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  1. The question: What do you think will happen to the building trade when this looming recession hits? The back story: I'm currently in the kitchen industry and I've spoken to a lot of our suppliers recently as well as a few builders. The over arching story is no surprise; it's been a crazy busy 24 months and suddenly over the last 2 months it's dropped off a cliff. This was also surprisingly said by our rep for a large appliance company, probably why he finally had time to come and see a small independent such as ourselves. Builders have mentioned they were booked (and currently still are) over 12 months in advance but the size of the jobs they could cherry pick from has already started to dry up. I've been reading up about what happened to the building trades during the 2008 crash but this time it's different, right? Does the fact the industry has seen a boom recently mean it will come crashing down harder? Will prices of materials temporarily reduce as companies look to sell off excess stock/over ordering due to the unexpected massive drop in sales? I'm currently waiting on planning permission (hopefully Oct) and in talking to builders with the hope to break ground in spring next year (at best). Which is why I've started to think deeply about the industry... And, well, to be perfectly honest, see where I can save/capitalise.
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