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  1. Sunamp was happy to supply with smaller-than-3kW elements when I asked some time ago. But maybe that option has evaporated in favour of keeping production simple. Rgds Damon
  2. 76m^2 Last year consumption and generation figures: http://www.earth.org.uk/saving-electricity-2019.html 1992kWh e (consumption), 3855kWh e (generation), 3157kWh gas (DHW + spac heat). So final energy per m^2 * ignoring generation, exergy, carbon intensity, etc: 68kWh/m^2 * allowing for generation: 17kWh/m^2 * space heat alone (allowing 4kWh/d for DHW): 40kWh/m^2 for space heat Rgds Damon
  3. And I suspect (though don't know) that almost all the freeholders and leaseholders, who lose out badly, were in the "no" camp like us. Majorities can be tyrannies too. But we are where we are. If it's going to happen I'd like the outcome to as good as possible for everyone. I received confirmation that my comment has been received and will be applied appropriately. Thanks again all! Damon
  4. I can simply get an assement of the present value of the remaining cash flows, plus savings from self-consumption for the remainer of the expected life of the panels etc. Rgds Damon
  5. Getting some people to vote for confiscating the assets of a minority doesn't make it batter for the minority... Rgds Damon
  6. My MP knows all about it, and his wife (a) is one of my ward councillors (b) has the property portfolio (c) was fighting my corner up until the point she was elected and took on the property portfolio... Rgds Damon
  7. Thank you all: I've submitted a PDF to the planning dept by email. Now I just need to make sure that it is accepted else I shall have to drag my sorry frame through the covid plague fields on foot to drop it through the physical letterbox (though most of the building is shut, AFAIK). Rgds Damon
  8. Common pipistrelle, old fruit. But most definitely not a fruit bat! You can see the solar panels on my roof if you work up from the word "Bonner" bottom middle by 4 pairs of houses, just above the yellow trace, at the end of the S-N terrace row. Rgds Damon
  9. Thanks for all the comments so far: they have been very helpful and I may even be able to to get this dispatched tonight! Rgds Damon
  10. RBK is basically being forced to do everything it can on all the land it can, and that will still not be enough in terms of its housing targets. Its position isn't easy. It is, for example, attempting to build on some local semi-waste ground that happens to be full of slow worms. Don't ask me how I know... Rgds Damon
  11. Except that it is clear amongst other things that RBK would never have allowed *us* to build three houses on our land to sell, but will give itself permission to do so. Thus my complaint about its vast conflct of interest. Rgds Damon
  12. Entirely my concern @oldkettle I am absolutely not after any windfall, nor stopping redevelopment out of NIMBY bloody-mindedness, since there does seem to be a continuing demand for housing. Rgds Damon
  13. I am trying to be reasonable, and I don't really care who ends up grabbing our asset, just that we are deprived of our current fairly pleasant situation and all the work we have put in to be climate friendly. And that doing any more is now inhibited... Far from digging my heels in, I outlined a scheme that I think would save RBK much of the difference between their offer and my estimate of what they should provide if I force the issue, if started sooner rather than later, but RBK has said that it will not even talk to me for several years about purchase. And the notion of 'market price' then will be even less real... Rgds Damon
  14. I will be working on my representation here (Google Doc, anyone can comment): https://docs.google.com/document/d/166Ip0rTNMLCGVhGfO53qB_yovM4xFpLLRQENvUCcR0E/edit?usp=sharing Rgds Damon
  15. Come and have a read over at fieldlines.com where people do indeed play a little fast and loose, but without generally setting fire to anything. However, you aren't going to want to build an inter-seasonal store out of Li batteries to carry energy into the winter when you're cold because there's less solar insolation... I priced up an (optimistic, no-space-heat, Vanadium redox) interseasonal battery for my house which is quite low use, and it was something like £250k and sould have needed a basement dug for it. Note that we generate enough from PV to cover all our electricity (and space-heat with heat pump) use over a year, ie we're already net zero on that. Rgds Damon