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  1. I would fit a Surestop remote stopcock, seems like the easiest solution and easy in an emergency to turn off the water
  2. I haven't looked at he MVHR but will get that looked at straight away I think that would be down to pot luck for me as I'm no where near getting the joists on site
  3. they're also the ones who tell me that a 19mm deflection in the joists is absolutely fine lol
  4. I think whether it's top or bottom, I'm gonna have a few issues getting services around, especially the MVHR ducting I contacted a few companies for quotes but to be honest, I didn't ask them directly yet as I trust opinions on here more. I want the best way to do things, not that'll do which is what I've found from some suppliers I just thought, I should email the hanger manufacturers, IIRC there were 2 main ones.
  5. Trying to work out the height of various steels in relation to the floor joists. My joists will be 304mm deep webbed joists and my steels will be 203 and 254 deep. If the webs are filled with timber for joist hangers to fix to, do I line up the bottom of the joist/hanger to the bottom of the steel, as obviously the joists are deeper than the UB's. Do I pack the top of the steels for the rest of the hangers to fix to which would also give something for the top chord of the joist to sit against? Cheers Vijay
  6. not sure I'd go too mad unless you're 100% there's no water or gas pipes underneath
  7. Do you need any fire protection if it's attached to the house?
  8. If it's a case of it not locking onto the nipple, these are brilliant
  9. Some really good advice, but really take in that part because it's so true, it really does consume your every thought - but hopefully worth it I'm sorry to hear for your loss. One of my best friends has just been diagnosed with 5 of them in his brain and even with treatment, it's 12-18 months. It's even more reason to try and go for a self build if your hearts desires it
  10. Exactly what I was told. Opportunists will pick the easiest target, so makes others easier than yours!!
  11. You're right if someone is determined to get in, but smash and grab thieves will pick the least secure house
  12. A mate who fitted alarms for a living swore by Texecom as Peter suggested
  13. I think I saw something like those in Costco if you're a member
  14. if using those hinges you'll be opening two doors for the appliance.