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  1. Vacmaster is my recommendation which I got after returning the smaller Titan vacuum which I thought was a load of shite! Much cheaper
  2. All sorted now @Onoff, thanks to Nick's cunning plan. Thanks again for the offer. J
  3. Ok, thanks Peter. I'm learning. . . . slowly Is there a reference somewhere that would enable me to work out the offset achieved when using a pair of bends? What I really need is dimensional drawings of these waste fittings I suppose.
  4. Oh cunning plan! I like it. I just need to buy pipe clips instead Thanks very much
  5. Umm I thought what I had was effectively a manifold system with 2 WCs. Below is exert from Marley's design and installation manual where they use 90 degree branches. As long as I have a good angle to give fall into the horizontal pipe do you not think this would be ok? I might have to use a shallow bend vertically on each line just to give the fall.
  6. Nothing happens quick around here! That's a very kind offer, thank you. If you happen to have a couple of straight connectors (366.887.16.1) surplus to requirements I would be most interested
  7. @PeterW I'm not sure I understand your concern here. If, as suggested above, I use the 90/90 mm straight connector (366.887.16.1) instead of the supplied 90 degree bend, I would then use a 90/110 mm reducer to get me to 110 mm and connect to the stack. So my thinking was that instead of using the 90/90 mm straight connector + 90/110 mm reducer I would just use the 90/110 mm straight connector (367.887.16.1). Or am I missing something?
  8. Thank you so much Peter! Yes that's great! I was struggling for height with your original idea. They're not cheap are they? And I see they also do this straight adaptor from 90mm to 110mm (367.887.16.1) which will save a joint. Appreciate your help.
  9. Hi Peter Please excuse me for being obtuse - but I'm not following you completely. This is how I had envisaged the connections working, with the bathroom WC joining with a 90 degree branch to the pipe for the en-suite WC, then joining the stack with another 90 degree branch. (Please excuse my crude drawing!) But with the fittings supplied with the Duofix this layout is not achievable. So are you suggesting that I use the supplied 90 degree bend, shorten and add another 90 degree bend and then get to the stack as per the above layout albeit 210 mm lower? Would it be acceptable to introduce more 90 degree bends? I take it you are referring to the expense of Geberit pipe fittings? Do you think that instead I could use this straight out of frame?
  10. I had hoped to use Duofix cistern and frame for my wall hung toilets in the upstairs bathroom and en-suite. As you can see from my plans these toilets back onto the coombe/void/storage space, where the stack is. But looking at the Duofix system they appear to be designed only for vertical outlet or sub horizontal, perpendicular outlet. Has anyone experience of this situation? Is there a reasonable get around? Or another system other than Duofix that I could use? I'm reluctant to turn the WCs around by 90 degrees as they would then be at right angles to the ceiling slope. Thanks.
  11. JIH

    Another DIY 'plumber'

    So if I use the coil side of a UVC for DHW preheat I am using the non-potable side?
  12. JIH

    Another DIY 'plumber'

    Ok, you've given me some food for thought! Thanks for the Trevor tip I think I might try this from the other end, so to speak. I'm settled on using LPG to bring pre-heated water up to desired temperature for DHW. Therefore I will need a G3 plumber onboard to install it and do subsequent do annual inspections. I shall see if I can find one to quote for installation of water heater and possibly UCV and annual inspections. If I did decide to keep with the 'vented' option (as per my drawing my understanding) I understand that as long as I don't put in an immersion heater the system is considered to be "used solely for space heating" and the Danger from Heat guidance does not apply (Scottish Domestic Regs 4.9.0). Meanwhile I think I will get Newark to give me couple of quotes, one for a large coil and one for an external heat exchanger and see how it all adds up. Thanks again.