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  1. Vijay

    Hidden plumbing leak

    Think I'd cut the 15mm side back and replace it up to the compression fitting. Maybe use another compression fitting if you're worried about the flame with soldering.
  2. It's easy with hindsight to say he should have paid someone to do the work, but I bet he never thought for one second things would take as long as they did. I'm definitely guilty of that and I'm sure I'm not the only one lol
  3. Have to agree with Russell on this one. I've been through a neighbour who thought he would work when ever he wanted and it ends up being Chinese torture. I don't believe for a second you're doing anything to upset them on purpose, but maybe they just want to enjoy some peace and quiet on a bank holiday weekend. It's the exact reason I'm not on site over this weekend
  4. Vijay

    Beam & Block Overkill?

    what was the beam spec? I beefed mine up as much as I could for the worry of that
  5. Vijay

    Beam & Block Overkill?

    I was told because of radon gas, I had to use B&B, maybe yours is the same?
  6. Is having a 220mm gap at the end of a 3 board hop up a really bad idea? It would allow me to keep a run straight. Could I safely board the gap? Also, what do you do where hop up boards meet at corners??? Sorry to be going round in circles but it just occurred to me, where I don't need to go any higher than the soffit boards, why wouldn't I have the scaffold say 100mm from the wall with no hop up boards. The 450mm soffit only really matters where I need to carry on with the scaffold for the gables? Just extra expense on hop up brackets and steel boards isn't it?
  7. where did you find that, can you send me the details please
  8. Yes mate, ICF remember so need it for concrete pour days All I could do is order what I need to the whole downstairs, then move the whole garage area and other single storey rooms to do the upper storeys. I'd more than likely have to order a but more to get to the gables
  9. I've been told it moves but that much? :O I planned to strap it through the windows and use some timbers against the wall to stop it moving as advised by someone on here
  10. Vijay

    Lifting heavy RSJ

    there was a post on here (could have been one I started) where someone posted about using trolleys to move RSJ/beams, that may get it into place and then use a genie lift or two?
  11. Yeah I know the return transoms are used when I turn 90 degrees but just wanted to confirm what you said about a standard in the way - you have to remember I don't know what I'm doing so need to confirm my dumb thoughts lol So a double hop with 100mm gap would mean the standard being 610 away from the wall according to that drawing I posted. I'm guessing no more than 100mm gap to prevent a foot or anything else falling through?
  12. I've got to contact them again but they didn't want to quote when I asked before. I'm trying to get a list of what I need to make getting the quote easier, as I think the shape and size of my build has put people off even looking at it
  13. Oh if only I had the time Would be very useful to see the stuff and get a feel of it
  14. Still trying to get a plan together of what I might need - not as easy as I first thought. I mentioned earlier that my soffit is 450mm, so am I right in saying using a 2 board hop up is correct which says it's 510mm? I'm very cautious of getting it wrong and ending up too close when it comes to the roof. I know you guys have said it can be "persuaded" out a little, but I could see that being an issue when corners are tied into each other. So should I plan to have my scaffolding say 550mm out to give me some slight clearance? Also, can I confirm that a return transom cannot bridge a standard but sits on the ledger (so a straight run of a ledger without a standard in the middle of it)?
  15. @billt, have you been using the log boiler to supply UFH and DHW?