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  1. Hi @Temp, @newhome Thanks for your replies, yeah its for new build....so I can save some money 😊
  2. Hi, Just wanted to check is it possible to reclaim VAT on below Provision of services (water, Gas, power, telephone etc) Site clearance work. Moving or rerouting existing services, eg electricity poles Provision of a new access to the site for deliveries etc
  3. vk108

    Hi - newbie self builder

    Hi All, Thanks for your valuable comments. I will leave technical details to Architect. I am just looking for a functional point of view that meets my brief and requirements with a modest budget. with regards to storage, I am planning to have storage on attic space Please let me know if this layout has got any problems
  4. vk108

    Hi - newbie self builder

    Hello, welcome. Do you have Outline Planning Permission yet? I ask because of horses and carts.....😉 Yes, It has got Outline planning
  5. Hi Every One, We are in the process of our first self build project and currently looking for an architect. We are planning, a 2 storey, 4 bedroom, timber frame house of around 150 sqm. Just creating myself some sample plans to play around with. We are planning to project manage our selves once shell is completed with weather and water tight. We don't want to spend too much and Just wanted a energy efficient house to live in for my family by sticking to a tight budget. Could you please provide us any tips, advice on timber frames, windows, things to avoid, design ideas Please feel free to provide honest feedback (good and bad) so I can avoid costly mistakes during build stage