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  1. I've changed one screen using the UV dried adhesive, was pretty easy to do, just fiddly
  2. Vijay

    Non material amendments

    If for example there were 5 things that I wanted to change with a NMA and planning didn't approve one of them, would the whole NMA be knocked back or do they split it up?
  3. Vijay

    Non material amendments

    Last time I went to discuss a pre-app, they wouldn't let me in the building until they'd confirmed the appointment lol
  4. Vijay

    Non material amendments

    I'm not trying to get anything past planning, I just wish they were more helpful. Sadly my experience with them is they won't even have a friendly chat without money, plans and a long wait until they decide. I will call planning on Friday and see what they say, hopefully I'll be surprised
  5. IIRC you drill the wall plate and put the J bars (guess it would have to be thread to bolt it) in place, place it on top of the wet concrete and then let it set. Then you tighten up the bolts
  6. Any reason you didn't set "J" shaped rebar into the concrete? There was a post (could have been on the old forum) that showed it being done for the wall plate
  7. Vijay

    Non material amendments

    Cheers guys. I assume that's why the A.T suggested doing them all at once later on, as you may change things along the way - otherwise cost a fortune in drawings and fees. so far it's: Enlarge the rear garage door from 1810 to 2500. Add a pedestrian door to the garage. Contemplating adding windows to the hall alcoves Contemplating changing a window to a door in the gym area as I had an idea to add a garden room in the future Getting a new drawing done is a pain (but understandable) as my track record with any sort of architect has felt like pulling teeth at times.
  8. Vijay

    Spirit level recommendation please

    I ended up with the Stanley Fatmax 2m job. The first one that arrived wasn't level though, so FFX exchanged it no probs. Been happy with the Stanley one so far
  9. Following on from my post about adding a pedestrian door to my garage What is involved with applying for a non material amendment? Would I need to get new drawings done for it? I'm happy to speak to planning but past experience has been pretty much a block wall in terms of help.
  10. Vijay

    Widest french doors

    Hi Ferdinand, That would be a good way of dealing with security but I would still have the issue of the width. So having french doors is kinda ruled out, will go down the garage door or double opening doors now I reckon
  11. I think the guy who did my drawings mentioned one of those, IIRC he said they can be done at the end?
  12. Decided to go with a pedestrian door, but what would be the situation with planning?
  13. Not keen on the sliders because of how much wall they take up. I guess I could have it into a false wall though. I think my decisions are easier than yours!!! lol