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  1. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Plasterboard What Thickness

    Our plasterers have recommended 15mm. Especially on the large open plan ceilings so there will be no sagging. They will also cut full boards around the windows so there won't be any joins at the corners of the window openings.
  2. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Cedar Cladding

    It was just starting to grey slightly, it looked faded & had lost the lovely variation of colours it had when new. I think if we had left it any longer it would have silvered quickly in certain places and looked patchy. Our site is quite exposed to both sun & rain Our render is a soft sand colour & grey would not look good with it or the ironstone. Osmo advised me that the clear oil would need treating every couple of years and the stained one about 5 years. It has only had one coat of the oak stain oil. I would give the technical department at osmo a call for advice or the cedar supplier. If you have any spare pieces that have greyed try it on them without sanding initially. We were nervous that it would look really false but it looks quite smart. Happy!
  3. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Cedar Cladding

    We have used exterior Osmo oil with the oak stain as we did not want the cedar to silver. We used the clear osmo to start with but found out it doesn't have great UV protection. The cedar started to lose its colour & grey quite quickly. The new stain looks good & is showing no signs of weathering yet. We tried the other colours available but the oak was nearest to the original colour of the cedar. As it is translucent it there is still a variation between the cedar planks. The cedar stain is too orangey red. I would get a sample sachet & try it in a discreet place.
  4. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Obtaining restrictive covenant insurance This is a really useful article.
  5. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Obtaining restrictive covenant insurance

    Enforcing the covenant is not the issue really. All the party with the benefit needs to do is write to you informing you that they have the covenant & indemnity insurance will not then be possible. They have the covenant, it is as simple as that. You would then have to take action to deal with it. Don't forget the aspect of neighbourhood dispute as well. £125 sounds about right for an indemnity to cover this. In the scheme of things it is not much money to resolve an issue. Your buyers solicitor would need to approve the wording of the policy.
  6. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Obtaining restrictive covenant insurance

    The whole idea of the indemnity insurance is to protect your buyers and their successors in title in case someone should try to enforce the covenant. Whilst the covenant may not be able to be enforced it is still recorded & registered on the title. It could incur the owners in legal costs defending the action. It is possible to have covenants removed in some cases via The Lands Tribunal, but this is a very expensive & time consuming process. How much is the indemnity policy?
  7. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Obtaining restrictive covenant insurance

    20 years ago indemnity insurances were hardly ever heard of. Now they are on everything. They can useful in cases of defective title. You may also find that restrictive covenants are not always mentioned on the burdened property title but are mentioned on the title of the benefitting property. If it doesn't cost much but facilitates the sale may be worth just providing it. If your buyer is having a mortgage their solicitor may require it to include in the report on title to the mortgage lender.
  8. Moira Niedzwiecka

    LED mirrors?

    Thank you @newhome I missed it on your excellent post about VAT refunds. I suspected they would be eligible because to the lighting element & one has a shaver socket too.🙂
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to reclaim VAT on LED mirrors for bathrooms?
  10. Moira Niedzwiecka

    AndyT ( Andy Trewin ) formerly of Sunamp

    I found out about 2 weeks ago that Andy had retired as I had been in discussion with him about a UniQ 9. Since then I have called Sunamp 4 times now to be told that someone is looking at it & would call me back & no one ever has. I just tried chasing again to be told that he is now on holiday. If that is the kind of service on offer I have decided to forget it & go with something else.
  11. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Grand Designs Live Birmingham

    Grand Designs is more of a shopping experience these days for kitchen utensils & patio furniture. Home Building & Renovating Show in March is much better. I think you can get far more out of a couple of hours on pinterest or houzz for design ideas. UK Construction week is on at the same time as Grand Designs & has some interesting stuff. Combining both exhibitions may make the trip worthwhile.
  12. Thanks guys. It is just a quote at the moment. He is a nice guy & comes from a recommendation. It was just to check before & I go back to him & ask him to re quote minus the VAT. I do not think it will be a problem.
  13. Does anyone know if you can claim the VAT back for a TV aerial for supply & fix?
  14. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Condensation on triple glazing

    Thanks for the reassurance guys. Quick few mins with the window vac in the mornings then. I can live with that.