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  1. Randomiser

    Timber clad suppliers and advice please

    Looks very nice, even behind the scaffold! Looking forward to the blog post, but expensive and stressful is not really what I am after! Randomiser.
  2. John I did check with the DNO and there are no legal agreements on file. So no paperwork to get sight of. Randomiser.
  3. Thanks to everyone who gave me input. I phoned up SSEN today to initiate discussions. Not much engagement, but I suspect I was speaking to a call handler that deals with a range of topics. So based on his advice I have now submitted the form which will kick off the quote process. I did raise the fact that I would be looking to negotiate on the cost due to the lack of any wayleave for the pole and cable but I think it went over his head a bit, he just said that nobody would even speak to me until I had started the quote process. I'll update as soon as I make some progress in case my experience is useful for others in the future. Randomiser.
  4. Randomiser

    Timber clad suppliers and advice please

    Oops, quoted wrong post before. Weebles I wondered if the render and cladding was finished yet? We are thinking of a similar combination so I'm interested in your experience. Randomiser.
  5. Thanks for the additional advice, it makes a lot of sense to get the connection dealt with at the same time. We are at an early stage, so hopefully will not cause a big delay if I get on to it now. Randomiser.
  6. OK, that's really helpful. Thank you everyone. The wayleave team gave me the number of their engineering department, so I think I will give them a call to initiate engagement with them. As per advice above I'll start by playing nicely. If things do cut up rough is there any risk that I can be refused an electricity connection? Thanks, Randomiser.
  7. Does this mean the pole and cables are not owned by the DNO, but by the electricity provider? The cables go from the pole on our site, to a pole on the neighhour's land and then across the road to another pole where it then starts to connect to properties. If does not supply the derelict house on pur site, it has no connection at the moment. If it does not belong to the DNO is there no need for there to be a wayleave? At the end of the day I am not so worried about the value of the wayleave, only that the ultimate ability to tell them to "get your pole off my land" gives me levergare to have it moved at low or no cost. Thanks in advance, Randomiser.
  8. I contacted the DNO asking for the details of the wayleave and they have responded that they have no record of one.
  9. I apologise for starting another topic on this subject, I know there are others on here which I have read, but I can't find a discussion of the same situation I am in. There is a wooden pole on our plot with what I believe to be a 400v powerline running off it across our plot to another wooden pole just over the boundary on a neighbour's land. The powerline 'overflies' the existing (derelict) house on the land, albeit over a single storey part of the existing house. Under the approved plans the replacement house (all two storey) will also sit under the cable. I contacted the DNO covering the plot and they have replied telling me that there is no record of any legal agreement in place covering the equipment on the plot. The other threads I have found on here are where there is a wayleave in place. I do not know the exact height that the cable is over the current house, or what it will be over the approved house, but my best estimate is that the cable is little more than (what I understand to be the legal minimum height of) 5.2m above the ground. I have tried to find if there is a legal minimum clearance over a house for a 400v cable, but can't find anything so far - though I have seen a comment on another thread that in Kent cables can't 'overly' houses, I do not know if they were 400v cables and if this is a local restriction or a national one. If the cable is at about 5.2m it is only about 1.5m above the single storey section of the existing house, the new house at 7.6m high clearly won't fit under the cable. At this stage the DNO can not say with certainty that the existing house is going to be demolished, it is perfectly possible that instead of building a new house the existing one could be refurbished. My objective (probably pretty obviously) is to get the cable out of the way of the replacement house at no or the lowest possible cost. Given all of this, I would be interested in any thoughts anyone has with regard to the best approach to securing either the relocation of the pole or the 'undergrounding' of the cable with the DNO picking up all or at least most of the cost. Thanks in advance for any thoughts, Randomiser.
  10. Randomiser

    Temporary security / safety site fencing

    I mean a limited exemption to the usual requirement for a boundary fence above 1m at the front of a property. I am happy to contemplate doing it in contravention of any requirement, but would like to understand what I may be in breach of before doing so. In answer to another question, we will not be living on site and are about 40 minutes away, but will be going over most days. As we will not be near by our concern is really the evenings when nobody will be on site.
  11. We are close to starting our build. When I drive around the area and see all the developments being worked on by house builders they all seem to have temporary fencing erected around the sites for what I presume are security reasons, though also may be to keep people out of the site so there are no accidents. I am now thinking it may be a good idea for us to do something similar. As these fences are along the frontage of the sites and are usually made of 2.4m boards on there side, if they were permanent they would no doubt need planning permission. Does anyone know if because they are temporary and can be seen as a safety measure there is some limited exemption during the build phase? Or do the developers tend to include this as part of their planning applications? Thanks in advance, Randomiser.
  12. "The boss of the company, Enzo Sauro, said the giant redwood had been cut down by mistake and they would "replace it with a mature replica tree"." So they are looking for an enormous plastic tree? 😅
  13. Randomiser

    Are TPO consents time limited?

    Thanks again, posts must have crossed.
  14. Randomiser

    Are TPO consents time limited?

    Don't worry, have found it myself. Looks like it is Part 4, Regulation 17 of the Town & Country Planning (Tree Preservation) Regulations 2012. Thanks again. Randomiser.