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  1. I found it, but you have to just use the 00926 number on the council website to find it. I agree that positive comments from hundreds of miles away are likely to have little impact. Even so, I had a quick look and it seems the planners have taken against your plans as they think you are trying to game the system. You have clearly put a lot of work in to the design and access statement and it looks very comprehensive, but I am not sure calling the planner unprofessional for making the point about gaming the system is going to help. Nonetheless I wish you luck and hope you will keep us updated on progress. Randomiser.
  2. On clay don't you need to allow for expansion and contraction of the ground under the slab? So pile down to something solid, ring beam with something like Cellcore under it, the beam and block with space below for expansion. You could put a slab on Cellcore, but then it isn't really ground bearing. I am only a beginner on all this, but that is what my internet research has suggested to me about our site with clay and trees in close proximity.
  3. Result! A benefit of local authority cuts I guess, nobody at the council has time to check anything 😁
  4. Did you ever get any trouble from the council about the lack of method statement? Randomiser.
  5. Well, it has taken some time to get anyone from the DNO to speak to me and I have been given a jolly good run around, but finally today I managed to speak to somebody who sounds like they are going to engage. After two calls, with a break in the middle while the guy I was speaking to went off to speak to his senior I think the first round of the dance was done. The DNO guy said that the wayleave with the old owner would have terminated when the property was sold to me anyway and that they now have a "bare wayleave". I have searched on google for the term "bare wayleave" but as yet I have not found any reference to it, that may be down to my IT skills but I am also not sure it matters anyway*. The DNO guy has said that I have two choices, I can pay the cost of moving the equipment and it will be done "quickly" or I can serve notice on them to remove their equipment which has a twelve month lead time. I wonder if this is a standard part of their playbook as it was accompanied with a bit of "well I am sure you want to get on as soon as you can" patter. I pointed out that there has never been a Wayleave in place according to their own Wayleave Registry team. I also said that I have plenty of things that need to be organised and so a twelve month wait may not be any particular issue, especially as the planning consent is valid for a lot more than twelve more months. He came back with his second gambit, saying how much easier it will be for me to get a connection for the replacement house if the cable is accessible on my land. We then took a bit of time looking at the drawing for the rerouting at each end of the phone, I pointed out that the cable seems to serve a lot of their customers and that the engineer that carried out the design work said that if I would not have a relocated pole on my land the rerouting would become a lot more expensive as they would have to dig up a road to lay it under it. Of course at the time he told me that he did so to get me to agree to have the pole on my land, but it was rather useful to play this back to the guy I was talking to now. Having looked at the diagram he did not deny that other than having a pole on my land the only option was to put it under the road. So after I had demonstrated I was not going to cave in at the threat of a twelve month wait and shown I also had a bit of leverage myself, as it would be a lot cheaper for him to relocate it on my land than to have to dig up the road he reached for the next page in his negotiation manual - he would have to speak to "higher authority" to discuss this. I'm not sure if it was genuine or a play for time but apparently "higher authority" is on maternity leave and will not be back for a couple of weeks. But he did say he would copy me on the email he is going to send explaining the situation and asking for guidance. So I have at least managed to get an initial engagement and have broadly given him a couple of weeks to discuss it internally. My gut feel at this stage is having started off trying to be helpful I should not it drift too long now and if in a couple of weeks they do not come back minded to cover the cost I will probably serve notice for them to remove the equipment. But when I do that I will explain I am doing it just so that I have a 'backstop' in case we can't reach a sensible commercial agreement. Any thoughts much appreciated. Randomiser. * From what I have read it is right that a Wayleave terminates when a property is sold. This seems a little odd to me as it means that every time a property changes hands the DNO runs the risk of the new owner serving notice for them to remove their equipment. I would have thought they would want a bit more certainty than that.
  6. Glad you got through, but surprised. I thought there had to be a surface suitable for a wheel chair from the parking to the door. Not sure how easy it would be to take a wheelchair over that unfinished drive jn front of the ramp. Did they raise that at all? Randomiser.
  7. I agree with the above an outbuilding in area B is highly unlikely to be Permitted Development. But as you have an existing planning permission as long as what you are building is not too controversial in design terms it should be an easy application to get approved. If it is less than 15m2 or is less than 30m2 and 1m from the boundary you will not need to worry about building regs. You can go up to 30m2 within 1m but then get in to it having to be "constructed substantially of non-combustible materials". You say it will be 3.5m x 4.5m, ie over 15m2, but you also say it will be block and cladding so you may be OK within a meter anyway, depending on whether they get interested in the cladding aand what view the BC officer takes of "substantially". It is explained here https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200130/common_projects/43/outbuildings/2 Hope that helps.
  8. I was thinking of going, but to be honest having looked at the list of exhibitors I am not sure it is worth the two hours each way in the car. There seem to be a lot of timber frame companies and I am probably going brick and block. Has anyone been, did they find it worthwhile? What did they see that made it worthwhile?
  9. Russell I am sorry if my mentioning has resulted in your understandable frustration. Randomiser.
  10. Andrew I am also looking at piling quotes at the moment. My best quote for 150mm steel case driven piles works out at about £400 per 6m deep pile, including set up cost and pre-augering the first 3m. That is close to twice your cost, so I wondered if you would mind sharing the size and depth of the piles that applies to. Thanks in advance, Randomiser.
  11. Russell Was that £12,000 quote including formwork or just poured in trenches? I have just had a quote at £110 per lm, but that is just pouring into trenches with no formwork. Thanks in advance, Randomiser.
  12. No worries, maybe you should ask for referral fees, I'll certainly tell them where I got their details from if I end up using them. Given the fantastic write up you provided they owe you a few beer vouchers! And thanks again for writing this all up. I am currently looking in to piling and ground beam and your blog has been a goldmine of useful information.
  13. Scrap that, just found it. Did you know they have one of your pictures on their site? http://www.total-group.co.uk/swiftform/
  14. Fantastic blog, just read all the entries. I have been looking at your suppliers, but can I double check the formwork supplier. I did a google search on Swift Form but had no luck. Do you know if they have a website? Thanks in advance. Randomiser.
  15. I think once the consent has expired the PD returns. B.1 Development is not permitted by Class B if... ... (c)the building is a specified building and the development is undertaken during the specified period, regardless of whether, in relation to the development, a prior approval event has occurred. I think that is what the reference to "specified period covers. Randomiser.