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  1. Evening all, and happy 2021 just had the planning permission through for our new self build, the building regs are being put together by the architect but he doesn’t do construction method statements... I’m guessing all are pretty much the same and a national company could do it? would anybody on here have a better idea?
  2. Thank you, ive forwarded the plans on to jewsons who have got a deal on. They will work out all the costings so that’s a big bonus
  3. Good afternoon, finally got the green light from planning and looking to get the ball rolling with the mortgage. swansea building society have asked for a list of costings for the build, I’m guessing they do this with all self build mortgages?? how in depth exactly do you ha e to go with this? It means getting prices from certain trades who ain’t necessarily going to get the contract? How in depth do we have to go? I was hoping there was some kind of spread sheet or if someone had a copy of what they have done? If anyone could help that would be fab ??
  4. Good evening all... any help on this matter would be very much appreciated.. I’ve been going through planning for 7 months and finally I thought I could see some light at the end of the tunnel. my application has been pulled twice from the planning agenda but was finally in for committee this week. The major issue is that my old man is a county councillor all declared and above board but has one major thorn in the ass who wants to do everything in his power to trip him up by ruining my application... here we go planning has been approved by the head of planning on both occasions it has been put forward for committee. highways have approved the application with no issues.. conseravation officer has passed the application welsh water has passed the application. my issue is the councillor has demanded a site visit to see his issues. He is saying the entrance is very dangerous and could possibly see a fatality ? it’s a normal residential back street which is very quiet.. so I’m hoping common sense should prevail and should agree with all the professionals who have approved the application.. my question, does anybody know when the regulations changed regarding parking on a self build?? the house has got to be 6m from the highway and I’ve got to have a turning circle where I can drive in and turn round and drive out facing forward which I have plus a double garage and 2 separate parking bays not obstructing the turning circle, so I do tick all the boxes. I would just like to know when this was brought in as a regulation.. instead of just 2 simple parking bays.. sorry for the long write up but I can’t find any info on it. All I want to do is get a shovel in the ground.. please help haha
  5. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be on the neighbours Xmas card list this year
  6. I’m trying my hardest at the moment to spread the love or muck whatever you wish to call it.. I’ve been quoted around £100 a load 18/20 ton.. it’s not the easiest of build a fair size retaining wall also... well aslong as I ain’t tripped up in council next week.. it’s taken 6months to get this far planning has been a nightmare, down to one neighbour who keeps putting hurdles in the way. im also looking for a small machine about 1:5-2 ton plus a small dumper 1-1;5ton.. any ideas or auctions?
  7. Good afternoon all, well after 6 months of planning and falling out with neighbours... We are nearly there, officers recommendation has come back approved and its in council next Tuesday. This is is my first and hopefully last self build.. So any advice and help will be much appreciated.. Muck away way is going to be the hardest part of the project around about 7/800 ton. Would like to hear from anyone that's been up the they're neck in it.. i pi hope you don't mind me firing some questions all your way Deano
  8. Good afternoon all, Planning permission in pro and making the step from house renovation to my first self build... so stand by your lap tops and please help a guy out. difficult build but i'm up for the challenge, looking to build a dorma with a garage below. i will attach a few pics later, im guessing i have around 200 ton to dispose of first
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