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  1. Florence Galan

    New house plans...

    It Depends on what area you have. When you have a nice view, the balcony is amazing. But when you go to the balcony and see cars /train there, you do not use the balcony.
  2. Florence Galan

    White walls in garden

    Declan52 this is very contrivance , it is amaiznig in night. I will also use this idea.
  3. Florence Galan

    MADi Home

    It Is incredible. A few hour and you have home, new technology is Grea.
  4. Florence Galan

    Sageglass live

    @NSS very nice job. It's look great. It's creative done.
  5. Florence Galan

    I would love to live here

    Wow this place is amaizing. Pic 1 is my dream house... Quiet, peace area and great building.
  6. Florence Galan


    Bravo. The worst is behind you. The finish is the most pleasant. Good luck
  7. Florence Galan

    Polish style

    Sometimes people use this method, when have curves walls. But a lot of people use becouse it is aesthetic. Maybe it is illusion of coving.
  8. Florence Galan

    Polish style

    I have painted walls "Polish style" at home and I think it looks very nice, I certainly would not change it
  9. Florence Galan

    Bigger window for the bedroom?

    Huge blinds windows in bedroom is very nice. I highly recommend ❤️
  10. Florence Galan


    Wow, very nice Brickwork Hecateh . My walls are very similar I am looking forward to the end.