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  1. Vijay

    How wide are your doors?

    What's the standard largest single front door you can have, is it 1200?
  2. Vijay

    Rain and Guttering

    any pictures of what you mean? Don't they all cover the cut ends?
  3. Vijay

    Rain and Guttering

    @Moira Niedzwiecka can I ask what guttering system you used?
  4. Vijay

    Durisol Training

    Polarwall worked out cheaper for me
  5. Vijay

    Rain and Guttering

    I'd like to know the manufacturer too as I have to have cast iron (or effect)
  6. Vijay

    No Nonsense? Pha! Suck on this......

    Just thought I'd post up a simple idea I had and works really well to keep the gun nozzle clean. Simply drill a hole slightly smaller than the gun neck in a small clear bottle (I used a Lucozade one) and half fill with acetone. When you've finished with your gun, simple push the neck though the hole into the bottle of acetone
  7. Vijay

    Tiling...many questions

    Hi Nick, How do you do this neatly and how does it compare to a normal tile edge?
  8. Vijay

    Rain and Guttering

    or possibly an idea, have a chain downpipe as a feature?
  9. Vijay

    Doing my Level Best

    I was reading this yesterday and might be of help
  10. Vijay

    Rainwater drainage runs

    Thanks Russ
  11. Vijay

    Rainwater drainage runs

    Hello bud, Do you mean just standard 45 degree rodding eyes like these?
  12. A job I totally forgot to do was the drainage runs for my guttering to my RWH. I assume everything is done in 4" underground pipe the same as my foul drainage, but do I need inspection/rodding chambers at all, say on bends for any reason, seeing as it's just rainwater? Cheers Vijay
  13. Vijay

    Waterproofing ply

  14. Vijay

    Waterproofing ply

    more than happy to do that Anyone know if fence paint be ok for the face of ply?
  15. Vijay

    Waterproofing ply

    osb just swells when wet though?? Already bought the ply now and had it cut down