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  1. PV = Photovoltaics = Solar panels (Electricity producing) 😀
  2. Depends on your situation. Makes connecting 3.68-11.04kW of PV without complications. DNO's do not want heat pumps with an output typically more than 14kW to single phase supplies.
  3. Yes, though their outputs are less. Relative to 70°C outputs at 30°C/13.5%, 40°C/32.1%, 50°C/53.0%, 60°C/75.8% for rooms at 20°C and 'ordinary' radiators
  4. What shape is your house, Bungalow/1.5storey/detached villa? Even an energy efficient 'cube' will need more than 6kW for CH alone if built to given U-values and 5m3 ventilation
  5. Yes PIR is consistent, thermal conductivity 0.022W/m.K (maybe 0.023W/m.K)
  6. If a condensation risk analysis to BS5250 is O.K. then not required.
  7. Decent explanations here - https://www.greenspec.co.uk/building-design/decrement-delay/ Spreadsheet decrement delay calculator - https://www.concretecentre.com/Publications-Software/Design-tools-and-software/Dynamic-Thermal-Properties-Calculator-(1).aspx I find it 'buggy' but it might just be my ancient Excel, Or lightweight rooms-in-roof in summer
  8. A 9l/m shower is about 22kW. How about fitting waste water heat recovery (WWHR). The en-suite and upstairs bathroom could be fed into a vertical system with 60% heat recovery and the downstairs 45% heat recovery. So about 9kW each for upstairs and 12kW for downstairs. So any two should be easily within reach of a 35kW boiler. https://recoupwwhrs.co.uk/ https://showersave.com/
  9. How about an air conditioner with no outside unit? just two circular holes in wall. https://www.olimpiasplendid.com/without-outdoor-unit
  10. I litre of water contains 111g of hydrogen, which is ~4.5 kWh. I'm using 12,000 kWh per year of gas at the moment, that translates to ~3m3 of water - less than a 5% increase in my annual water bill. And if we condense the exhaust gas (H2O) and generate our own hydrogen from it, or use it to replace the quantity required for another use the net amount required falls to a fraction (to replace losses).! 😁 I,ll get my ...............
  11. For the purposes of RdSAP/EPCs 1.8m is the maximum vertical wall height. Pages 118/9 here https://www.bre.co.uk/filelibrary/SAP/2012/SAP-2012_9-92.pdf So I certainly would not go above this.
  12. @Tennentslager , I had a 'nuisance tripping' smoke alarm. Solved problem by hoovering the alarm and surrounding ceiling area.
  13. BS EN 10077-1/2 https://passiv.de/former_conferences/Passive_House_E/window_U.htm
  14. That value requires a 25mm air space on both sides of the insulation. 200mm of fibrous insulation will have an equal or better thermal resistance at half the price. Then there is the question 'does it actually work? https://www.superfoil.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/5575ps1i1.pdf
  15. As good or better than any other fibrous insulation and a better 'bang for the £' than PIR/PUR/Phenolic 'plastic foam' types.