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  1. lol I know, I need to get this finished so I can back my build!!!
  2. yeah there'll be at least 5mm movement with copper and I hope to be within that lol Not opposed to using HEP20, just new and as I said, just the fact it would be a few fittings and bulk to go from the 3/4 to 15mm pipe at a right angle
  3. Thanks for all the pics guys, genuinly helps to visualize stuff. Yeah trying to work that out today and even more difficult to do when the tiles haven't been chosen. I allowed approx 15mm for tile and adhesive but I also took on board what you said about being able to pack it out slightly if needed. I'm happy to use copper, always have. The only think that's kinda putting me off Hep20 at the moment is I would have to use a few fittings to come out of the valve at a right angle and get down to 15mm, but I do like the idea of the fittings being able to rotate..... Noticed the insulation on the walls, is it worth it on a 9" party wall that's studded out about 40 odd mm?
  4. I've used the Tam105 pump but I believe this is the replacement for it
  5. You could use something like a Clarke Tam pump which I've used for various things over the years. Once primed, they will pump no probs what so ever and are pretty hardy. Only issue would be having some sort of pressure/flow switch needed in the pipework to turn the pump on and off
  6. Thanks mate, that really helped. What's the advantage of using HEP20 over copper for concealed pipework? Do you still get condensation/have to insulate it?
  7. lol exactly what I was doing today and why I wondered about a ply board behind the valve Do you know if they do elbows, have you come across them? I googled and couldn't see any
  8. Finally got a concealled shower valve suitable for my elderly Mum. I've never fitted one before and it has G 3/4 are these just standard BSP fittings? Are washers needed at all? I've attached a pic of the shower valve and also a quick sketch of the pipe layout I need to do. Also is a pic of the removed brickwork in the party wall. My first question is would it be a neater idea to fix a a ply/OSB panel at the back for the valve to fix to, or just fix the valve straight to the brickword (which I would throw some bonding coat on first to flatten it out). You can see that I need to have elbows/bend to the hot and cold inlet. Would I just use something like this with PTFE and/or washers? I'm sure I read on a post where someone used solder fittings (like this ) but I can't get my head around how that would work as you'd either need to be able to twist the pipework (or fit it with the valve off the wall?) as I don't think it would be ok to heat the fitting fitted to the valve? Or are there flexible pipes that can be used? My worry is just limiting the compression fittings behind the finished wall. Should the pipework be in 15mm right up to the valve and then just a 22 to 15mm compression reducer in the above fitting? Should any copper pipework in the stud wall (behind the waterprrof panels and tiles) be insulated to stop any condensation?? Thanks for any help Vijay
  9. Personally I think you've hit the nail on the head. People don't contemplate the amout of children they have (eith a ripple effect) with older people living longer - we all need/want more and more with the mass population and the human race is taking every last thing this planet has
  10. just some decorators caulk down it and smooth off
  11. had some cheap ones from Ebay China for a while on the recommendation of another member, very very handy to have if working on your own
  12. I went with Kwikstage and never regretted it
  13. Finally got to a shower valve that my Mum likes and the manufacturer was happy to confim that the valves controls the flow. Crosswater techincal support have been brilliant. Before I hit purchase, any reasons anyone can see that this valve wouldn't be good for the elderly with artritus?
  14. I heard from a neighbour that the S.Northants palnners have massively improved and my neighbour got permission for something in 5 weeks - so fingers crossed for you Shuff27
  15. Good luck Alfie What part of Northampton are you building? I'm in Roade