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  1. The scope of the HSE is purely to investigate employers who fall short in their duty of care to employees, visitors or members of the public directly connected with the job site. I could blow my house into the middle of next year (although not likely with a 47kg propane bottle?) The people with any interest would be the fire service, police and insurance loss adjuster. Surely you remember learning about the role of the HSE and Riddor when you completed your SMSTS?
  2. I know DPMiller, I wasn't aiming at you, actually it was directed at those who seem to want to catastrophise and pontificate, seemingly without pausing to actually understand what the OP may be asking. I made it quite clear my post was not directed at angry, opinionated gas fitter types it was just a request for some positive advice, as most have given in good faith. ?
  3. I was running a large commercial refurb project years ago in Chiswick when I did have a spot check from HSE, the guy was very nice, after a lovely walk round it was noted the decorating contractors spraying the concrete soffits had the wrong type of mask laying about, that was the only thing he picked up on... Anyway I very much doubt the HSE would be interested in visiting my little old house given I don't employ anyone and I'm not employed by anyone but I'll bear it in mind.
  4. Surface mounted means... Well, mounted on the surface. maybe its different in Wales.
  5. Thanks Joe, to be fair, I think he's OK with compression or solder as long as he can get to the joint.
  6. Nobody suggested surface mounted. I really wish people would stop scanning posts and replying in platitudes, it doesn't help anyone.
  7. Read the post properly before you comment!
  8. Thanks to all for contributing - I understand the importance of eliminating any joints within voids to prevent possible gas build up, but i'm still a little unclear on the guidelines covering 'accessibility' of compression fittings versus soldered joints. Am I right in thinking compression fittings would need to be readily visible and therefore quickly serviced in the event of a leak, but soldered joints are seen to more reliable and can be hidden behind kitchen cabinetry etc? Does 'accessible' mean at low level behind a kick plate or clipped to the front? I suspect the answer is non conclusive and depends exactly how each GS fitter decides to interpret?
  9. Indeed, I'm actually using 25mm electrical conduit as it the OD works with the 28mm sds I'm using ?
  10. I didn't even know you used jubilee clips on flexible pipe? ?
  11. Cheers Peter, haha, no bbq style hose you'll be glad to hear?. I'm hard tubing all the way to the valve, I'm just using 15mm copper tube with compression fittings. All above ground. I've seen these, seems a very sensible idea
  12. I've seen these, seems a very sensible idea
  13. Yes, that's my understanding too, penetration will be sleeved with conduit and foamed
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