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  1. I cant find out what a bearing bit is?
  2. does that look like a good deal?
  3. welcome, I am in cornwall, looe. foundations and groundworks done, steels start going up Monday 🙂
  4. redtop

    ASHP size

    thanks for all the replies. I suspect the u values for the house are right however we are trying to improve the air tightness to less than 1; not sure if that will make much of a difference. most of the time there will be two of us, but we do have fairly frequent visitors which can push it to 6 including water hungry teenagers. In any case it sounds like I should aim for around 10KW or slightly less and a 300L water tank
  5. redtop

    ASHP size

    Not sure f this is right place, but attached is my SAP design report. Struggling to work out hat size ASHP I need for space heating? We were going too use a gas boiler but are going down the ASHP route now, cheers all Full_SAP_Calculation_ROWETT-5242-19_revised_2019-04-30_11-08-13.pdf
  6. sorry don't understand how strips would work / how you would fix them?
  7. we had the cages built for the pile caps, they put a quick spot of weld on each point; apparently quicker than tying if you have the kit?
  8. any views on the most reliable ASHP providers? I know its subjective but in the gas boiler market Veissman are top of their game and worcster have a good reputation (its used to be better...). ASHP's???
  9. looks like a good and inexpensive way of building UFH in from a solid base; anything different you would have done?
  10. I will be putting UFH on top of the ground /1st floor base; like your idea! So if I tell my builder (who isn't doing the UFH) to allow for 25mm + thickness of finished flooring (prob engineered board) that would be right??
  11. redtop

    First Blog Post

    we have just had 42 piles completed, they were quite a bit deeper at 5.5M and a 1.5M rock socket as site slopes a lot. Ended up looking like a battlefield when done lol. Concrete caps being fitted as we speak and then steels go up next week (whole house is lifted off ground on steel posts)
  12. as an aside we are half way through putting up 14 gabion baskets and although time consuming we have used graded quarry waste at £8 a tonne so cheap to fill
  13. no he wouldn't be able to stamp them; I will find out more tomorrow