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  1. I was just reading this ad yesterday funnily enough where it says how much fresh air an adult needs
  2. Nope, definitely saw it on some tv programme
  3. If your adhesive can be laid with water (like CT1), I once saw a thing where they laid huge blocks of stone on ice cubes. The ice melted letting the blocks lower into place
  4. Vijay

    Electric Vehicle Tariffs

    Can't help wondering what electricity suppliers are gonna do with their prices once electric cars are even more the norm. They must be sitting back rubbing their hands right now
  5. Vijay

    POSIs : treated or not?

    Exactly the same problem I will have
  6. Vijay

    POSIs : treated or not?

    I'm in exactly the same position and found some suppliers will treat the timber but I haven't looked into it with too much detail. One thing you may want to confirm is what "treating" means to them, as some suppliers mean for woodworm etc and not rain/moisture.
  7. Vijay

    Replacement stove glass

    Have you checked Ebay, got a replacement for mine a couple of years back for around £25
  8. Scroll down for different designs
  9. would you get used galvanised Kwikstage if it wasn't too expensive? Might have found some for around the refurbished price.
  10. Vijay

    Angle grinder self mutilation, how to avoid.

    Yep, a builder mate didn't follow that rule, was trying to hold a 9" angle grinder cutting into a wall - until it kicked out and went straight into the top of his hand. Thankfully the surgeons managed to reattach nerves etc and he has full use of his hand, but he was out of action for nearly a year with his hand in some traction device .
  11. exactly what I wish I did and also would have been much easier to cut than thick boards.
  12. What's the oversanded mix? Not heard that mentioned before. Did you not use a poker around any rebar/lintels, was told that has to be done?
  13. million dollar question, mine was recommended so that didn't count for much. I guess all you can do is chat to some and go with gut feeling
  14. I'm going through this at the moment and questioning everything including rebar that would stick out the roof. Diabolic when they are the so called professionals
  15. Vijay

    Best place to get joists?

    I recently contacted a few for prices. A piece of advice is to check they have quoted the spec you have asked for. I had them change the spec and I'm sure it's just to lower the price and get an order