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  1. Thank you for the feedback. Once this floor is done I think I will map it all out there and see if we can get a 900*1400 shower tray. I agree with the more room the better if the bathroom can accommodate it. Thanks Again
  2. Hi All I am doing an extension and we have 2 en-suits and one family bathroom upstairs. I am keen to understand how you would arrange these bathrooms? En-suits are not made yet so can be longer or shorter than the 3M that is on the plans. Brick wall is being built so at the window end the width is 1.7M however again the stud portion is not done so this can be made wider or less wider if we chose. Ideally in both En-Suits we would like a Shower Tray that's around 1200*800 and then Sink and WC. If possible we would like the shower to be only glazed in the front so have 3 walls around it. Also doors can be moved if needed. The main Family bathroom is a fixed size of 3.5M x 2.2M. In here we would like the WC, Shower 1200*800 Double Sink and Bath Tub. If I be honest I am struggling with the layout of these 3 bathrooms. Can anyone suggest any layouts apart from what I have done?
  3. Hi Peter I don't really want insulated plasterboard inside. So really only looking for the best option for the Cavity.
  4. Hi All I am doing a wrap around extension and the external walls on the current drawing have a 100mm Cavity for insulation however I am looking to achieve a U Value of around 0.15. What would be the best option to achieve this at the lowest cost? I have the option to increase the cavity to 150mm if needed as we have not yet started the build. Its going to be a Block construction using Thermalite and dense blocks. Renders and cladded on the outside. Currently looking at Xtratherms Cavitytherm CT-PIR 150mm insulation boards. but the cost is really working out to be very high. Attached a few plans. Thanks in advance. 02C_2061BR.pdf 03C_2061BR.pdf 04B_2061BR.pdf 05B_2061BR.pdf 06B_2061BR.pdf
  5. Hello its an old victorian house that was covered to a care home and then extended and then extended again. The last extension is purpose built "kind of" with wc and sink only and is single storey. But at some point in the early 90s it was a home for sure. Has good parking 12+ and not in any conservation area or not protected in any way from what I know. Bus stop outside the main door. Looking to make 7 x 1 bed flats and 1 x 2 bed flat all with seperate living room/kitchenette. On the bit that I said is custom built we want to switch to 5 bed hmo unit. Shared kitchen and lounge. With its own entrance. I believe it is class 2 at the moment.
  6. Hello I just had a question about a building we want to convert into Flats/HMO. Currently the building is a care home and has been for 30+ years. We have now closed the care home down and looking to develop it into a number of flats with potentially one wing being a separate HMO unit. Conversions would mostly be Putting doorways into walls with some partition walls with the addition of Ensuits (all plumbing is already there). Question is could this fall under PD Rights to change the use from care home to just residential flats?
  7. Hello, we have looked at this option but due to the fact we have a mortgage they have said they would not allow us to Demolish. We are in a 3 year fix with them. We looked at this option in the early stages to.
  8. Hello All Thank you for taking your time to look at this. I have attached as much as I think I can. I don't have any clue on how PD rights could be used and how. Maybe the info attached today could help advise on this. Before I submitted the 1st plans we had a chat with my neighbor (and emailed the original plans to him before submitting) who said he would like us to be as far as possible from his house and ideally in line with the original house so the extensions goes back but not to the west towards the boundary. As we wanted to extend towards the west we decided that I submit the plans and proceed as needed and he would comment on the application. I think this was a fair way to deal with it and I want to be clear we are not as war or anything. I guess he wants to protect what he can and I want to extend to what I have planned and create my dream home. He has made a comment on the first application to say the extension to the west would be too dominant and overbearing. Then on the second application he commented and referred to the 1st refusal notice where reason 2 of the refusal notice was the building would have a overbearing impact on the neighboring amenities. Current boundary between the 2 houses is a standard fence panels that is around 6ft high. One point to note is the road is on a slope so his property is built over a 30cm higher than ours so he has high ground compared to us. There is on one of the images attached the orientation of the plot so you can see the rear is south facing. Also something to note is my next door neighbor on the other side has just had planning accepted last year to demolish his house and build a brand new building there. I don't know if this has any impact on the other side. We are extending around 7M back at a height of around 5.2M. The extension overall would more than double the size of the existing house. Our house currently is by far the smallest house on the street. Again thanks for all your advice on this.
  9. The 2 storey element is a view from the east facing window. Totally understand that this would not be an ideal thing for my neighbour but these are south facing plots so really the view should be directed to there garden and not our garden (ideally). A compromise we have suggested to my local planning offer is we remove the 1st storey element to the west and just have a ground floor element only. They have kind of said they are not keen on this too and would like us to remove the whole side extension. This is really more the problem as this would make my lounge allot smaller and we would have over 4M of land to the side that we would not really use any other way.
  10. Hello All We are on a 2nd planning application as the 1st one was refused on the grounds of Design and Dominance to my Neighbour on our western side. The 1st application was refused without any communication between us and the planning officers although we did reach out to them on a number of occasions (calls and Emails) with no response. On our 2nd application we had the opportunity to talk to the planning officer who talked us though the changes required and said this should now be in a position to be re-submitted for a more favourable result. We then submitted the 2nd application and had a email on Friday evening to say the scheme still has a big overbearing impact to my neighbour as well as a few design issues. Design issues are splitting a 1st floor window into 2 and changing the design of the roof to lower the ridge. Both have been done very easily. The main sticking point now is the dominance to the neighbours window that faces east to our flack wall that is 2 story. The Neighbours window is a corner window that has a bigger section facing south as its a south facing plot and around the corner is the east facing windows facing our plot. I have attached a few drawings to show the windows in question. Distance from our extension to Boundary is just over 1.66M. Distance from boundary to the neighbouring window is 1.6M. Neighbours property is around 50cm higher than ours is its on a slight hill. I have a few questions with regards to this application. Is the window on the corner treated as 1 big window or would the window to the east be treated as a single window and the window to the west be treated as a separate window. How does/should the planning officer decide what part of the window is the primary/principle side. They have now also said we would need to build in line with the current house that's there. This means stepping back the extension by just over 2 Meters and also includes the ground floor extension. Would a ground floor extension really cause this much of a over dominance. Do views to the North of this window also count towards over dominance as this would be a un-natural way to look as the person would be either looking into there alley way or directly onto our plot. I hope I have given enough into to help you advise me on this. A few pictures attached. Thanks
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