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  1. Thanks all, really useful stuff. We are a refurb project, and whilst access is good at the front it's less good at the back (genie lift etc ok, telehandler definitely not!), So good to know smaller options have worked for some. Planning to tackle some of the smaller units first, then the bigger ones with easy access and the trickiest last. Here's hoping for some reasonable weather for a few weeks!
  2. Thanks guys, will take a look. I've fitted windows before and we have plenty of smaller units for 'practice', so wish us luck!
  3. Lots on here speak highly of Rationel, we are currently awaiting delivery from Allen Brothers- been very impressed with service so far but obviously the proof is when they get here!
  4. Hi All Our windows arrive shortly so I need to think about lifting them (fitting them ourselves- timber aluclad). We have a few large first floor units- largest is 2.3 m wide and weighs ~100 kg, and a couple of larger units downstairs - largest a 2.6 m triple glazed slider weighing in at 250 kg. Does anyone have any recommendations of lifting kit to hire, or any other tips for that matter?
  5. I've just used plug in solar for a self install and very pleased with them. Their systems are generally based on microinverters which do work out a bit more expensive but are usually better if you have shading/complex roof shape. We are a refurb on a 60s double hipped roof so have panels split across 4 planes facing SE, SW and W. If I had all the panels in a nice flat square a single invertor would have been cheaper but you have to work with what you have! Highly recommend the GSE trays too- easy to install and seem like a quality product.
  6. Thanks all- I was already leaning towards ensuring we go for 30A not 13A to avoid the power limiting issue, however the one I have experience of does this even when only using one ring and will run quite happily on full power (just when you turn it down there is an issue) so I'm not sure this is the particular issue here. We are planning to put an induction in our upcoming renovation and really keen to avoid the pulsing issue. @SteamyTea do you mind me asking what you have now?
  7. My only exposure to induction hobs is my in-laws, who have had one for a long time now having switched from electric. We have always had gas, and theirs drives me mad as using it on anything other than full power results in what seem like very long pulses- using it at 70% feels like it is on full power for 5 seconds then off for two. Whilst this is probably an exaggeration in my head it doesn't seem like it when you are using it and just results in things getting burnt/boiling over. I know inductions are by their very nature on or off, and that pulsing is how they modulate power, but I don't want this to be noticeable in use. As everyone says, its very easy to clean, but its for cooking on, not cleaning... Is this a thing of the past with inductions, or is the pulsing still noticeable with newer models? Do we need to be spending more £££ to minimise this? I've been looking at various Samsung/AEG/Bosch models around the £3-400 mark, but there seems very little between most models on paper other than things like flexi zones etc as you move up the ranges. Any specific recommendations certainly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. I know several people on here have used the Nulok roofing system, but was wondering if anyone had used their PV modules? We are about to start renovation (including reroof) of a house with a double hipped roof and want to incorporate PV. Whilst in roof panels are the obvious option, the awkward shape of the double hipped roof means that in the absence of any manufacturers of triangular PV panels the flexibility of a system like this seems attractive to maximise how much solar we can get on. Would be interested to hear of any good/bad experiences.
  9. I'm very interested in this as we are currently buying a 60s detached and so about to start something very similar. The biggest issue with insulated plasterboard as far as I am concerned is the cost compared to buying the same materials seperately. It's more faff to use sepearate insulation but in my opinion worth it cost wise if DIYing. I'm planning to do that, and it gives you the option of using the foil facing of the insulation as an airtightness layer- although using the wet plaster as suggested seems very sensible if it's in good condition. Biggest challenge as said above is the detailing around joists and first floor void. Our cavities are apparently already insulated- just praying they aren't poorly filled with damp mineral wool! If you have insulated cavities at ~0.5 u value I think you will be pleasantly surprised how much internal insulation you need to get decent performance overall- I'd reccomend playing with some of the online calculators to see the different options.
  10. Hi We are in the process of buying a 60's house with the intention of fully refurbishing it - and I have been learning all about MVHR from this forum! I am intending fitting MVHR together and an ASHP with underfloor heating, together wit all the necessary insulation and airtightness improvements. I'm currently struggling to decide on what MVHR unit to go with. I'm under no illusions that this is not a new build passivehouse, it is and always will be a 60's detached and whilst we can do a lot to it, it will never be perfect from an airtightness/insulation perspective. My aim with the MVHR is primarily to improve the indoor air quality (particularly humidity!), anything else is a bonus as far as I am concerned, although I am hoping with some attention to detail we can do a good job overall! My question is does anyone have any recommendations with regards to brands/models of unit? Anything in particular to look for? Given the constraints above, I am looking for a fairly budget unit. The house is ca. 120 m2, 3 beds, 1 bathroom plus kitchen, wc and utility. I've been looking at BPC based partially on some of the recommendations on here. They currently have some ex-show Airflow DV90 units. that seem like such a good deal I am seriously considering buying one now in advance of even completing the purchase-does anyone have any experience with these? Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice/experiences George