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  1. Lucky I've been doing it outside then lol I found getting the right tension on the wire and not pushing the material through too quickly really helped with that. I also designed mine to run straight off a 12v car battery
  2. A bit slower, but making a hot wire cutter is pretty easy to do
  3. if you can take a pic, these people have helped me in the past
  4. Thank you, I'll keep hold of their details for when I'm finally at that point
  5. I sadly found them absolutely useless at getting back to me. After about 4 attempts I just gave up
  6. I agree, think most brickies would be happy if they could do that!!
  7. I've never backbuttered tiles but am always happy to be educated. Is the reason it's done to fill all gaps? Wouldn't using a notched trowel allow that to happen pretty much when the tiles are pressed down?
  8. I've thought about this and plenty of suppliers on Ebay. My biggest concern was keeping it down and not acting like a big sail if the wind picks up
  9. I get covering the boiler but why insulate it, wouldn't you want the heat off the boiler into the room??
  10. I shop around for absolutely everything to make sure I get a price I'm happy with. I'm sure it was Mr Harris who commented once how he spent an afternoon getting better prices, saved £100's for a few hours work. I guess you have to decide what's more important to you, your time or your money
  11. I've asked about treatment and it seems to be insecticide rather than weatherproofing. I've wondered about DIY approach
  12. Just wondered where abouts in the country you are? So looks like houses in Golders Green, NW London
  13. Cheers, can't get more black or white than that!! lol I used the VAT online chat earlier, the guy reckons they supplier would have to listen to the inspector, but could not tell me any reasons that would happen. I've had to fill in a form for them to look into the matter now
  14. I'm looking at hiring a concrete pump again for my next ICF pour. Under VAT notice 708, section 3.4.2 Goods on hire, it clearly states that the plant hired with an operator is zero rated where all the conditions of 3.1.2 are met (which they are). The pump company have said they are not allowed to zero rate the VAT as they were told this by a HMRC inspector. Why is there a complete contradiction of the rule, as they set the rule for the house owner but then tell a supplier the complete opposite. How can this be right? Vijay