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  1. Anyone used the black guttering with white internal to help with the problem of expansion?
  2. Vijay

    Final payment question

    Just make sure you pay part (I think it's at least £100) by credit card to get section 75 insurance
  3. Vijay

    Gas nailer servicing

    Some handy tips for the Paslode -
  4. Vijay

    Gas nailer servicing

    Got no power on site as of yet, I use a genny and I don't leave any tools on site. So having cordless makes sense for me
  5. Vijay

    Gas nailer servicing

    Cheers guys Is it ok to use carb/brake cleaner to clean it?
  6. Vijay

    Gas nailer servicing

    Cheers Ed. I saw another YouTube video that showed exactly the same, just looks too easy though. I'll order up some Paslode oil and give it a go
  7. Vijay

    Gas nailer servicing

    Hi, Bought a used Paslode yesterday (IM350/90CT) and wondered if the service on them is DIY? It works well but I'd like to do a service before it gets put to use. I'm sure I read on an old post that they are fairly easy to do but can't find the post. Cheers Vijay
  8. Vijay

    internal walls

    Only where mine goes from single to double storey (obviously to support the upper ICF wall), otherwise mine are timber stud for non load bearing and block for load bearing
  9. Vijay

    Protecting Your Money

    I've always wondered why a stop isn't put to that, way too easy to screw people over and start again like it's wiped clean
  10. They do battery powered ones but I suppose you have to weigh up the cost vs how many times you'll use it. Saying that, if you were going to pay for a tradesperson to do it, that could cost you more
  11. Vijay

    Water Main Pipe In Footings?

    Is the water main in any ducting or just buried? I thought the drainage pipe is fine as long as it has a joint either side for movement?
  12. Vijay

    draught check

    Would incense sticks work too? - added bonus of a nice smell
  13. Vijay

    Private road management agreement

    Having a shared access road has got to be one of my biggest regrets. I put so much thought into trying to deal with the contract to buy my land that I didn't really think about all eventualities to do with the shared access road. It's totally taken the shine off my build. As already said, problems arise when different house owners have different views/finances and it can get extremely messy and stressful. I also agree something might have to be in the title deeds to cover yourself for future owners.
  14. Vijay

    Thinking about buying a digger

    Sorry bud but no where near - years off
  15. Vijay

    Thinking about buying a digger

    I bought a 3t Kubota and have never regretted it. When I asked on here, someone posted "it's the difference from something taking 5 minutes or 5 hours". I paid just under 12k with delivery and I've never regretted it for a second. So far it's dug all my foundations, service pipework, foul drainage and lifted all my concrete floor beams around my site and roughly into place. I've still got the rain drainage including water harvesting tanks to dig but intend to keep it until I've finished everything as it's come in so handy to lift and move ton bags too All I would say is don't under estimate how log it might take to get used to the controls, experts make them look easy!!!!!!