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  1. Thanks Peter. Waiting on a survey from them now.
  2. The cavity isn't ventilated, it's closed at the top, but that's a pretty significant u value difference. I'd assumed something like 0.02/0.03 gain. I'll have another ring around to find suppliers. Thanks ever so much for your help. Decision made.
  3. Thanks you ever so much everyone for replying. Apologies for my delay, I've had a lot on (and I didn't click the notify of reply button). There are 3 main reasons I think the house is cold, which are all to be addressed in time; Firstly, it has a suspended timber floor with no insulation (although the boards are very well fitted with few gaps). It has the original steel single glazed windows with secondary glazing. Air bricks for the suspended floor that are not ducted through the wall cavity, so that the inside walls are cold to the touch. I suppose the main reason for asking opinion on CWI, is that with EWI being fitted in a couple of years, do the marginal benefits of that little bit more insulation outweigh the benefits of having a clear cavity (we are close to the coast, elevated position and exposed to the South West). Wondered what others thought? Thanks again.
  4. What roof tile type do you have? If it's anything other than slate, I'd tackle it from above. But not everybody wants to climb around on a roof, so understand if that's not an option
  5. Hi all. My house currently has an empty 50mm cavity between 100mm thermalite skins (wet plaster internally). Plan to install 100mm EWI externally but would like to get the existing cavity filled with blown EPS bead as well to get the u values down. Plan to fit MVHR in time and sort the suspended timber floors out, but CWI would be a quick fix initially to quite a cold house. Any advice appreciated on my plan. Also, really struggling to find CWI suppliers at the minute. Tried a few likely candidates off the trade bodies' list and had no responses. We're in East Devon, if anybody knows one? Thanks
  6. Thanks. I've seen a bit of the thermal mass debate on here, but I thankfully have my opinions well formed already on that score and don't need any more agro in my life.
  7. Hi everyone, My wife doesn't understand my insulation chat. Looking for like minded people for thermo talk. I'm a builder, with lots of experience in most of the trades and most of the predominant construction techniques in the UK. Done lots of renovation work as well as new build stuff in both masonry and timber frame. I have obviously read many threads over the years as there is so much good stuff on here, but I'm looking to bounce some ideas around about thermal efficiency. I'm well aware from experience about the pitfalls of real world retrofit and I'm very passionate about the wider problems with our nation's housing stock. I hope to learn a lot (and I'm sure I will) and hopefully help where I can. Will
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