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  1. On that note, the property isn't far from a public access road with parking. Do delivery drivers need access to drive right up to the site? How close do they need to be? I've attached a very rough drawing to illustrate the location (thanks MS Paint!). They would have plenty of room to park on the public road if they could walk a little bit? That way, they wouldn't need to park big lorries on the private road.
  2. Ah I was afraid of that. We may need to pass this one up then. Gutted. Oh well, onto the next plot...
  3. Thanks all for your input! Just to clarify, I know a static caravan would be a perfectly safe, comfortable solution. My concern is my very curious, active toddler wreaking havoc on a building site! All the fencing and safety measures in the world couldn't contain my bundle of energy :) Another question - I've just found out the street this plot is on is a private lane owned by the next door neighbour. The title deed says the maintenance is split five ways between the five houses in the lane. My question is - what does this mean for building works access? I would obviously ask permission from the lane owner. But what other obstacles are inherent when building works happen on a private lane?
  4. Just for reference, we calculated: £80k for the plot (the seller wants more, but we're hoping we can talk her down) £70K for architect, planning permission, demolition, asbestos removal, foundation, building control, surveys, reports £150k for turn-key house - medium spec
  5. All right you clever self-builders, I need your help. I've found the perfect site with an existing derelict bungalow on site. I want to knock it down and rebuild a super eco-friendly timber frame dormer. I could realistically contribute £220k through savings and a self-build mortgage, but this community has shown me I'll need £300k + contingency to make this happen. I could save up for a year to make up the shortfall, which is fine. But the plot will likely be gone by then. So I need your help. What are other ways we could do this? Things I've ruled out: Massive inheritance (our parents are broke) Personal loan from family (again, our families are both broke) Build it ourselves (we have no DIY skills. Seriously. We'd botch anything we try. Plus, we want to build it within a year because we're currently renting) Beg friends to help (we don't know anyone in the area) Take out a bigger self-build mortgage (we can't afford rent + a mortgage payment) Live with family so we don't have to pay rent (nearby family don't have enough room for us) Live in a dodgy caravan on site (we've got an energetic toddler...health & safety nightmare) Build a smaller house (it only costs £20k more to get what we really want and will last us for years, instead of something that's just ok for now) Sell a kidney (I was only born with one) Is there any merit to these ideas? Only finish the bottom floor, then do the dormer when we have more money (is there any issues with a self-build mortgage if we don't fully finish the dormer?). I know we'd lose the 20% VAT refund opportunity Wait for details on the government's "Help to Build" scheme, due later this year Look into possible green scheme grants, though I know the gov't shut down the recent programme and it only applied to existing houses. The existing house is a 1930's un-mortgageable timber frame with an 'E' energy rating. What ideas am I missing?! No idea too outlandish (except for organ donation, because I need all of mine right now...)
  6. Thank you! I've seriously been driving myself mad trying to figure out how it works. Everything I read is all about how to draw down funds, not how to pay them back...
  7. Thank you! I'm finding the whole concept confusing. Say I want to borrow a max of £250k at 4% interest. The estimated monthly repayment is £1100. Do I start paying that full amount right away, even though I've only released £70k to purchase a plot of land? But I'm only charged interest on the £70k? Sorry I'm a total newbie and I've researched for weeks to figure out if we can make this work. Thanks for any help!
  8. Hi all, This might be a silly question, but what happens if I don't draw down the full amount offered to me by Ecology BS? Would it count as an early repayment?
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