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  1. Have looked at it, but it's a toss up as far as I can see. On the one hand ASHP cheaper to install but on the other hand it's most efficient in the Spring and Autumn, unless I missed something on that. Whereas GSHP is more expensive but a more uniform source all year round? KInda why adding the logburner as backup and obviously for effect. But I'd rather not also fit something like a secondary gas boiler which I have seen advocated with ASHP. We also have an acre of land so GSHP seems easy to achieve.
  2. Hi everyone, It's been a while, planning are an utter bunch of... Anyway 2 questions... 1/ Have considered a log burner, external air feed obviously, just because we have one now and a lot of logs to hand anyway. Is it conterproductive when we will be fitting GSHP & Underfloor Heating. I'd add, we don't have it on a lot at all. 2/ Assuming modern insulating materials, but we are not talking passive, will we need heating upstairs at all? I have read somewhere that it can be virtually redundant. Your help most appreciated.
  3. Thanks @laurenco and @Mr Punter NMA. That’s a new one on me, but handy to know. Ours is is a bit of a saga... put in full application, then withdrew after planning comment in favour of PD as a first step. PD now under appeal, but having discovered the lead time is now another 20 weeks away possibly, we may put our original plan back in but there’s a window I was thinking of changing, but am of two minds. So was just wondering about post approval mods which you have now answered. Think I’ll change the plans before resubmitting anyway.
  4. OK, so we don't yet have approval, in fact I just found out that current appeal lead time is 28 weeks, but lets skip that joke! We have a plan where the GF window at the rear of the front to back entrance hall is effectively three vertical panes. If we were to change our minds about that and want to opt for a single wide landscape window, how much hassle would that be after planning approval? Given that the window would be no wider than the current three planned and have about half the glass surface area. Any knowledge appreciated...
  5. Ditto, I knocked up a temperature logger for the office last summer as it got stupidly hot. Raspberry Pi, Enviro Phat, and 25 lines of code. Timestamps and logs to text file.
  6. Just don't fall off! That's my only advice lol! I did just before Christmas, lost 20 minutes of my memory that I'll never get back, 6 hours in A&E and more scans than the NHS can afford. To cap it all a months no driving advisory from the doctor.
  7. until
    Just in case anyone is interested
  8. I'm sure one could knock something bespoke up with a Raspberry Pi and a couple of sensors. Dump readings to a log file and display via a webpage.
  9. @Christine Walker, @TerryE, Yes I figured that was most likely to be the case, so I've been balancing liquid asset vs paying down the mortgage. In fact I cut off another chunk this morning and I figure, without an actual valuation, that the mortgage is now less than half the value of the land alone, notwithstanding the house we intend to demolish. The broker I finally spoke to last week said that whatever remained would be transferable and just form part of the self build mortgage. Thanks for responses.
  10. Your treatment looks similar to how part of ours is designed to look. And we have a triangular window planned like that. My wife is now concerned about how we cover the triangle at night so we don’t wake with th birds every morning. What have you done if you don’t mind me asking?
  11. Well I phoned up that big self build mortgages broker north of the border who tell me there’s no problem either way. The one other useful thing the nice lady said was that we shouldn’t do any of the work before securing a deal as some companies won’t lend if you’ve started. so at least I learned something today.
  12. Congratulations, make the bastards pay!! They have also cost us a year of our lives so far, and we are mid appeal now... Tick flippin' tock!!
  13. Yes, that's what I have been doing, and playing PushMePullYou in my head the whole time. Safe in the knowledge that cash looses about 2% of it's value every year just sitting in an account (almost no matter which account you can stick it in), I also recognise that the best saving you can make is paying off your mortgage early. We probably have enough set aside to get out of the ground and build most of the shell. I guess I really just need to talk to a professional. I was just casting about for some group experiences in the mean time.
  14. Morning all... So we are planning to knock our house down and replace it, if we ever get the planning sorted... I'd be interested if anyone is or has been in a similar position, as I've mostly held back paying off our current mortgage in favour of stockpiling as much cash as I can to do the work. Is it actually fair to assume I'll need to pay it off anyway or could I get the remainder of the current mortgage added to a self build mortgage? Anyone got any experience or this? We probably own about 88% of our house/land under current value estimates.
  15. Has anyone on here got any experience of PP under Special Circumstances, or what exactly constitutes ‘harm’ to the Greenbelt? We are not surprised by the negative response from planning to our replacement dwelling proposal in the Greenbelt but it seems to me that a policy is not a law and there is no definitive definition for ‘harm’ that I can find. I guess that’s why God invented appeals! Moreover we can expand into a much bigger footprint under PD pretty much without any let or hindrance, so which is more harmful? Planning, you’ve got to have a sense of humour!