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  1. I have been 'self-isolating' for a week now, for something that seems as if it *may* be the bug, and continuing to work from home as usual, just doing without the weekly meet-up in town for an 'office day' and going to the pub. Unfortunately with the rules change tonight, my family is now joining me on lockdown for a few days at least (depending on how we do the arthmetic). Rgds Damon
  2. Does the DNO require G98 forms to come from an MCS accredited installer? Rgds Damon
  3. Who knows: your last thought might be a vary warm feeling inside? (I think the lasers were fairly feeble and diffuse.) Rgds Damon
  4. MIT had a scheme with IR lasers on gimbals that could track each person and make them feel warm. David Mackay and I plotted to have IR radiant heaters come on for a short while as you entered a room, eg while rads had a chance to come up to temperature. Rgds Damon
  5. For the record: I'm pretty sure that I've driven a 3.3V-friendly SSR, likely Crydom, directly from an AVR running at 3.3V, or an RPi, with no level shifters (I don't own any such thing!)... Rgds Damon
  6. Very odd, and sorry about that! Try it with the www (though it works without for me): https://www.fieldlines.com/ Rgds Damon
  7. Unless you are in a really windy location and can get a turbine ~10m above any obstructions for ~30m in all directions, then don't rely on wind alone, even with storage. A site I help look after is full of people of various levels of complete grid independence. It's hard and expensive, but can sometimes be done! Solar PV should be an important part of any off-grid system since it has several times the power density of wind, and has easier control and maintenance. https://fieldlines.com Rgds Damon
  8. G83 and G59 were replaced by G100 and G99 on 2019-04-27. I'm not sure if the DNO will accept any of the throttling kit, as opposed to disconnecting, but I'm be pleased to be wrong. If it will then there is also stuff such as the (new) Enphase that can also auto-island and form a mini-grid balancing generation within the house, and brands such as Outback, and SMA's Sunny Island (though I have heard lots of complaints about SI). Rgds Damon
  9. That would be comforting. Any particular downsides, eg having all the works inside including the air side, is presumably going to be quite noisy? Rgds Damon
  10. Hi, This one? https://www.jouleuk.co.uk/knowledge-centre/?_sft_wpdmcategory=heat-pumps&_sf_s=Aero Hot Water Pump Rgds Damon
  11. Just had an interesting chat with a chap from Ground Sun, and he'll send me over a datasheet to think about. Rgds Damon
  12. Thanks! When I hear "Ecocent" I think of the unit that drew its heat from the house internal air, which is definitely a no-no for me. But this is clearly simply avoiding the fan unit being external. Rgds Damon
  13. Hi, Does anyone have any views on this? https://www.groundsun.co.uk/small-home-and-apartment-heat-pumps/ Just ran across it today. Rgds Damon
  14. FWIW, Radbot + boiler controller tries to heat burstily to let the boiler (+pump) run as hard as possible for as short a time as possible each time. Yes, circulation pumps in homes across the UK probably are >> 1GW in aggregate! Rgds Damon