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    we had to have a SE due to using pile foundations, he did all the calcs and the BCO really had no choice but accept them; he didn't question them mind but he seemed more than happy as we had used a SE
  2. we had a terrible one, noise throughout the pipes. ended up being a leaky shower head!
  3. we have had to fit sprinklers due to access issues for fire engine (has to be 45m to all sides of building, goes up to 75M with sprinklers). all this has been done but it is taking forever for fire dept to write to BCO and accept the plans (literally be holding BC approval up for 6 weeks now). If they go to the extreme they could ask for a dedicated rising main which is ££££; I think we can push back if that's where they go as it isn't a building regs requirement (I think...)
  4. only because the water is 50M away and is 32mm MDPE into a 3/4" tap already fitted to a post; be a right pain to strip it down, add in a connector, etc; all all of the temp bits to be thrown away when done. Garden hose will be re-used
  5. yep, its the garden hose to the pipe bit I couldn't work out, end up spending more on fittings than I will on the toilet if not carefull
  6. so, getting a portloo on site will be a pain, getting it emptied will be impossible. but I have a mains sewer connection, terminating in the pipe shown below and I have water. So thinking I can cut pipe down, fit toilet on top and put up a toilet tent. Pipe isn't blocked where it goes into sewer. so question is, whtas the easiest way to connect from a garden hose to a toilet? obviously cheap and easy the way to go
  7. beetleplumb beetleplumb bettleplumb
  8. there must be a good opportunity for a really good plumber to provide a design service, or is this already available?
  9. ille throw in a load of harris fencing for free 🙂 and a pasty
  10. this is a thing of beauty. fancy a plumbing job in looe, cornwall 🙂
  11. hot tub hard wired (no plug) = double pole isolator
  12. just moving onto ordering 6 roof lights, who did you use?
  13. mark the wall, thicker insulation and its a job fixed with half a days work. even if you say 'yep its my fault ime a donkey and will pay' it will cost you less than going to court and for the stress it will save be worth it. or mark it up and tell him he's wrong and has to fix it. Or mark it up and let him tell you he was going to use thicker insulation and all is OK. Do something, but certainly mark up the wall to prompt the discussion. Don't try to second guess what comes next
  14. yogi bear quotes would be far better? 'because ime smarter than the average self builder', 'ime so smart it hurts', 'let's go go go'
  15. no blame needs to be identified at all. By marking out the FFL on the wall you provide the builder with the perfectly reasonable response of 'we will get to that by using x mm insulation and then y mm screed'. Lets put it this way:- your BC has confirmed the insulation goes on top of the current concrete base. Then they will screed. So unless you know the thickness of the insulation you have absolutely no idea if the final level will be low, right or high or even if any mistake has been made. regarding the trench, its been pointed out that is needed for the trade to work, why cant you just backfill to below DPC level once work is completed?