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  1. Yes its due to south glazing, But resistance from family not to reduce glazing further 😉.....hopefully slab cooling will be the best option
  2. yes we are having insulated reinforced-concrete raft foundation
  3. and my designer said Radiators on Ground floor and just heated Towel rails on First floor bathrooms. we like UFH on ground floor, but he said its not necessary to have UFH with existing design
  4. yes @Dreadnaught, we do have Mains Gas
  5. Hi @PeterStarck, We are at planning stage at the moment
  6. Hi @Dreadnaught, Treated Floor area is 226 sqm over 2 floors with flatroof
  7. Hi, As part of my PHPP calculations for my self build, The model indicates space heating demand of 15.1 kWh/m2a, peak heating load of 10.6 W/m2 and overheating of 1.4%. I am new to PHPP and don't understand the spreadsheet calculations, Can some one suggest what kind of heating enough for us (radiators, UFH)... any suggestions would be greatly helpful for me
  8. Hi, We are looking for shading options for my new build. Can some one help me with pros and cons of below attached ides please. We are looking to reduce overheating in large south face glazing
  9. This is my list of things in the slab. But I am yet start my build though... 1. hockey stick for mains. 2. water to plant room 3. gas to kitchen 4. grey telecom to hall 5. two svp in the walls for first floor( position checked) 6. downstairs toilet svp 7. plant room svp 8. kitchen island svp 9. kitchen island hot and cold supply(insulated) 10. kitchen Island power and one spare 25mm duct to island(you never know) 11. two 63mm to garage 12. two 63mm to house
  10. yes @Mr Punter, my build is simple shapes House is Square and garage is also Square. I know lots of glazing on ground floor east and south, I can reduce glazing some how. I don't think any further changes can significantly reduce timber frame costs down. there is economies of scale. I am planning to buy shell house with wind and water tight stage, remaining most of the stuff doing it by myself. what sort of price per Square Meter we can expect wind and water tight stages please, any rough idea. If I reduce house by 1 meter down, does it really affect timber frame costs, I really don't understand their logic Yes it will cost £2000- £4000 only either I go down via contractor or Huf haus, but its definitely not my range
  11. just a quick one " do we need to design for Brise soleil or External blinds now. Or can we leave it till after completion. yes, thinking of cable from roof to distribution board and so I can fit when budget permits got some quotes from TF companies, they are bit shocking. They were suggesting me to reduce house size to fit with in their budget but I am definitely don't want to reduce size based on their wishes Is there any way to build with in budget. currently thinking of ICF, timber frame or SIPS. I can do fair bit of work myself and being project manager
  12. Thanks @Mr Punter regards to "Also make sure the floor design allows a maximum deflection of the lesser of 8mm or span x0.002", I cant understand this , is it something related to posi joists 2000mm overhang is too much ... I would be better of either Brise soleil or External blinds Thanks @ProDaveYes hot water tank goes into landing cupboards as its central to most points. Planning to install Gas boiler and MVHR in Utility room, hopefully I can make utility as sound proof. I don't think I can install it in Garage as its not frost free. just thinking of radiators in ground floor and towel rails in first floor instead of UFH Are these attached mvhr duct routes good enough, planning to use either semi rigid or steel via posi joists, please let me know if I missed anything
  13. Hi, Thank you build hub, for your inputs. I have made changes again based on inputs received...looks like these are the final plans. Please provide your valuable feedback Things that might need help 1. Overheating due to near passive house 2. Planning to have MVHR unit in Utility, is it a good location to have MVHR 3. Underfloor heating in Ground floor, Towel rails in first floor 4. We have Mains Gas, so not much interested in ASHP, GSHP, Solar PV(any ideas welcome) 5. We get good shading from tall trees across South boundary even during spring and autumn 6. We have 200 mm overhang, is it sufficient for summer shading 7. Currently looking into JHarris spreadsheet to calculate space heating and hot water heating 8. Posi joists 400mm, screwed and glued to reduce noise 9. like the look of house, so bit reluctant to reduce glazing as it affecting the aesthetics, any ideas welcome 10. Kids want big area for playing, so mostly lawn even though I like more planting, looking for more landscaping once moved in 11. Please let me know for any floor plan layout, plumbing and electric issues, so we can avoid Apologies for asking lots of questions
  14. Hi, I have read a topic on Creaking floor & Impact noise on this forum, but I could not find it now. Could some one send me the link please. I am designing at the moment just wanted make sure, I can avoid Creaking floors & Impact noise at design stage
  15. Hi All, I really appreciate all your inputs and really thankful to everyone.. Basically I am going for passive solar gain having large windows on South and minimal glazing on North. I had some windows on East because it has got nice big garden and wood land views towards South East One of the reasons we have chosen Passive house because We have a noisy road on north boundary 100 meters away and looking healthy, comfortable environment Could you please provide any tips on how to avoid summer over heating either using overhangs on South glazing and shutters on east side windows in Ground floor Open plan living 2 windows 4m*2m I am going for standard size windows on First Floor unlike Ground Floor Looking MVHR design tips issues as well, like best place to have ducting and any noise issues Reducing noise issues with en suite bathrooms I have tall thirsty row of Poplars on South boundary of around 14 meters away from House foot print and being in clay soil, Foundations is going to be a big challenge. Just checking about Raft, Screw Piles or Helical Piles or Basement which ever is cheapest. Is it better to engage Structural Engineer and Building Regs Inspector now or is it ok to wait till we get planning for approved layout plans. I am definitely going for TF supplier, I think they provide SE calculations for Foundations and Shell house, any advice appreciated I am planning to dwell into sections, elevations and aesthetics once floor plans finalized.