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  1. Got some prices back - madly expensive IMO, cheapest basic one starts at £995 + VAT, going up to £3350 + VAT.
  2. head height is the issue for a lot of lifts though and certainly my issue. Maybe we should start a new post for us weekend mechanics cos this post for neat ideas is such a useful one
  3. Vijay

    Firefox browser help

    Exactly what happened using explorer, date and time were ancient and causing the problem
  4. Vijay

    Texecom alarms

    Got a friend who fits alarms for a living and I'm sure he swears buy them as trouble free alarms
  5. Vijay

    Fixing joists to the wallplate

    Thank you
  6. Vijay

    Fixing joists to the wallplate

    How come screws are a no-no?
  7. Here you go
  8. I just received mine today, found them for £10 brand new delivered :O
  9. Vijay

    Air vents under doors / level thresholds

    Was it a case of too much concrete at once? The only reason I ask that is Polarwall and a pump guy I was chatting to, both said that you don't pump in one place, you keep going round and round and layer the concrete. That gives the concrete time to start going off and also why the mix has to be so specific. All the air vents are in (have been for a couple of months) but I'm doing doorways at the moment hence this post. How's it going...........................don't ask!!! lol I'm jealous that you've already done a pour!! lol
  10. Vijay

    Air vents under doors / level thresholds

    Doubt I'll be having bi-folds cos of the related issues, probably a slider and a french door. Yeah I saw Russell's post but just have to hope I don't get the same issue
  11. Vijay

    Air vents under doors / level thresholds

    Building in ICF but yeah the vent would be under the sill. What happens if I want a raised patio area at the back of the house, that would mean having to get rid of a few
  12. Just wondered if there was a way of having an air vent (telescopic in my case) with a level door threshold?