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  1. Soil survey cost

    Our soil sample analysis was £200. The total cost with plotting of percolation test, design of soak away, report on structural stability of site, trial holes & analysis of foundation depths from tree survey was £1107 inc VAT This cost included the soil analysis test from the lab.
  2. cladding progressing well

    Hi Liz, The cladding looks great. Things are really progressing fast now. I am so pleased for you after all the delays.
  3. Wet Room, Utility Room and 2nd Fix

    All looks great Peter. Really neat. I am glad the genvex combi is working well. It is still an option I am considering. What is the internal sqm of your house?
  4. Bio-ethanol fire

    I am thinking for a bio-ethanol stove from imagine fires. Looks like a Scandinavian wood burner. Max 3 KW but sounds as if it is controllable by how much fuel is put in the burner. I was a bit concerned about odour but I see they have a more refined fuel that is supposed to be odourless.
  5. Which MVHR

    @le-cerveau Thank you for your reply. It is just me by myself. I will go back & question BPC a bit more. They are my preferred option. I will ask them to put me in touch with an installer. Does anyone have any other ideas for a supply & fit?
  6. Which MVHR

    I am trying to sort out an MVHR at the moment. I had a quote a long time ago from Nuaire & also Systemair. Both seemed expensive. I have just had a quote from CVC for a Renovent Excellent 180 , but again a lot of money. BPC have quoted for an Xpelair that I am quite keen on. It is the installation cost that is a problem for me at £1800-1900 from any supplier. I am also in a quandary because both of latest quotes have an installation plan & they are very different. Not sure which is best. The CVC has the intake & exhaust next to each other. I thought they had to be about 1.5m apart. I would be really grateful for any thoughts. I have attached both plans. Thanks Moira NIEDZWIECKA_MOIRA_MVHR+INST-RE180-AE48-REVA.pdf HRVMN130717Q_MOIRA_REV04-A3_GF FF.pdf
  7. Ideas for improvements in 2018

    That is exactly what happened, Ian. There is soooo much information that it is easy to miss things. Initially I was completely boggled, as my first intro was via ebuild. I was like a headless chicken flitting from one topic to another & felt overwhelmed by the amount of info. Sometimes trying to return to something I had read & not being able to find it again. Ebuild was great but I find buildhub more focused & user friendly. Also, many of the people who posted on ebuild have now built their houses & their knowledge & experience is vastly greater. I am enormously grateful to everyone generously giving their time & knowledge to help others. Self building can be a lonely & daunting task when a complete novice. This site offers not only an information resource but support & humour when most needed.
  8. Ideas for improvements in 2018

    The idea of 'Read me first' sections for various common topics is a great idea. I know there are various decisions about our build that I would have looked at in another way if I had been aware of some of the alternatives right at the start. As much as I tried to read all of the posts on certain topics there were things I missed. Sometimes it is a case of just knowing what questions to ask of designers or contractors. Initial ideas can sometimes point you in a direction not considered before and make you seek out further information.
  9. MBC build- A New Year update

    Looking great. Some really interesting angles in the vaulted ceilings. We have the same. We weren't sure what it would look like until actually built. How wide is your service cavity between the airtight smartply & the plasterboard? Is this what you have stuffed with rockwool? What insulation is within your timber frame? I am really interested to know as I have been thinking of doing the same.
  10. balcony

    Thanks Ian, That is really useful information. I have not looked at costs yet or fully decided on a glass balcony, but I will certainly take this into account if I do decide on glass. I am also considering a brushed stainless steel balcony or maybe even an anthracite powder coated one. Aalco have some interesting products. Moz
  11. balcony

    @HerbJ Your glass Juliet balconies look great. Where did you get them from?
  12. Any news on Solar panels

    We thought long & hard about fitting PV. We decided that, hopefully, this is where we will stay it was worth it. The heating, hot water & MVHR etc will all be electric. We will use any excess generation to heat & store as hot water & set washing machine for during the day. We will still receive the deemed usage & the FIT. Eventually battery storage will become viable & next car will be electric. We decided it was future proofing & more cost effective to fit at this stage, we have gone for in roof panels, while slating the roof. We believe electricity prices will continue to rise, especially if they build the new nuclear plants at exorbitant cost. We found the cost of optimisers very expensive & were advised that only really needed if shading was an issue (in which case why would you fit PV anyway) & that a good quality string inverter was the way to go. Binky from the electricians forum was very helpful with totally independent advice as he was not selling anything.
  13. balcony

    We too were originally going to recess the landing area & have a covered balcony. We decided in the end to pull out the landing wall & have a juliet balcony. It means we can take advantage of the great views all the time instead of the relatively few days when the weather is favourable. We now have a lovely first floor sitting room & study area where there would have just been a smallish landing with an under used balcony. Also saved money.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone! Started day by tidying up on the scaffolding in case of high winds while the goose was cooking. Now completely stuffed & ready for a kip. Big thanks to you all for advice & comments over the past year.
  15. Progress at last!

    @Luckylad We are having an anthracite aluminium dry verge that will just cloak over the top of the cedar. It will be the same on the gable ends with the render. We are also having anthracite aluminium box guttering. @ragg987 I am hoping to pick up some lighting & Sanitary ware in the sales. I have some already.