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  1. Hi, I created a topic some time ago about my Dimplex A-class ASHP 16kw and the struggle to get spare parts - particularly the motor/fan. 10 months later the issue is not resolved, the fan part is still not available and so Dimplex are offering to replace the unit (both the ASHP and control panel) with the EHS Mono, R32, Heat Pump 16.0kW - model AE160RXYDEG Is anyone familiar with this model? And is it any good? They propose to keep the water tank/cylinder but replace the ASHP and control panel. I have heatmiser thermostats/panels around the house and underfloor heating (and a couple of rads). Does anyone see any issues? Thank you for all your help, both now and with the previous post! Siggles
  2. I had someone help me take it apart today. The sticker on the motor is ebmpapst A3G630-AD03-A4 but no real luck with that online. And does that only refer to the motor and not the whole thing with the fan? We couldnt see a way of getting the fan off of the motor, and going in from the back we could see the starter motor etc. Rather than ruin the existing motor for now and while it is working, all be it intermittantly to heat our house while temperatures are minus, we put it all back together and I'll continue to look online and wait on Dimplex.
  3. Thanks. I did see this one and now that I have done some more research, I have sent them a message to see if it is definitely in stock.
  4. Maybe, but it sticks when you turn it and then moves freely and then sticks. If you leave it in a position where it is moving freely, the starter motors gets it going fine and it continues to turn until the system needs it to stop (eg for defrost). It is very noisy, at all times, like it is hiting something, I thought at first it was the hitting the casing but sounds like ball bearings.
  5. Dimplex tell me is it 1753260 - I have found one other store that say it takes 2-5 days to come in to stock, no doubt they will then go to Dimplex, who don't have it. I have left a message with them. I have an open case with Dimplex but not holding much hope. Repairing it is an option I suppose.
  6. It starts okay when the fan is free/loose, so turning it, even when it isn't meant to be running, and leaving it loose allows it to start on its own. So I don't believe it is the starter motor, I believe it is the ball bearings.
  7. Hi, I moved in to a property 4 months ago with one of these ASHP - a Dimplex 16kW A-class High Temp Inverter A16M. The installation is just over 4 years old but it was supplied and fitted by a company - Ecotec, that no longer exist. I called in a third party when the fan started making noises and now I have to go out and manually get it started as it sticks - by gently turning the fan until it feels a bit looser, allowing it to start up. The third party servicing company say I need a new motor/fan which comes in one unit. They contacted Dimplex who say it is not currently in stock and there is no ETA. I contacted Dimplex directly (via Twitter) and they say the same, and that it may be discontinued. I have an open case with them but I am not hopeful. Anyone else in this same boat? What is someone supposed to do in this situation - an aftermarket spare maybe? Ive looked everywhere online but no luck in finding it yet. The part is 1753260 . I have all the other Dimplex bits indoors. Can I use another ASHP from another company, or a newwer Dimplex and keep the existing infrastruce indoors - such as the Dimplex control panel? I have heatmiser UFH setup also. Thanks for your help.