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  1. not sold on the pir which will obviously come on every time they go in there
  2. my sparkie put her off pull chords lol I just thought a switch inside the room is good for someone who's eaten too much too lol
  3. The light switch is fitted outside the room. You have me thinking though, I wonder about a kinetic momentary fan switch if it exists, that I could fit inside the room?
  4. Need to fit a ceiling one with a roof tile vent and just wondered if anyone had any recommendations? Also, any suggestions on a way to switch it on? I know normally it's with the light and over run, but that isn't great if you shower during the day. Cheers Vijay
  5. Think you're spot on but 3 years is the time frame to sell it in and claim the extra stamp duty tax back
  6. I wouldn't recommend the company at all sadly, they couldn't care less about the issues and just said "that's what they are like and we can refund you if you want"
  7. That sounds like the ababcus one I fitted. It looks good and works well, but the quality was a bit crap and their idea of customer service is even worse. It was warped everywhere and had cracks where the waste joins the board, So I needed to be wary about those issues when fitting it
  8. Bad news, Berstein will not ship to the UK anymore
  9. Thanks everyone. Hopefully Berstein will still ship to the UK as they are not listing us on their drop down shipping options............................
  10. thanks guys, will get the toilet ordered up. Anyone had any issues with the Berstein ones?
  11. cheers bud. I assumed I had to line things up like the water inlet and outlet pipes??
  12. Hi all, Are wall hung toilets and frames a standard fit? I'm looking at this frame https://www.grohe.co.uk/en_gb/rapid-sl-3-in-1-set-for-wc-0-82-m-installation-height-38773000.html# and either of these toilets https://bernstein-badshop.com/toilets/wall-mounted-wc/a-3570-00000000000000000000000000006949 or https://bernstein-badshop.com/toilets/wall-mounted-wc/a-13973 and I can't work out if they work together? Vijay
  13. this may help and 'll be doing it soon too
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