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  1. Hi, Thank you build hub, for your inputs. I have made changes again based on inputs received...looks like these are the final plans. Please provide your valuable feedback Things that might need help 1. Overheating due to near passive house 2. Planning to have MVHR unit in Utility, is it a good location to have MVHR 3. Underfloor heating in Ground floor, Towel rails in first floor 4. We have Mains Gas, so not much interested in ASHP, GSHP, Solar PV(any ideas welcome) 5. We get good shading from tall trees across South boundary even during spring and autumn 6. We have 200 mm overhang, is it sufficient for summer shading 7. Currently looking into JHarris spreadsheet to calculate space heating and hot water heating 8. Posi joists 400mm, screwed and glued to reduce noise 9. like the look of house, so bit reluctant to reduce glazing as it affecting the aesthetics, any ideas welcome 10. Kids want big area for playing, so mostly lawn even though I like more planting, looking for more landscaping once moved in 11. Please let me know for any floor plan layout, plumbing and electric issues, so we can avoid Apologies for asking lots of questions
  2. Hi, I have read a topic on Creaking floor & Impact noise on this forum, but I could not find it now. Could some one send me the link please. I am designing at the moment just wanted make sure, I can avoid Creaking floors & Impact noise at design stage
  3. Hi All, I really appreciate all your inputs and really thankful to everyone.. Basically I am going for passive solar gain having large windows on South and minimal glazing on North. I had some windows on East because it has got nice big garden and wood land views towards South East One of the reasons we have chosen Passive house because We have a noisy road on north boundary 100 meters away and looking healthy, comfortable environment Could you please provide any tips on how to avoid summer over heating either using overhangs on South glazing and shutters on east side windows in Ground floor Open plan living 2 windows 4m*2m I am going for standard size windows on First Floor unlike Ground Floor Looking MVHR design tips issues as well, like best place to have ducting and any noise issues Reducing noise issues with en suite bathrooms I have tall thirsty row of Poplars on South boundary of around 14 meters away from House foot print and being in clay soil, Foundations is going to be a big challenge. Just checking about Raft, Screw Piles or Helical Piles or Basement which ever is cheapest. Is it better to engage Structural Engineer and Building Regs Inspector now or is it ok to wait till we get planning for approved layout plans. I am definitely going for TF supplier, I think they provide SE calculations for Foundations and Shell house, any advice appreciated I am planning to dwell into sections, elevations and aesthetics once floor plans finalized.
  4. vk108

    Floor plan software

    My Home 3D pro is really good, you can get used to it in couple of hours and you can see in 3D as well with all furniture and kitchen bathroom arrangements
  5. little room in the snug is a meditation and yoga room.... These days meditation making me feel bit better after 4 long years with Outline planning and Site purchase saga. Still yet to go for detailed planning and start construction so I need another 3 years of strong will power it seems. Sometimes I feel like I cant do this any more. But I never give up on anything easily I hope I can do it.. With regard to wardrobes I have good experience fitting Ikea. It's just a case of fitting wardrobes as and when money and time permits. My biggest worry is at the moment detailed planning and getting the build to completion stage and make it habitable for family.
  6. Hi All, I really appreciated your feedback and was really helpful. Please find the updated plans with room measurements. Views and Garden are towards South east so windows orientated mainly south and SouthEast. I am going for near passive house due to some personal circumstances. any help with passive house principles will be helpful like summer over heating. I will be project managing myself using mostly subbies by using TF supplier for main shell erection. To be honest I am on modest budget not like grand designs. Just need a well designed home with fabric first approach and to reduce my mortgage payments. any further feedback really appreciated.
  7. Hi, We are planning Passive house standard but not going for certification. Site is south orientated with tall trees of 20 meters around 16 meters from South boundary. I have made some DIY house plans using My Home 3D pro. Please advice if any changes required as I am applying for detailed planning soon. This is my first self build and planning for Timberframe supplier for a speedy build. House Gross Area 13m*10m and Garage being 7m*6m. Feel free to express yourself either good or bad, I don't mind to be honest
  8. vk108

    Hi - newbie self builder

    Hi All, Thanks for your valuable comments. I will leave technical details to Architect. I am just looking for a functional point of view that meets my brief and requirements with a modest budget. with regards to storage, I am planning to have storage on attic space Please let me know if this layout has got any problems
  9. vk108

    Hi - newbie self builder

    Hello, welcome. Do you have Outline Planning Permission yet? I ask because of horses and carts.....😉 Yes, It has got Outline planning
  10. Hi Every One, We are in the process of our first self build project and currently looking for an architect. We are planning, a 2 storey, 4 bedroom, timber frame house of around 150 sqm. Just creating myself some sample plans to play around with. We are planning to project manage our selves once shell is completed with weather and water tight. We don't want to spend too much and Just wanted a energy efficient house to live in for my family by sticking to a tight budget. Could you please provide us any tips, advice on timber frames, windows, things to avoid, design ideas Please feel free to provide honest feedback (good and bad) so I can avoid costly mistakes during build stage