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  1. Evolution Flush Casement Window - any reviews?

    I think they were ones I looked at but Residence 9 came out a lot cheaper
  2. Internorm sliders leaking

    That's local to me if I can help at all
  3. Choosing casters - is a nightmare. Have you any advice?

    shopping trolley ones can easily be removed with the right spanner, they are bolted on I agree ones with a flat plate fixing might be better though
  4. Choosing casters - is a nightmare. Have you any advice?

    shopping trolley castors??
  5. Can't answer the fitment bit but a good upgrade is a multi chuck like this
  6. I insulated my water pipe once it came up under the B&B floor
  7. UFH Screed Depth?

    I thought all beams would be pre-cambered??
  8. Inspection stages

    Cheers guys, glad to hear it's normal
  9. Inspection stages

    The last inspection I had was for the drainage. I emailed BC and asked at what stage do they next want to inspect, thinking it would be the floor beams or something pretty soon, but they said " Please call us when the roof is on and we will do a roof and progress inspection. If there are steels going in we will need to see them before they are covered." Is that normal as I thought they'd be more involved?
  10. Self-Build induced Insomnia

    Joe, can I tell you it could be the best thing you ever do!!! I took it up 3 years ago for helping with lower back issues, not only did it help that but it helped with 18 years of insomnia and it's helped me cope with my self build and my 83 year old Mum having major heart surgery last year - gave me a new outlook on life and what we have control over
  11. By George, I think she's got it!

    Congratulations - now have a rest before the fun starts lol
  12. sealed lead acid batteries?

    a mate of mine goes up and down the country doing something with large batteries and I've messaged him. Have you got a pic of the battery you're looking for?
  13. M4a to Mp3 please.

    seriously, this is exactly what you need
  14. M4a to Mp3 please.

    I've used this before
  15. Windows for my new home

    Would you prefer to use UPVC for maintenance reasons at all? If so you can get UPVC wood effect (which is exactly what I will be using and the planners are happy with it)