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  1. I assume not load bearing if it's from an open planned room. Would you be happy with a stud wall?
  2. Absolutely no idea, just popped into my head when I read the issue JSHarris had
  3. Firstly, if you need a brilliant supplier, I bought a load from these guys and dealt with Rob, who was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I'm a complete newbie with Kwikstage but thanks to the guys on here, got the first floor of my scaffold up without too much issue. So here's my thoughts: 1. It would make sense to me to have a slightly longer ladder so you have rungs to hold while stepping on/off. 2. That's how I thought of doing it and how I've seen normal scaffold/ladders. I personally am going for stairs and and access transom when I go higher. 3. What I planned to do was to use normal scaffold to create the vertical that the gate would attach to, then use another scaffold pole to create the handrail that attaches to the vertical pole. 4. As per the advice I got on this post, I used a return transom on each level when turning 90 degrees. My build is Northampton if you ever want a visit. IIRC a couple of people gave the offer and great advice to see some in the flesh. I didn't go to anyones site but it would have been very useful to see exactly how it goes up. And for what it's worth, although it was work getting the scaffold up in the heat we had, I'm really happy I went down the Kwikstage route
  4. Is there anyway of fitting a course mesh to the bottom of the PV to break up the sheet of water coming off it? (so it creates an upstand) Only shallow so leaves wouldn't get backed up
  5. would it be an idea to fill as much of the cage as possible and then fill a large bucket with concrete. Leave one guy poking and filling the cage from the bucket, while the pump moves on?
  6. Because you didn't see any point or something else?? Is that vertical or horizontal???
  7. Isn't it the point of the discount from suppliers, for the trades people getting the materials, for their pockets and also to sway them going to a particular supplier. If you want the cheaper price, do the legwork and email/call everyone that can supply. A trades person isn't gonna spend the time we might on getting the best price
  8. I'm gonna have to have a good chat with the ICF supplier as none of this is in the brochure lol There should be at least 5 of us plus the pump operator, but as I found out when we poured the foundations, things can get hectic very quickly and in burst. Trying to get people to do EXACTLY what you want can be difficult as all of a sudden, some want to do things their way Been told by the supplier many times that I should not use a vibrating poker in the walls, apart from around rebar cages..............................
  9. He didn't say anything about leaning it either way, just get them vertical. I'm a little concerned now as I'm almost dreading pour day (when it comes around) What gave in your bracing? How was your bracing fixed into the ground/floor/any other way?
  10. Bit of searching and found this So who checks things are plumb??
  11. Out of interest, how was both of yours bracing fixed?
  12. Hello bud, Well I hope they don't move too much! They're now braced to the scaffold and I hope that by the time I've circled with the concrete pump, the concrete will have started to go off...........
  13. I will have a few gaps to fill in on my ICF build and will use expanding foam. I know everyone uses it here and there, but I just wondered if anyone knew the approx U value of it and if some are better than others? Vijay
  14. I've spent the last week getting my corners absolutely plumb. I suspect the corner bracing on my ICF, which was fixed to the ground may have moved as clay dried? Anyway, it made me wonder what tolerances are acceptable for wall corners? I asked a new build house and they said one of their walls was out by 30mm over 3m high :O which was done by a gang of brickies. They did go on to say they would normally find 10mm per floor (so I guess 2.5m) acceptable. What would you accept? Vijay
  15. What's the min you would let it mix for 10, 20 minutes?