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  1. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Rain and Guttering

    @Vijay I used ARP from Leicester. Really helpful. Provided a sample & came out to measure up & spec. They do all different types if you need a different look. It was very expensive but worth it. We used some of the budget we have saved on buying ex display for the interior. @Ed_MK There is a 50mm cavity between the timber frame & the stonework. There is a DPC 150mm above the level of the blue bricks that slopes to form a cavity tray with weep holes where the stonework meets the blues. The external ground level will be up to the top of the first course of blues. Not sure if this is what you asked or if I have explained it very well.
  2. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Rain and Guttering

    Our guttering finished today. Really pleased with it. Now waiting for some rain to test it out & hopefully wash off the baked on pigeon poo on the roof.
  3. Moira Niedzwiecka

    The tale of the sale of our old house

    You only need the postcode to look up an EPC on the Landmark Trust Register. They are a load of nonsense.
  4. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Garden furniture

    Hi Lizzie, I have bought some sun loungers from Costco that are really nice. They do the same range in chairs & a table. Very sleek pale grey. Sorry I do not have a photo. Will try & find one.
  5. Moira Niedzwiecka

    This could be a fantastic project.

    This is not far from where I live & is a great location. The architects floor plan is bonkers. They have put the entrance & utility where the best view & orientation is. Little_Burchaby.pdf
  6. Moira Niedzwiecka

    The tale of the sale of our old house

    Good luck with the sale Jeremy. It must be a great feeling to be moving on permanently to the new house.
  7. Moira Niedzwiecka

    The tale of the sale of our old house

    An Estate Agent would have the property listed on the net, mailed out & prospective buyers called within 48 hours, more likely 24 hours. You do not need the EPC to market the property. It has to be available within 28 days of going on the market.
  8. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Sunamp heat battery

    In current house oil. I use about 1200 litres a year. In new house upstairs a couple of electric towel rails. I have wired for a couple of small panel heaters but will not install unless really needed. Ground floor wet UFH & will run it off the UVC as & when needed. I may also have a bio ethanol stove. We will have MVHR of course but I am not expecting it to account for heating. We have large glazed south facing patio doors & should benefit from some solar gain in winter when the sun is low. Although maybe not as much as I had originally thought. If the triple glazed patio doors are closed the screed remains quite cool. Solar coating doing its job. The house was surprisingly warm over the winter even though we did not have any floor insulation in, just the beam & block. I am pleased to find that it has remained really quite cool over the last couple of weeks. The insulation doing its job well keeping heat out. Should hopefully keep the heat as well in during the winter.
  9. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Sunamp heat battery

    Electricity. I have the PV to offset some of the cost. I am all electric for cooking & hot water at the moment & use an immersion heater. I currently pay £41pcm for my electric on a standard tariff. Used to have E7 but really wasn't worth it.
  10. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Sunamp heat battery

    @Triassic Thank you. I am not altogether sure I would understand the technicalities if it meant a firing squad, but, at least I could show it to someone who would. There is really no information on the website other than generalities. What about water pressure for showers? Too many questions & too little information for me, teamed with my limited understanding I think counts it out as an option. I am a bit wary as my current heating system is a bit 'alternative' & although it has served me very well for 20 years the company no longer produces or supports it & I can't find anyone to service or repair it. Still works but the switch has gone & I know have to light it by hand. Ok but just a pain. Also, if I ever have to sell the new build it may cause an issue.
  11. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Sunamp heat battery

    It looks like the offer is over now anyway. I couldn't find any info on prices of the PCM58eDuels on the Sunamp website.. Doesn't seem to be a search option on the website to look at these. Think I'll have to go with plan A, the UVC.
  12. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Sunamp heat battery

    Hi Nick, Thank you for your advice. So, if I had the 6kw eDuel PCM58's would I still need any sort of a cylinder or IBoost? I would not be able to increase the PV array as no further room on the roof & nowhere else to install. I have attached the initial SAP worksheet. We have built out of a different construction than originally planned when this was produced but values are largely the same, improved on in some areas. We haven't had an airtightness test done yet but I am expecting well to be below 0.6. Sorry to be so dim but not really sure what I am doing in this area & not sure I fully understand the SAP figures. Sap Worksheet - Pickwell.pdf
  13. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Sunamp heat battery

    I have a 4kw PV array & under floor heating installed on the ground floor only, about 90 sq mtrs. No tank installed at the moment for DWH & underfloor heating. What sunamp would I need if I went down this route & would I still require a cylinder of some sort. I have an Iboost to connect but it is still in the box & could be returned if not needed. There will be only 2 people living in the house.
  14. Moira Niedzwiecka

    Half way point

    We have spent £215k so far. This includes buying our neighbours garden, all fees, ie legal, planning, warranty, site insurance, scaffold, utility connections and large wooden garage/workshop. Exterior finished apart from guttering which is already purchased & will go on next week. Internally screed & UFH in. First fix plumbing & wiring about done. 4kwPV & some internal fittings, ie lights & sanitaryware. Estimate about another £60/70k to finish, including landscaping. We will probably be about £60k over original budget due to a change in personal circumstances whish meant we were not able to do as much ourselves as planned. Also cost of drainage & electricity connections more than estimated.
  15. Moira Niedzwiecka

    When best to decorate a new build

    Lizzie that looks fabulous. I love your colours.