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  1. Hi. I have paired some lamps & the plug switches and they work fine on my Philips Hue system as that’s Zigbee too. You will need to buy the Silvercrest Smart Home Gateway for £19.99 in order to create a system to pair your lamp(s) to, as the Hive thermostat provide this itself. It is an expense but the Lidl kit is cheap for a decent system in my opinion, especially compared to Philips Hue. My only issue is I bought a Lidl smart light fitting too & the remote control that came with it won’t pair properly but I can live without it.
  2. Hi I've split my land and now have a piece that has no mortgage on it etc. Can anybody point me in the right direction to get it registered with Land Registry? My solicitor is unusually slow due to Covid & WFH etc. I want to transfer it into a Limited Company. At this rate the house will be finished & good to go before the Title is sorted. Appreciate your help if you can.
  3. Neither. Floor to ceiling glass aplenty.
  4. Hi all My small new build will have a vaulted ceiling in the open plan living area. Any ideas on lighting as opposed to just having spotlights all over?
  5. Thanks for your help - it’s appreciated. Unfortunately the old girl passed away a year before I bought the place. I think I’m going to be in to a phone call with HMRC by the looks of it.
  6. Thank you for replying. It will be. Thanks. It will be a complete new dwelling. Own address, deeds etc. It’s not a complete knock down & rebuild as that’s uneconomical. I’ll have a good read of the link.
  7. Hi I’m converting my garage into a bungalow. It’s detached from my house & is about 10 m away. I will be extending it by 50% in size. Having trawled through here & the HMRC website I can’t work out whether I can reclaim the VAT. I’ve owned my house for 4 years and have never used it to store a car. The lady before me owned the property for 50 years, in her 80s & didn’t own a car. Any clues on if I can prove it hasn’t been used to store a car for 10 years whether I’d get the VAT back, & If so, any ideas how I can prove it? Many thanks. Nige.
  8. Thanks all. The name is definitely non too popular with newborns as Tennentslager says. My mate has named her dog Nigel - says it all really! Anyway, my architect has got a mezzanine floor pencilled in above a bedroom giving a 2050mm headroom. What’s your thoughts? It’s going to be holiday accommodation (AirBnB etc) for reference.
  9. Hi everyone. I’ve e got PP for a garage conversion to a bungalow & am looking forward to being part of this community & sharing my experiences. Nige.