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  1. Vijay

    PTFE Taping

    Always happy to learn
  2. Vijay

    PTFE Taping

    20 winds?? Hope there's a joke there, why so much???
  3. Vijay

    We're in :)

    Congratulations to both of you, must be such a fantastic feeling to actually get there
  4. lol So you don't think it'll just blend in?
  5. Vijay

    Desperate advice for access road

    I possibly am but the road is approx 100m long so might cost a lot if there's problems ahead
  6. Not sure of the footprint but including the garage, outside walls are around 125 linear metres
  7. Vijay

    Desperate advice for access road

    BM told me it could be up to 36t as they do a round. I will certainly be getting blocks for the drive in the future. I thought concrete lorries were up around 30t and I will have a lot of them as I'm ICF. No refuse collections from the houses, bins have to be put at the front for collection. I agree 24/26 tonnes is a lot but I'm not happy that it restricts things so we have to check weights for everything. I'm annoyed that his people say 60t but he ignores them completely. Remember, we have to pay the maintenance on this road after it's constructed!
  8. I had to do exactly what you didn't want to do. All I had to do is have rebar joining the 2 lots of concrete (foundation to 1st ICF course concrete) and then there is another lot of rebar to join the first ICF course concrete to the next pour. I guess there could be a way depending on how many floor beams and how difficult your layout is.................
  9. Vijay

    Desperate advice for access road

    Cheers Peter. The developer is now saying the road is only good for up to a fire engine - even though his employees doing the work say otherwise. I understand he's trying to cover himself but it's ridiculous!
  10. Vijay

    Heavy man

    What about those plastic beads you heat and then mould? Maybe encase something with more weight in it?
  11. Nope you need to do a site visit What's the issue? I'm hoping to put the beams into their exact positions next week
  12. Fed up with it swaying in the wind when setting out, I tried using yellow fishing line which worked much much better. Also used one of these to save wasted time getting knots and twisted string -
  13. Vijay

    Desperate advice for access road

    Does anyone know what a fire engine weight is rated at? A quick Google search suggested only 12t?
  14. Vijay

    Flooring under kitchen cabinet?

    Why not just tile where white goods are going and everywhere else up to plinth legs/feet