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  1. Good shout @Temp! Not doing your CIL paperwork properly could cost you dear, and must be done before you start the build. If in doubt ask your LA about it. There is also lots about CIL elsewhere on this forum.
  2. We are half way through our build, using a main contractor, and the BR drawings have been invaluable. A BR drawing specialist (not a structural engineer) was recommended to me and he produced a full set of drawings for £2.5k. Our house is 200m2 and double garage on sloping site with fair bit of steelwork. No matter how experienced the builder is you will need these drawings not only during the build but also before you start to find and make minor changes that will save loads of time and money during the build. My philosophy is that it is much better to find mistakes at the drawing phase rather than during the build. By the way, we have also needed a structural engineer to advise/sign off on very specific aspects such as point loading for steels etc. The tech who created the BR drawings was very up front that we might need this. The choice is not whether you need BR drawings at all (BTW the BCO asked for these before we started the build), but whether you need just BR drawings or pay for a full set of construction drawings as well - the Rolls Royce option. A friend went ahead with a build just using the planning drawings and had no end of expensive problems during construction.
  3. And its worth mentioning that in my experience not all 'materials only' suppliers are willing or capable of zero-rating invoices. I have the 'certificate' mentioned in previous posts, but from some suppliers its a flat 'no we cant do that'. In the current mad construction world the threat to go elsewhere, even for a large order, is met with a shrug. Kudos though to those who do listen and zero-rate no problem. For the rest, its an HMRC reclaim ......
  4. So I meaured my flow rate from the old existing mains connection (that TW want nothing to do with) and its 28 l/m. Good enough I think to pressurise the whole house? Or is ot £6k to run in a new main? I know I would rather not spend £6k on water at this stage. The extras are already starting to build ...
  5. No - local supplier did all the specs and quotes. And once you get to actually place the order there is a whole new level of detail, rightly so IMO.
  6. Direct to TW via their website. Their service is pretty good, you need to pay about £100 for the survey but they respond within a week and keep you informed.
  7. The more quotes you get the more you will learn what is good value. And quotes are free, your time spent will be worth it. And yes, different agents/distributors of the same product will provide varying quotes.
  8. Same here. BC quite happy. All clay and sloping site, can’t see anything growing under there. By the way, BC strict on ventilation under the beams.
  9. Interesting thread. We have an old supply to our site on 22m poly pipe with pretty good pressure - not measured flow rate yet. Builder suggested to get 32m supply run in for UVC. Cue Thames Water who came in last week, said existing supply pre-dated them taking over network and couldn’t say anything about the connection to the village main. They advised a new 32mm connection to the main and to disconnect the old one - and get this - the quote is £6k! The main runs the other side of the road and my guess is traffic lights and the whole piece. So decision time for me, Having read this thread am going to measure the flow rate before accepting TW quote. If I stick with existing we will be running 32mm from the meter about 20m down the drive to the house stopcock. By the way, measure flow rate with a bucket and stopwatch? Or is there a more accurate way?
  10. By the way, yes you are right to steer clear of Munster joinery …
  11. We finally started our new build at the end of May after getting pp in July ‘19. We had plenty of time to select and price windows - one of the major costs. There is no substitute for visiting potential suppliers, leaving drawings and requesting quotes. We were staggered by the difference in quotes, we needed 15 frames of varying sizes plus two large sliders, 3m and 6m. Quotes varied from £18k to over £50k, In my experience the companies that travel the expos (or used to), maintain large showrooms and produce glossy brochures are the priciest - guess who pays for the marketing! We looked at them all - and ended up with Rationel TG alu-clad for the frames and Visioglide for the sliders from a local joinery company - about £23k including installation. We were pointed in their direction by Rationel. Been very happy with their service and attention so far, acid test will be delivery and installation scheduled for September. And have the supplier install the windows and take full responsibility, being local they should be available and willing to rectify any issues.
  12. @cbk I also have an interest in shadow gaps, but have not yet resolved how to make the junctions work between the skirting trim and around the doors/architrave. Is traditional architrave not compatible with shadow gap skirting? I dont want the gap going up and around doors, I dont think this would look right, if anything would give the place a commercial look. I guess we need to talk to a plasterer at some stage (our build starts in 2 weeks so we are some way off) but still have no idea how to implement shadow gaps. Maybe we could compare notes?
  13. A bit behind on this thread, but we went through the whole SuDS nightmare with our build. LPA rejected the first attempt by a drainage engineer which included a hugely expensive concrete chamber (with a ladder to climb down into it - about 2.5m deep and 1.5m wide) with a hydrobrake to limit the output - I was kind of glad the LPA rejected it! Then I went the rainwater harvesting route but LPA still wanted the hydrobrake - pointless. In the end I had to employ new local drainage engineers who 'knew what the LPA wanted' and specified a 'swale', which is in fact the pond @Ferdinandrefers to! This last report and scheme drawing cost about £600 but indeed the LPA accepted it. SuDS was without doubt the most expensive, long-running and craziest of the 15 planning conditions we had to meet. And we live halfway up a hill, with a slightly sloping site and a stream at the bottom! Learning, employ engineers within the LPA area and quiz them in advance about getting SuDS accepted.
  14. Well it may come to that if Self Buildzone don't get their act together
  15. My builder is worried about delays having two inspectors to deal with, and also if they may disagree. So it does make sense to have one person doing both jobs. I am not too botherd about the Warranty - I have read posts on this but we do need to have one in place, its a box ticking exercise as far as I am concerned. I have contacted the inspection company that self-build-zone were going to assign and they are trying to establish contact from their end. Its unusual for a business not to answer the phone to customers wanting to pay them ......
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