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  1. So they stop you from making any money back by selling them on? Top recycling by them
  2. no site visit as far as I know, certainly not with me anyway
  3. I did 2 lots of pre planning and they both took the full time limit they quoted - 3 months (almost to the day)
  4. got mine on Ebay, pretty cheap and worked well moving blocks
  5. Absolutely, genuinely felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach cos I'd missed a form
  6. Panic over, I can sleep tonight lol While looking through emails, I found one from the principal planning officer where there was a footnote on his emails: CIL Please note that South Northamptonshire Council adopted the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on 21 October 2015. This means that all liable developments granted planning permission, including those allowed by an appeal decision, on or after 1st April 2016 will need to pay the levy. The CIL does not apply to liable developments that received permission before this date. The CIL will also apply to some developments that do not need planning permission if they are commenced on or after 1st April 2016. Charges will apply to developments of new houses AND to new residential and retail developments of over 100sqm. My decision date was 27/11/2015. Thanks guys - genuinely thought the bottom had dropped out of my self build.............. I read that it was 20% of the finished valuation
  7. Thanks Peter, I will dig that out tonight and check. I can sleep tonight if that's the case..................
  8. With the recent posts about CIL, it's made me address this. When did it come into force? I got my permission in 2015 (IIRC) and I don't remember anything about CIL, only S106. Did CIL take over from the S106? I can't recall filling in any paperwork for CIL. Am I liable cos if I am at 20% of the house value at the end of my build, just no point in carrying on. Cheers Vijay
  9. I came across a few scams when looking for my digger, mainly people trying to convince me if I paid by Paypal I was protected, but that's not the cause. The old saying "when it's too good to be true it normally is" really applies.
  10. Where I grew up and I still live minutes away
  11. Not sure I agree that the cheap rotary levels are not accurate. I bought one off Ebay and tested it against a water level over 30+ meteres - it was spot on. I've had no regrets buying one, although it probably wouldn't last on a true building site
  12. what diameter? Have you tried Hy-ten for a quote? They were the cheapest for me, guys name was David and his number is 0208-940 7578 ext 205
  13. Brushed steel so doesn't really show up scratches, they soon just blend right in
  14. My Mum is Italian and loves her cooking. When I fitted her kitchen we got a sink with a large bowl made by Franke IIRC, where she could fit a full size oven tray into it - which she absolutely loves to be able to do for cleaning