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  1. We have exactly the same scenario and have one from B and Q that fits well in a 600 DIY kitchens drawer. Not sure about larger sizes, but they had a decent range I think. IKEA drawers are a different depth so theirs never fit other manufacturers.
  2. There are solar diverters that can, in principle do this- I believe the Eddi with the optional relay board installed is pretty much the only option at present. The issues above all stand about available power from solar being low, and you'd need a big solar array to fully supply the heat pump, especially when the water is getting up to temperature, but technically, it can be done. Practically, I think almost everyone just uses the immersion as it's better matched power wise and simpler/cheaper to do, and supplies many peoples DHW demand for much of the year. But if you had a big DHW demand I could see the advantage of using the added efficiency of the heat pump. Eddi manual - see page 60
  3. We have just finished fitting aluclad doors and windows from them. Overall very impressed with both service and product quality. Try giving them a call- we are in Nottingham and their rep came to us with a small unit - not as good as a showroom obviously but still gives you a good idea of quality. Think he was based in Cambridge, not sure what area they cover but he was very helpful- let me know if you want me to PM contact details. For us they offered the best overall value and we are very happy with our choice. One of the deciding factors was we actually preferred the internal finish to some of the pricier options as we have clear lacquer internally and the wood staves are bigger than some others so there are less joints. Part of me quite like some joins as part of the fact that it's an engineered wood product, but on bigger units I do think the larger staves look better. Happy to answer any specific questions if you have any- it's a big decision!
  4. We have literally just finished fitting aluclad from Allen brothers. Thier aluclad are actually manufactured in Denmark by their sister company but we only dealt with the UK side. Great communication, delivery and good products. We are very pleased with them, in my opinion great value for money which I guess is what you're looking for!
  5. Buried halfway down the ofgem press release 'https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications/price-cap-increase-ps693-april 'From 1 April the equivalent per unit level of the price cap to the nearest pence for a typical customer paying by direct debit will be 28p per kWh for electricity customers and 7p per kWh for gas customers' Some interesting graphs lower down too that suggest it will be going up much more next time unless wholesale prices come back down fast.
  6. I have no idea why this information is so difficult to find out, or even calculate! The previous figures are widely reported as approximately - 4p per kilowatt hour (p/kWh) for gas - 21p/kWh for electricity - A standing charge of 26p per day for gas - A standing charge of 25p per day for electricity So if you evenly apply the headline 54% increase you would get ~6p for gas and ~ 32p for electricity. However, I would assume the rise for gas is likely slightly higher than for electric, so who knows...
  7. There is no reason you couldn't put UFH in your new extension (with a properly insulated slab) and treat the old bungalow separately. Lots of us have UFH downstairs and rads upstairs. Regardless though, comparing uninsulated concrete floors in our old house and our insulated ones in our current refurb (we went the dig down and insulate route- it's not as bad as it sounds!) the difference in comfort alone is startling before you even get into heating costs.
  8. Mine is right handed too, 99% sure it could be set up either way around- I certainly can't remember any reason why it couldn't!
  9. Thanks all, really useful stuff. We are a refurb project, and whilst access is good at the front it's less good at the back (genie lift etc ok, telehandler definitely not!), So good to know smaller options have worked for some. Planning to tackle some of the smaller units first, then the bigger ones with easy access and the trickiest last. Here's hoping for some reasonable weather for a few weeks!
  10. Thanks guys, will take a look. I've fitted windows before and we have plenty of smaller units for 'practice', so wish us luck!
  11. Lots on here speak highly of Rationel, we are currently awaiting delivery from Allen Brothers- been very impressed with service so far but obviously the proof is when they get here!
  12. Hi All Our windows arrive shortly so I need to think about lifting them (fitting them ourselves- timber aluclad). We have a few large first floor units- largest is 2.3 m wide and weighs ~100 kg, and a couple of larger units downstairs - largest a 2.6 m triple glazed slider weighing in at 250 kg. Does anyone have any recommendations of lifting kit to hire, or any other tips for that matter?
  13. I've just used plug in solar for a self install and very pleased with them. Their systems are generally based on microinverters which do work out a bit more expensive but are usually better if you have shading/complex roof shape. We are a refurb on a 60s double hipped roof so have panels split across 4 planes facing SE, SW and W. If I had all the panels in a nice flat square a single invertor would have been cheaper but you have to work with what you have! Highly recommend the GSE trays too- easy to install and seem like a quality product.
  14. Thanks all- I was already leaning towards ensuring we go for 30A not 13A to avoid the power limiting issue, however the one I have experience of does this even when only using one ring and will run quite happily on full power (just when you turn it down there is an issue) so I'm not sure this is the particular issue here. We are planning to put an induction in our upcoming renovation and really keen to avoid the pulsing issue. @SteamyTea do you mind me asking what you have now?
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