’s thoughts as to whether now is the right time to build an extension? I am aware of the high demand but also the lead times on materials and the increasing prices which are causing issues for builders. On top of that it will only increase demand for trades and whether there is enough quality trades available to do the work. I am keen to get a single storey extension but also I am not in a huge rush to get it done either so just split on whether to hang on or go ahead and get it booked.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am aware of that. Just more trying to decide which option is best for me to go with as both seem to have pros and cons from the research I have done. Is it more cost effective and easier to go with a Design + Build company or appoint my own Architect before then selecting a builder is more what I am trying to decide. Thanks
  5. Hello, I am just looking to get a side extension to my 3 bedroom semi-detached house. I am just looking at which option is better for me in using a Design & Build option or whether to use an Architect to design before choosing a Builder. We are looking to have a new bigger kitchen with the extension. Small front room which we can maybe use as a spare bedroom in the future. Small downstairs toilet and shower area. Removal of old garage to the rear of the house and maybe add small shed/building for garden storage. Any opinions on which option could well suit best would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
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