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  1. Hadn't heard of R7, what's the difference from R9?
  2. I genuinely think it's all our responsibility to report these things. The problem if we don't is what does someone do next and before you know it people are thinking well they did it so can I. Living in London, I have seen to many sheds/garages turned into rentals and I believe that's because no one bothered reporting it and now it's so out of hand, that councils are just not bothering with it, saying as long as they are built properly. What I suspect is it's another council tax income............
  3. Exactly what I'll probably going to use. I agree, very impressive window even up close
  4. Exactly what Toolstation did near every Screwfix near me lol No longer £10 for free delivery, they upped it to £25
  5. I thought sythes were the large ones with a double handles (one half way down a long handle)
  6. For what reason would the frame height make a difference, I'd have assumed the toilets would fit in the same place and the the difference in height is in the upper parts of the frames??
  7. I bought a small Clarke hobby mig welder years ago and never got used to it. The problem I had was using small gas canisters that I couldn't regulate the gas pressure (they have no gauges or real control). I got an adaptor to run a CO2 bottle and what a difference it made, gives a nice flow of gas to the weld. Now I would happy try and weld anything - it's a real nice go to tool to have
  8. Got a bonding coat on the wall today - don't think I'll get any plastering work soon but it fills in the gaps
  9. Watched some of his videos before. Do you mean for wall panels? I'm probably going to fit an Abacus shower former which he speaks highly of
  10. What about everywhere else, is that ok or best to skim?
  11. nothing heavy, will be a walk in shower
  12. Same at the other end, a notch cut out
  13. Can't believe I left out that vital information lol I need to double check the other end, but it is approx 2.5m