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  1. The plans are agreed and going to pre-planning before submission to council . There should be some hurdles in this conservation area , but architect seems positive.
  2. Thanks . I will ensure that the unit is placed on rubber legs
  3. Thanks .. my builder showed me his ufh plan and it was very similar . He had not identified the kitchen unit array as he was busy and had a choice . he reckons I will need the pipes run in the second floor bedrooms etc . It is mentioned to avoid the attic rooms on the forum site. Do you agree that the heat will rise there from below ?
  4. Thanks so much. that ducting has been puzzling me and also avoiding dead zones for smell in open plan kitchen/diner . there has been reports of loud fan noise if the pump is overworking and siting it to avoid noise and get good outside air temperature ..ie not the hot summer air or coldest north winter air . Any ideas on your design on these and the size of pump. Also sealing noise transimission through large holes for ducts seems a problem to attend to.
  5. Looks like mine, but the left column looks like the right , with wider upstairs windows .. not sure what you think.. I will post my plans for comments
  6. Good to know . I think the idea of a recirculating extraction hood is good with mvhr. Just not sure if effective at removing spices and fat smells in open plan settings .
  7. Thanks for posting . My room has a similar need and there are 2 more rooms that need some sound proofing from a big open plan kitchen diner . Please update us a it must be done before the build ..
  8. Thanks to all posts. This has been an issue I struggled with . The sketch software are. Very useful and the pdf on sound blankets are instructive. From my reading you need putty pads on sockets and down lighters and mass vinyl sheets help . My needs are a room off the open plan kitchen /diner and a bedroom floor .
  9. Thanks for that .our house has sound and smell move from ground floor to the bedrooms. Kitchen smells and car in the garage below waft into upstairs rooms. Walk in a bedroom and clunks in the lounge . we will demolish it and build new and take your advice and others here . Well done.
  10. Thanks, looks like my roof design. My builder felt the green roof or balcony was an unnecessary cost addition . He will build the flat roof to take the weight in future development. Only at early stage of plans . I feel I am doing a fair bit on concept development and specifications. with such a big roof , are you happy that it won’t overheat in the summer ? I am amazed that so many attics are too hot for comfort.. insulation and reflective barriers are mentioned . What was your approach ? Please
  11. Our builder is not in debt , but as a design and build project, there is a risk that the factors you raise may hit my estimated costs . I will be in debt ….??
  12. My builder says material prices are moving down, but his bricklayers asked to move from £180 a day to £250 after many years together. He ended the relationship and found new guys , but now has a fair bit extra work supervision etc
  13. Thanks for replies….all such a new language and complex challenges .
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