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  1. Vijay


    Couldn't do it mate, I love my tools way too much lol
  2. Vijay


    have you ever used lapping fluid, read quite a few places who suggest using it
  3. Have a look on Ebay,|cksum%3A2647818911453f9a47a2f137436d8a4f7c9f871ed04d|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
  4. Vijay


    4000 :O Peter, what does he spray onto the stones?
  5. Vijay


    I have the mentality of learning to do something myself rather than pay - especially when I have a house to build and will need to keep them sharp lol
  6. Vijay


    Dropped and followed by the normal reaction of sticking out a foot to catch it lol I think I'll try what Declan suggested, spend a but of time this weekend getting the edges back. If I have no luck, I'll look at a medium price range set and maybe a sharpening jig
  7. Vijay


    Doing some cutting on my wall plates today using my chisel set I've had for years. The set is a cheap set but never had the need to invest in another set as I rarely use them. The set I have struggled and I wondered if getting a better set helps retain a sharp edge? Is there a noticeable difference between a cheap no brand set and a known brand set? Cheers Vijay
  8. Professional certainly used to mean they were trained to do the job, had experience and were more than capable - well what's what it means to me anyway And what ever we call it, in my opinion, it still comes down to pride in what ever work you do that's lacking.
  9. I see your point but not sure I totally agree with that. You're not hiring DIY Dave, you're paying someone who's advertised their skills as able to do the work, therefore it should be a lot better than a weekend DIY job. They should not price a job if it's not to a good, professional standard, it goes back to what I said, no pride in their work if they are happy to do a cheap bodge job.
  10. I think Oz07 touched on the point, way too many trades with no pride in their work. I always look at building work on my travels and I am shocked at what people are expected to accept. I've done everything myself for that exact reason, don't want to be in the position of having to pull a trade cos I'm not happy with their standard of work. IMO, sadly we live in a world where it's more about the money than looking at a job and knowing it's spot on (and that's not just about the building trade)
  11. Go to wonder how a judge would see that attitude..............
  12. could they cut out the slots using an oscillating saw with a diamond blade?
  13. Best one I ever bought was made by Earlex. It's a wet and dry and still going after more than 15 years. Only thing I ever wish is I bought the model with power take off
  14. before you laminate, make a slightly larger hole for hanging than you need, so the laminate seals on itself. Otherwise water will get to the paper through a hole you make afterwards
  15. And saved a load of money by not having someone telling you what you already know and giving you a certificate for it