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  1. so plan isr 32mm MDPE rising main (that was already there), into house and then stop tap, down to 28mm, DCV, drain and then pressure reducer, 28mm to 22mm tee and will then use the 2 22mm for outside tap and the other to feed stuff around the house. I have split the 32mm before it comes into the house for sprinklers, so that's sorted. got all the stuff except the DCV, seem to be so many types out there does anyone have any recommendations. I have read they cause loss of pressure, and do I need a DCV or single check. argh plumbing. give me electrics any day
  2. thanks everyone, good advice and I will be going with polypipe / brett martin
  3. any views on quality of floplast v polypipe v marley? Both floplast and polypipe seem readily available, marley less so. Once I get pipe out of the ground and into the stack, branches, etc is the quality the same for each company? cheers yall
  4. did it with gabions, took ages but was very cheap, 10 3/4 tonne bags of quarry waste at 20 quid a bag. chucked a few blocks in each basket as well and got enough facing quality stone from the quarry waste to face about 1 1/2 gabions per bag. rear gabion wall is 2M high but only 0.5M deep to reduce digging into rock, had to use vertical steels in concrete to make them more stable. All works fine; cheap but slow and hard work.
  5. So we have the ground floor walls up but no 2nd floor or roof. And builders have downed tools for now. I want to catch up with some jobs I can do. We are using propassive OSB as the racking and airtight layer, which has been fitted on ground floor timber walls. Can I install the air tight tape (Sicrall 60) over the OSB joints and screw penetrations or will it get damaged if it then rained on (which is inevitable). Should add I was thinking of putting a 2nd layer of standard waterproof builders tape over the silca to protect it. ore work but think I have plenty of time on my hands for now...
  6. the diagram I posted is slightly wrong, sorry. you can have one supply for both house and sprinkler provided the right type of meter has been fitted, which has. Havnt really looked at misting systems, thought they were expensive but will take a look, D
  7. and I can find loads of the rubbish polyfast check valves but nothing else
  8. I thought the sprinkler system had to have a direct supply from the mains, with its own stop tap hence wanting to split before the house and then leave the 32mm foor the sprinkler guys. yes I could reduce to copper and then fit DCV
  9. I had a special 32mm high flow meter fitted which is approved for sprinkler systems, hence the 32mm mdpe to the house. might still not be enough flow but give me a chance
  10. sooo, I had been n the wine last night 🙂 the two polyfast check valve failed, all the rest of the stuff is plasson and is fine. everything inside house will be temp as the house is so far from finished. really its the check valve. for the house I could step down and then check valve in a smaller diam. for the sprinkler feed I could leave it too the sprinkler installers to provide one and just provide a direct 32mm feed with nothing other than a stop tap between it and the mains
  11. so I have 32mm mdpe from mains to the house. I went for 32mm as I have to have a sprinkler system and wanted to minimise chance to need a storage tank. I now want to bring it inside the house. So I think... I need a 32mm t connection and then 2 feeds, one for house and one for sprinkler system. Then stop taps for both. But I (think) I have to fit a check valve. We fitted 2 for the taps leading from the mains to the house that fed the outside taps on the way, both have failed probably due to the high water pressure we have (its a bloody fountain) and partly down to the crap build quality (polyfast). The plassen connections have been fine. so my plan was to fit a full bore check valve (minimising flow restriction) and then split into 32mm for house and 32mm for sprinklers. into house and then normal stuff for house and temp on/off for sprinkler system. Can I find a full bore check valve that fits 32mm MDPE nope. Can anyone help advise how I should tackle this? Pleeeese keep it simple as this stuff confuses me.
  12. yesterday I decided to save the money I don't have by digging the 20M soil trench myself, shallow at start dropping to 2.5M at end Yesterday I then decided to sell a kidney and get a digger in
  13. redtop

    cutting osb

    looking on the dewalt site I can now see what you mean! wonder why they are on dif sides?
  14. redtop

    cutting osb

    on the dewalt site now comparing models, I cant see any that have the blade in a different place?