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  1. @Thorfun My windows are IC Futura so they are aluclad timber, triple glazed. Sound eduction seems very good but I do live in a rural location, so not much external noise.
  2. @Thorfun I am really happy with my doors & windows from ideal combi. Been in for 2 1/2 years now. Not had any problems. They look great. The large sliders work really well. I just hoover the track to get rid of any dust & leaves every few months. The locks & handles re really robust. Front & back doors also great. A self builder friend has Internorm & there is no noticeable difference in quality in my opinion. I had ridiculous quotes from Internorm. Velfac are very similar to ideal combi. I managed to knock them down on price considerably by playing them off against the quote from Velfac.
  3. Just beware of expanding foam. It's the work of the devil.
  4. Any suggestions for the best fixings for 15mm plasterboard fixed to 50mm battens on a timber frame to hang pictures, coat hooks & shelves?
  5. Virtually at a standstill in the house until end of lockdown, but plenty to do outside. Extreme gardening, digging its a crowbar & lump hammer to remove builders rubble. Keep me going for a few weeks. 😂
  6. Thanks Peter. Long time coming. Final push came when immersion heater packed up in the cottage. Tried to get a plumber without success & just thought why am I bothering. Just decamp to new house all heated by the sun.
  7. Well, just over 4 years since breaking ground I have moved in at last. Covid 19 was the kick in the rear I needed to get on with it. Still a long way to go but liveable. Upstairs nearly finished. No kitchen but utility fine. After all the trauma of the last 4 years has it been worth it? Oh yes, it is heavenly.🤗
  8. Wow, I am really impressed. They are lovely. Nice hobby. Hope to do it myself once garden up & running. May take a while😂
  9. Had an argument with a piece of cement board a while ago. Heavy stuff, fell back on me. Also fell down the stairs 3 weeks ago while cladding wall with birch ply. No idea I had done so much damage until the following day. No fracture but soft tissue & vascular trauma. Lots of swelling & bruising & lost blood supply to toes Crutches & keeping leg elevated for 2 weeks. Got infected & needed dressing every day for 2 weeks. Healing now but will be 6 to 8 weeks before completely healed. Fun this self building lark.
  10. Download the Moduleo brochure & the skirting is on page 100-101. I have transform dry back.
  11. I have a charcoal coloured schock sink in the utility room. An absolute horror. It is a bugger to keep clean & only looks good when wet. Sooooo wish I had gone for stainless steel. The only choice in the house I regret so far.
  12. @BotusBuild Best plan is to buy a site loo from ebay. Renting one is very expensive. I bought mine for £500 delivered & have just sold it on ebay for £425 buyer collected. If I had rented one over 3 1/2 years would have cost a fortune. I used accompany called D-tox to empty, clean & refill it for £25 =VAT As my build has been sporadic there were long periods when it wasn't used so it didn't need servicing that often.