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  1. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Timber frame or brick & Block

    PYC from North Wales.
  2. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Timber frame or brick & Block

    We have an I-beam closed panel timber frame with 30mm cellulose for the walls and roof, so a bit of a hybrid between TF & SIPS. It feels really solid & very quiet. Erected on site in 4 days including all the internal stud walls, ceilings, intermediate floor and battens for plasterboard. Airtight OSB for VCL & included airtight tape over all seams. We have a vaulted first floor sitting room with no beams.
  3. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Motivating other people is one thing, but ....

    Yep. +100 I am still in the hole & digging deeper. What depresses me is that I just don't have any time. When I get back from work at gone 6pm & have something to eat I am already knackered. Motivating myself to do jobs on site or even housework or shopping after work is hard. I work full time, have Tuesdays off but work every other Saturday. OH back on chemo so unable to help & not allowed to drive because of treatment. Every 3rd Tuesday at the hospital. Leaves me 9 days a month & as OH stuck at home all the time he needs to get away, that means me taking him somewhere at the weekends when I am off. I find it physically hard as well. At 55 I do not have the energy levels anymore. Also, just not being strong enough to lift or move stuff is very frustrating. Ah, there we go, got that of my chest. Yesterday evening I took a walk in the small woodland at the back of us with the cats. Sat on a bed of celandine near the brook & watched the cats play. Good stuff. I also like to lose myself in a good book while soaking in the bath. Its been such a long winter. Hopefully it will improve now. Any chance you can book a last minute holiday to the sun? A week totally away from it may help. If not pop your lovely doggie in the car & go to the seaside for a couple of days. I think it is harder because it is always just outside your window & you can't just not go to site for a few days.
  4. Moira Niedzwiecka

    One's bum and things that bite you there!

    Our one stroke of luck on the build was that the farm a mile up the road was making an earth bund around the bio-gas plant they were constructing. As most of our excavation was heavy clay soil this was a godsend. They were very happy for us to dump it for free. Win win for both of us.
  5. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Advice about grommets please

    I am a bit confused about which rubber grommets to order. The ducting is 125mm. Most of the grommets I have seen are for 100-120mm or 120-150mm. Which size should I get? Also, I need a really good exterior sealing tape to seal under the windows & doors before the cills are fitted. I was looking at bitumen tapes, any recommendations?
  6. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Preparing for WW3

    Hey, I'm sorted. I have so many bags of fullers earth cat litter for my rescue moggies. I just have to make an igloo type structure out of them
  7. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Main bathroom finished

    I'll check them out. Thanks. I like the idea of this as no grouting to discolour.
  8. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Main bathroom finished

    Hi @Ferdinand Where did you go to look at yours? I see you are in Notts. We are just south of Melton Mowbray so probably not too far away.
  9. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Main bathroom finished

    Thanks for the info @ProDave & @Ferdinand. Much appreciated.
  10. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Main bathroom finished

    Thanks Dave. I will have a measure up when I get home from work.
  11. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Main bathroom finished

    Great idea, thanks for the tip. Can I ask what height your flat ceiling in the shower is, the width of the cardboard and the height of the cardboard on the left? Also the pitch of your roof? Sorry to be so nosy but I have an area adjacent to the bathroom that was going to be a cupboard accessed from the other side. I am now thinking it could be a walk in shower and include it in the bathroom. It is so difficult to tell if it is big enough when it is just stud timbers.
  12. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Main bathroom finished

    Really smart Dave. I like the panels. We have a sloping roof line because our house is chalet style. I thought it would be a pain cutting a lot of tiles at an angle. I will investigate panels.
  13. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Portaloo Massacre: no unreasonable offer refused

    Can the person with the 3 speed a...hole please s..t in low gear. Sorry, this was my OH, not me, honest.
  14. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Patio wall lights

    @daiking Pics of solar lights. They come with a 1x AA rechargable battery for each as a back up. Stainless steel & give a good light.